That '80s Show

Season 1 Episode 4

Corey's Remix

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2002 on FOX
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Corey's heartfelt, autobiographical breakup song becomes dance fodder in Katie's hands when she succeeds in proving Sophia wrong. Meanwhile, RT's business advice gets Roger fired.

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      • Tuesday: Corey's whole... bourgeois bohemian thing really pisses me off.
        Margaret: And yet, you're drawn to him. Like an eighth grader to Madonna.

      • Katie: Hey! See that girl in the tube top over there? She sent you this drink!
        D.J.: My sister?
        Katie: No, the other tube top!
        D.J.: That's a man.

      • Corey: ...but from now on, please, just don't touch my stuff.
        Katie: You're right, Corey. I'm sorry. You would never do that to me... except the time you cut the string off my Chatty Cathy... and you made her just plain Cathy.
        Corey: Chatty--
        Katie: Don't deny it!
        Corey: Okay, fine, whatever. I just cut the strings on your doll 15 years ago. I'm sorry. Are we even?
        Katie: Yes.
        RT: Uh, actually, honey, that was me. I had a little bit too much to drink one night, and... I thought she was judging me.

      • Corey: Hey, Roger, you really think doing all those shots is going to make you forget you got fired?
        Roger: I got fired?

      • Sophia: Oh, come on, it'll be fun! Let's go!
        Katie: No, it won't be fun. Roger lost his job.
        Sophia: So? Leave Roger here. Roger's a big boy. Which one's Roger?

      • Roger: Okay, ahem. You know how we're Zale's Pontiac Mazda?
        Boss: Yeah.
        Roger: Listen to this... Zale'spontiacmazda. Rolls right off the tongue. Zale'spontiacmazda. People say, "Wait a minute. What's that about?"
        Boss: You're fired, Roger.
        Roger: What?
        Boss: You'refiredroger.

      • Roger: So, boss... I guess I feel I speak for both of us when I say we have the same concern. Which is, "are we doing enough to help Roger sell cars?" And Roger... doesn't think so. You know, there's no "u" in "failure."

      • Katie: What's it about?
        Corey: Oh, it's about depression, pain, angst -- ooh, Fruity Pebbles.
        Katie: Can I hear it?
        Corey: Well, it's not really that kind of song.
        Roger: It's not the kind of song for people to hear? What is it, for dogs?

      • RT: What does he do with all these songs? He doesn't sell them. He doesn't play them for anyone. God knows I don't want to hear 'em.
        Katie: He's building his body of work, and we need to be supportive.
        RT: So you think he's going to make it as a musician?
        Katie: Absolutely. Once he lets people hear his music. I think he's afraid 'cause his songs are so thoughtful and complicated... and unmarketable.

      • Corey: What did I ever see in Sophia? I mean, okay, she's beautiful.
        Roger: It's sad... you'll never get a girl like her again. But you got to let it go, man. Remember when we went out for track and we didn't make it?
        Corey: Uh, I remember I made it and you didn't.
        Roger: And we got over that.

      • Corey: ...I don't need to be in the V.I.P room with the beautiful people with their colorful clothes.
        Sophia: And that's why we broke up. That, and the fact that you can't accessorize worth squat.
        Corey: Oh, but Katie can, and that's why you're dating my sister. Finally it makes sense.
        Katie: We are not dating. It's more like harrassment.

      • Sophia: Corey! Katie! What are you doing here? No one comes here on Wednesday. I mean, look around. Even the bartender's unattractive.
        Bartender: Sophia, I'm right here.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Originally scheduled to air on January 30, 2002. That is where it should have aired, for this episode follows the events at the end of the pilot.

      • Music: "Heartbeat" by The Psychedelic Furs; "Come on Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners (with vocal accompaniment by Tinsley Grimes, Eddie Shin and Glenn Howerton); "Rock the Casbah" by The Clash; "Strip" by Adam Ant

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Roger: If I'm gonna pay rent for the apartment above the garage, Depressed Mode up there has to shut up.

        An obvious reference to the band Depeche Mode, who was already active in the eighties.

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