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That '80s Show

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"The date is 1984. The location is San Diego, just one hour outside of the big dream we call Los Angeles. Corey (Glenn Howerton) and Katie (Tinsley Grimes) live with their dad RT (Geoff Pierson) and Corey's friend Roger (Eddie Shin). Corey is a creative soul who is trying to make it in the music world in a decade that only appreciates financial success. Although his father is a successful professional who is about to strike gold with his Gut Whacker and ride the '80s fitness marketing craze wave, Corey finds it difficult to get in the game. On the other hand, Corey's friend Roger idolizes Ronald Reagan and listens to motivation tapes while trying to find his way into corporate America. The household is rounded out by Corey's younger sister Katie, a chip off the old block whose sweetness and naiveté make her the perfect go between for her father and brother. "At Club [Berlin], a local gathering place, Sophia (Brittany Daniel) is in control. Sophia, Corey's ex, is a beautiful, "grab all that I can" kind of girl who doesn't like to limit her choices. Sophia breaks up with Corey to explore other avenues and relationships... all types of relationships. Corey's one safe haven is Permanent Record, the music store where he works for Margaret (Margaret Smith), a woman who lived through the summer of love and emerged with quite a few stories (and a rash). But things change for Corey when he's forced to deal with the new girl, Tuesday (Chyler Leigh), a punk rocker who sports a mohawk and attitude to match." (FOX press release) From the people who brought you That '70s Show came, appropriately enough, That '80s Show. The anachronism-filled followup launched amidst a tidal wave of publicity, scored lots of eyeballs for its premiere, and then promptly lost half of them. A lone tryout broadcast after its parent series improved its standing and suggested the sitcom could thrive with some nurturing, like That '70s Show had gotten, but the short-sighted executives who were running things at FOX, Sandy Grushow and Gail Berman, swept it under the carpet anyway, like most of the shows they launched that season. Much more interesting than the story of the show itself was the story of a little email battle that waged (and leaked) between co-creator Mark Brazill and Judd Apatow -- who was doing another FOX show called Undeclared the same year -- after Apatow attempted to get That '70s Show star Topher Grace to make a guest appearance on his series. Filled with such classy lines as "Die in a fiery accident and taste your own blood" and "See ya at the upfronts, bitch... unless you get cancelled before that," the tastefully-restrained tale of lies, deceit and alleged intellectual property theft probably got both of their shows cancelled without anybody ever bothering to look at any of the ratings. "Eighties I'm living in the eighties Eighties I have to push, I have to struggle, oh" Theme song "Eighties" written by Jaz Coleman - Paul Ferguson - Paul Raven - Geordie Walker performed by unknown That '80s Show is produced by Carsey-Werner-Mandabach Company Broadcast History ----------------- Jan 2002-Apr 2002, Wed 8:00-8:30 May 2002, Tue 8:30-9:00 May 2002, Wed 8:00-8:30 Mar 2002, Mon 8:30-9:00 Mar 2002-Apr 2002, Fri 8:30-9:00 First telecast: January 23, 2002 Last telecast: May 29, 2002 Show type: Multi-Camera Sitcom Number of episodes: 13 Media: Tapemoreless
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  • The name doomed its chances

    As fair as sitcoms first seasons go, i found this show to be up there with the best of them. Funny, likable characters, and the unique flavour of 80s style and music, to me this show was an instant classic. Unfortunately it didnt get a chance to forefull its true potential. Its downfalls were a slipping storyline, having to competing with many other well established shows, but ripping the name of another was the biggest. Because the names were pretty much the same, people put the two shows side by side instead of judging them individualy. Although the names and timelines were close, they were two completely different shows and i enjoyed them both. If only the 80s show had a few more seasons, you know there wouldve been a tuesday, sophia scene. Damn i wouldve bought tickets to see that show.moreless
  • Would've Survived Today

    I watched all 13 episodes of That '80s Show and I loved it. The only problem that I had with the show was that it was too in your face like, "Hey, everybody! Guess what? It's the '80s!" That '70s Show was just about teens hanging out. The '70s was mostly in the background, like the music, movies, TV shows and cars. That '80s show focused less about story and more about issues face in the '80s. The show was a clever concept, but the characters were too one-demensional.

    The show followed Corey Howard, a struggling, young musician who lives in San Diego, California. He works at a record store with Tuesday, a punk rock, spiky-haired girl who eventually becomes his girlfriend. The store is owned by Margaret, a woman with many connections to famous musicians. His best friend is Roger, a yuppie car salesman. Corey's ex-girlfriend, Sophia is bisexual and has a crush on his sister Katie, a hardcore environmentalist. Sophia works with Corey's dad, . who owns a company called Videx.

    I believe that if the show was remade today, it would've survived longer than it did with its original run. A major reason why it failed was that Fox aired it at the same time as That '70s Show, which it had to compete with for ratings.

    Corey is supposedly the cousin of That '70s Show main character, Eric Forman, but there is no way to prove this.moreless
  • Should have waited and done that 90s Show

    I still think that the logical step would have been to do a that 90s show which centres around Eric and Donna's son and his friends. The time line makes sense and setting it in 1996 to start with would open it up to so many events.
  • How about those wacky, crazy, fun 80s? What crazy clothes and hairstyles! What wacky music! What? We need a script and characters? Ooops.

    Unlike it's parent show ('That 70s Show') which focused on characters and relationships, 'That 80s Show' thought you could simply trot out clothes, pop culture references and catchphrases and have a show. It's almost like the scripts were written by someone thumbing through old copies of 'Entertainment Weekly'. The show can be best summed up by one clip that was used incessantly on the show's promos: A guy picks up a cordless phone, one about the size of a phonebook, and declares how exciting it is to be talking on a phone without a cord! Yes, those old phones were pretty darned big. So, what now?moreless
  • The 80's aren't funny enough

    I think the problem this show had mostly is that we're not that far removed from the 80's, and although it was a humorous time, there were too many modern conveniences added during this decade for this decade to be considered outdated. For instance, in the 70's, everybody drove huge boat-like cars, in the 80's, the rave was compacts, sedans and sports cars- similar to today. Maybe in 2025, we'll be able to laugh at the inconveniences of the 80's, but for now, it's just not that funny. And anyway, if you're going to do a spin-off, it needs to either be an extention of a good idea or have one of the original characters in the new show.moreless

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