That '80s Show

Season 1 Episode 12

Beach Party

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 07, 2002 on FOX



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    • Sophia: I'm the one in power here. RT is my puppet.
      Cossima: He's my puppet now. You see, I deliver on a silver platter, while you're just a little tease on a paper plate.

    • Sophia: You bitch! Leave RT alone! This company is mine!
      Cossima: Oh, really? Well, if this company is yours, why is it now called Co-Vi-Buff-Co-Dex-Vo?

    • Corey: He'll get over it. It's just like when he wanted us to wear matching blazers to the science fair. We were supposed to be Team Octagon. I don't even know what that means.
      Tuesday: I think it means you didn't get laid a lot.

    • RT: Sophia, you're not going to like this one little bit, but I've decided that this merger with BuffCo makes sense.
      Sophia: You slept with her.
      RT: Yes, I did.
      Sophia: RT, if I merged companies with every person I slept with, I'd be a multinational conglomerate.

    • Corey: We're outta here.
      Katie: No! We love this beach. We use this beach. We should protect this beach... Plus, I'm getting graded on it.

    • Corey: So, how did the interview with the prospective roommates go?
      Tuesday: Oh, uh, I can have a guy who may or may not have to go on dialysis because of steroid use, or a Tunisian woman that raises ferrets... or pets or meats. Not sure.
      Corey: What if I told you I wanted to move in?
      Tuesday: Well, I'd need to see a credit report.
      Corey: Well, I've been thinking, it's time to move out of my house. I'm at your place all the time, anyway, and... I've never taken steroids. This is all real.

    • Cossima: My God, every time I see you, you get more handsome.
      RT: And you get more beautiful.
      Sophia: Thank you!
      RT: Oh, I'm sorry. Cossima, this is my Director of Marketing, Sophia.
      Cossima: Oh, I see you still like pretty things around the office.
      Sophia: As opposed to antiques?

    • Roger: You need to do these things in increments. When Patty started staying over, she got a hook in the closet. After a few weeks, I gave her part of a shelf. Someday, maybe I'll let her use the bathroom.

    • Corey: Listen, uh, lemme--lemme ask you something. Tuesday's roommate skipped out on her, so she needs a new roommate, and, uh, I was thinking maybe I would move in. What do you think?
      Roger: Oh, ho, ho, my friend.
      Corey: Could you be more specific, Santa Claus?
      Roger: You don't want to do that.
      Corey: Okay, how come?
      Roger: You're missing a step. You went from basic math to calculus. Where's the algebra, baby?

    • Janice: Hi, there! I'd like to purchase these, please!
      Margaret: Let's see... "South Pacific"... "Carousel"... "Sound of Music"... Are you in drag, or do you just like the showtunes?

  • Notes

    • Bradley Stryker was deleted from the final cut, but retains credit.

    • Deborah Gibson is billed over Morgan Fairchild -- which is interesting considering that Fairchild was the only guest star that FOX promoted.

    • Deborah Gibson is credited as playing Janice, but no character name is ever given on-screen.

    • Music: "We Got the Beat" by The Go-Go's; "Time the Avenger" by The Pretenders; "My Favorite Things" (from The Sound of Music), performed by Deborah Gibson

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