That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 3

You're My Best Friend

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on FOX

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  • 803

    The show continues to go downhill, episode by episode. Randy is out of place, and always will be. Everything he says is incredibly annoying and it just bugs me that he's already in the main theme song, and he's part of the group already. When Big Rhonda was joining the group in season 4, Jackie tried to get her out, saying the group was really exclusive. Where's Jackie now? Not even Ashton Kutcher could hold this episode together considering his character is completely exaggerated. And as for Jackie & Donna's plot, it's all been done before. Remember when Jackie didn't like Annette and she went over to Donna's house to hang out? Same exact thing, except with a different person.

    Donna is so annoying now, all of her jokes are obnoxious and not funny. She's like a completely different character. I guess without Eric, you can really tell what an uninteresting character she is. Then we've got Donna admitting that Jackie is her best friend, which was probably the only highlight, although I would have liked it a bit more emotional, like with a hug or something like that. What was with Kelso getting kicked off the force? What his whole plot was based on the past two seasons. Just a bad episode, everything is out of place, exaggerated, and not funny.
  • The show is loosing the good grip it had around my inner TV-loving soul. For some reason, I think it's the fact that most of the jokes is getting old, like really too old. If the rumours about T. Grace wanting to come is true, I am truly glad!

    I don't know what to say, this is more tragic than fun. Lame jokes all around. And now that Kelso has lost his job, it clearly marks the end of his appearance in the show. Not that he's gone yet, but it's cleary in the near future. The two first episodes of the season was really ok, but now I can feel the lost of our central favorite character Eric. The only reason why they stay in the basement is because of Hyde. But if he's really getting married, it would have no meaning that he should continue live there. And what role does Jackie play when Hyde has another girl, and Kelso is gone? I have a lot more questions, but doesn't fell like asking them.
  • somethings go wrong

    in this episode that loser Randy wants to throw Hyde a bachelor party and puts Kelso and Fez in charge of getting Hyde to the Formans' house without hyde knowing and later we learn that jackie is mad that Donna befriends stripper Samantha and planing the bachelor party everything goes wrong and it's all randys freaking fault and kelso loses his job as a cop and later on jackie is donna's best friend and to think that red went in to stripe club when he was in the amary and kitty gets mad about it and Leo didn't some funny things
  • The guys throw Hyde a disasterous bachelor party. The girls get together as well.

    I'm not really liking this Randy dude. He feels like a fifth wheel. We don't really know anything about him and he's like one of the gang now. I thought Charlie was going to become the "new Eric". Kind of cute, in a sweet dorky sort of way. I'm glad the writers didn't go down that road; but, yikes, what a way to get rid of Charlie!
    I'm torn about Sam. The Jessica Simpson character from before was easy to dislike. This girl is decidedly NON-b****y-except when it comes to Jackie, her rival for Hyde's affections. She has to know that there are unresolved feelings there. She does seem to genuinely care for Hyde, doesn't seem to have any ulterior motives for being with him, and does also seem to be a really sweet, nice person. Notice I said SEEM there. As I am a fan of the Hyde/Jackie hook-up and truly hope this odd couple will tie the knot in the series finale, it just may be that this girl is after something. Maybe Hyde's dad's money?
    And by the way, did I miss something? What happened to Hyde's sister, Angie, who co-ran the store and was hopping in the sack with Kelso?
  • Waiting

    Right now I think they they are just trying to drag out the Hyde and Jackie reunion. The writers are trying to make it seem as if Hyde is happy being married to someone he doesn't love. They are also trying to make it seem as if Jackie is totally over Hyde. Their reunion is going to happen. I'm just hoping that they don't try to drag it out to long.
    Also, I don't like the character Randy. I don't want the writers to make him just like Eric. But he is his replacement. He needs to be funny.
  • Hyde's bachelor party doesn't go as planned.

    After getting rid of the replacement character of Charlie, the fact that the show brought in another new character, Randy, makes the decision a little odd, but we'll see how his character goes. This episode is nonetheless hilarious, with Kelso screwing up the plan and Fez landing them all in jail.

    Hyde's marriage to Sam has so far proven to be a hilarious aspect of the show, and Sam having to fit in with the girls mirroring Randy fitting in with the guys in this episode shows the growth of the gang after losing Eric. The plots are pretty funny, especially the bachelor party that never happened, and the shock that Kelso got fired from the force (and the subsequent accidental shooting of the police dog) is another development in the eighth season that could be quite entertaining.
  • fez, randy, and michael try to put on a bacholor party for steven, but michael messes up the plan and the guys end up in jail.

    don\'t get me wrong, i still LOVE the show!! i always will. but the show is not the same with out Eric and Randy needs not to be there. I hate his hair and i am so mad he is taking Eric\'s place, and then he is goin to try to move in Donna too!!