That '80s Show

Season 1 Episode 12

Beach Party

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 07, 2002 on FOX
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Katie's beach party invitation to Corey, Tuesday, Roger, Owen and Patty is not what they've been led to believe. Meanwhile, Corey's decision to move in with Tuesday upsets Roger, while an obscenely joyful showtunes aficionado stands down Margaret. And Sophia smells trouble when another blonde wants to have more fun with RT's company.moreless

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      • Sophia: I'm the one in power here. RT is my puppet.
        Cossima: He's my puppet now. You see, I deliver on a silver platter, while you're just a little tease on a paper plate.

      • Sophia: You bitch! Leave RT alone! This company is mine!
        Cossima: Oh, really? Well, if this company is yours, why is it now called Co-Vi-Buff-Co-Dex-Vo?

      • Corey: He'll get over it. It's just like when he wanted us to wear matching blazers to the science fair. We were supposed to be Team Octagon. I don't even know what that means.
        Tuesday: I think it means you didn't get laid a lot.

      • RT: Sophia, you're not going to like this one little bit, but I've decided that this merger with BuffCo makes sense.
        Sophia: You slept with her.
        RT: Yes, I did.
        Sophia: RT, if I merged companies with every person I slept with, I'd be a multinational conglomerate.

      • Corey: We're outta here.
        Katie: No! We love this beach. We use this beach. We should protect this beach... Plus, I'm getting graded on it.

      • Corey: So, how did the interview with the prospective roommates go?
        Tuesday: Oh, uh, I can have a guy who may or may not have to go on dialysis because of steroid use, or a Tunisian woman that raises ferrets... or pets or meats. Not sure.
        Corey: What if I told you I wanted to move in?
        Tuesday: Well, I'd need to see a credit report.
        Corey: Well, I've been thinking, it's time to move out of my house. I'm at your place all the time, anyway, and... I've never taken steroids. This is all real.

      • Cossima: My God, every time I see you, you get more handsome.
        RT: And you get more beautiful.
        Sophia: Thank you!
        RT: Oh, I'm sorry. Cossima, this is my Director of Marketing, Sophia.
        Cossima: Oh, I see you still like pretty things around the office.
        Sophia: As opposed to antiques?

      • Roger: You need to do these things in increments. When Patty started staying over, she got a hook in the closet. After a few weeks, I gave her part of a shelf. Someday, maybe I'll let her use the bathroom.

      • Corey: Listen, uh, lemme--lemme ask you something. Tuesday's roommate skipped out on her, so she needs a new roommate, and, uh, I was thinking maybe I would move in. What do you think?
        Roger: Oh, ho, ho, my friend.
        Corey: Could you be more specific, Santa Claus?
        Roger: You don't want to do that.
        Corey: Okay, how come?
        Roger: You're missing a step. You went from basic math to calculus. Where's the algebra, baby?

      • Janice: Hi, there! I'd like to purchase these, please!
        Margaret: Let's see... "South Pacific"... "Carousel"... "Sound of Music"... Are you in drag, or do you just like the showtunes?

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