That '80s Show

Season 1 Episode 8

After the Kiss

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2002 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Roger references a line from Madonna's "Causing a Commotion"... a song from 1987.

    • Tuesday plays The Cramps record. The Cramps album, "Psychedelic Jungle" (which contains "Goo Goo Muck"), was on IRS, which used a grey label for vinyl in the early '80s. The label of the record Tuesday puts on the turntable is not IRS, for it is red.

  • Quotes

    • Corey: You know, I'm just going to pull way back.
      RT: Good idea. Mauled by the tiger once, shame on the tiger. Mauled by the tiger twice, you're a moron.

    • Customer: Where's Kajagoogoo?
      Margaret: Aw. Are we making baby talky? Does boo boo have a poo poo didey? Hit the bricks, freak.

    • Margaret: Listen... is your office romance in the toilet?
      Tuesday: Why do you care?
      Margaret: Oh, I care a lot. 'Cause if this little soap opera is over, then I just work at a record store.

    • Tuesday: Why do guys have to screw everything up?
      Margaret: Men are tough. I don't want to tell you how many guys I've been with, 'cause... technically I don't know.

    • Tuesday: And I've been thinking that for every eight minutes of making out, we'll have, say, two minutes of meaningful conversation.
      Corey: Deal.
      (They make out for 5 seconds)
      Corey: Mmm, mmm. You know, I was thinking--
      Tuesday: Uh-uh. You're on the clock.

    • Roger: Man, I wish somebody at my car dealership was hot. Terry, in parts, is cute, but... she's got a deeper voice than me and enormous hands.
      Katie: You know, Terry can also be a man's name.
      Roger: That explains the adam's apple.
      Katie: You've made that mistake before.
      Roger: When?
      Katie: You had a crush on our high-school guidance counselor.
      Corey: Katie, our guidance counselor was a woman.
      Katie: Old Man Benson was a woman?

    • RT: Okay, everyone, I want you to meet the newest member of Team RT. As you can see, Sophia is a dynamite lady with the goods both upstairs and down.

    • Sophia: Now, who's in charge of television?
      RT: Uh, Carl.
      Sophia: Great. Now, with your permission, RT, I would like to take Gary and Carl and fold them into a new division. And I'll do a weekly assessment, and I'll bring it directly to you. You two will still be in charge, you'll just be reporting to me!

    • Corey: Hey, hey, did you ever accuse a customer of shoplifting just to mess with them because you were bored?
      Tuesday: Yeah. I did it to your sister once.
      Corey: Did you ever hide an album you wanted, so no one else would buy it until you had the money?
      Tuesday: Of course. Hey, did you ever not ring something up and then just pocket the cash?
      Corey: No... uh, no.
      Tuesday: Me neither.

    • Roger: RT, you've got to try aerobics. It really works. I got 5 phone numbers. Only 3 of them are fake.

    • RT: So... what is with your friend, Sophia? Here I give her this cakewalk job, so I'll have something pretty to look at. She comes in, and acts like she's running the place. The only thing saving my reputation is half the guys in the office think I'm nailing her.

  • Notes

    • Simbi Khali is credited as Simbi Kali Williams.

    • Music: "This Is Radio Clash" by The Clash; "Goo Goo Muck" by The Cramps; "Steppin' Out" by Joe Jackson

    • Catherine Williams was deleted from the final cut, but retains credit.

    • According to the CC, The English Beat/The Beat's "Mirror in the Bathroom" was supposed to be the song heard in the teaser club scene and Afrika Bambaataa's "Planet Rock" was supposed to be the song Venus plays on her boombox, but the cuts actually heard there are incidental music (in the club scene's case, a generic soundalike of Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax").

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