That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 13

Your Time Is Gonna Come (a.k.a. Get Off My Boyfriend)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 2003 on FOX

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  • Annette comes to visit.

    This was a fine example of how good That 70's Show could be when a well-written episode was produced. Featuring a plethora of perfectly-timed jokes and strong performances from the main ensemble, this was a very entertaining edition. Jessica Simpson was also funny, and had a classic moment in her argument with Jackie at the hub. While she's not a great actress, she was able to accomplish what Britney Spears couldn't do on How I Met Your Mother; be funny. Betty White and the late Tom Poston were also as humorous as you had come to expect from them on That 70's Show.

    As great as the episode was, it also had its flaws. The scenes dominated by female stars Laura Prepon and Mila Kunis were drole, unexciting and caused me to want to change the channel. Neither of them are particularly funny and the scenes with only girls on 70's were always the worst parts of the episodes. The show also tries too hard to have serious moments, but they always end in unintentional laughs. Burt dying was absolutely hilarious, and 70's should have adopted the Seinfeld theory on comedy, while going for non-stop laughs. Sad moments only bring the mood, the reviews and the ratings down.

    "Good, because this hospital sucks."
  • That 70's Show is not how it used to be...

    Your probably wondering why I gave it that summary, well if you notice Season 5 has made it all about the gang's love life, and it just gets boring after a while. Plus the death of a parent was also used with Red's mother in Season 1 so I think this episode was just okay but I gave it such a high rating because everyone acted amazingly well. I like how Kitty's mother was actually crying plus my favorite part is when Kitty says he's gone to a better place & Kelso says "Good cause this hospital sucks!" That was funny, but the most cringe-worthy moment of all is when Jackie yells "Get off my boyfriend!" to Kelso, which is of course a cliffhanger..
  • An ending that's hard to forget.

    A lot can happen in one 70’s Show episode, a jealous Jackie, a dead grandfather, and a sexy slumber party without the sexy. Fez’s last line clinched the episode, not understanding who Jackie was screaming at and ended the episode on a very funny note. Blackie was pretty funny but Jessica Simpson isn’t that talented an actress, however she had a few funny lines.

    Everyone dealing with Burt’s death was pretty good, even Kitty’s demonic mother showing a soft side, and the episode still manages to be funny, like the scene at the hospital and Jackie’s selfishness at the funeral, making the episode a very good example of 70s Show comedy.
  • First of all, why is Jessica Simpson doing in there? She cannot act, sorry, simply put.

    This is not a bad episode, though I have definitely seen better. Jackie's best line of this episode is "I cannot be held responsible for what comes out of my mouth." Haha. That is so "woman". I am a woman myself, don't get me wrong. I ain't sexist. I just wanna say that many girls do act like that sometimes, including myself, and it's just great to see a character play it out there loud and clear on the screen. On a different note, why is Jessica Simpson doing in there? She cannot act, sorry, simply put. I find her real ugly, to be honest. Mila is whole lot prettier than she is. Also, the "grandma burn" is awesome. Can't believe this old lady can burn the young ones better than anyone else!