That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 3

You're My Best Friend

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • From this episode, Josh Meyers is included in the opening credits, and Tommy Chong doesn't sing anymore, as the song ends when the camera pans to him, he only looks around to see where the "Hello Wisconsin" came from.

  • Quotes

    • Hyde (to Randy): If you want to spend money on a stripper, take Samantha shopping.

    • Randy (about being in jail): Fez, I don't think this is part of the bachelor party. They fingerprinted us!
      Fez: Well I don't know. Maybe that's how the strippers know what to charge. You know, at the end of the night, they count the fingerprints on their boobies and they know who owes what.

    • Hyde: Nice job, Fez, you just got me a ticket!
      Fez: Ah, starting out slow with a ticket huh? Nice touch! I'll take that! (He takes the ticket.)
      Hyde: Fez, what are you doing?
      Officer: Sir, give me back that ticket before you...
      Fez: Before what? It starts to snow? (He rips up the ticket, throws the pieces in the air, and as the pieces fall, he crosses his arms) Brr!
      Officer: Okay, that's it!
      Fez: What are you gonna do, piggy? Throw us in jail? (Hyde, Fez, and Randy are in a jail cell.) He threw us in jail!

    • Officer: License and registration.
      Fez (thinking it's Kelso): Surprise, Hyde! Who the hell is that?
      Officer: Get out of the car. (Hyde gets out of the car.)
      Randy: Err, Fez...I know you said all us white people look the same, but that is not Kelso...

    • Randy: Fez, you find a place, Kelso, you buy the beer, and Leo, you are in charge of the adult entertainment.
      Leo: Okay, man. But I haven't stripped since I was at Chippendale's!
      Fez: You were not at Chippendale's.
      Leo: Oh, right. I stripped in Bloomingdale's. I used to be really kinda out of it.

    • Randy: We are throwing Hyde a bachelor party!
      Kelso: Bachelor party? That is awesome! Okay, the first guy that throws up has to pay for everything! No wait, that's always me. Uhh, okay, the second guy...ah that's me too. Awesome! I'm paying!

    • Kelso: I still can't believe our little Hyde went off and married a Las Vegas stripper.
      Fez: Yeah. Now we have to get him a present. What says "congratulations on your wedding and I want to nail your wife"?

    • Donna: Jackie, you and Samantha are going to have to learn how to get along, mostly because I don't like being the cream filling in your Oreo of bitchiness.

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