That '80s Show

Season 1 Episode 5

My Dead Friend

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2002 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The backs of the record jackets Margaret flips over mostly don't match any albums of the artists she names as she flips them over (except for "Jack Cassidy Reads Tropic of Cancer," which of course doesn't exist).

    • Roger is said to be selling Yugo cars in the U.S., even though the Yugo made its U.S. debut in 1985.

  • Quotes

    • Owen Whoa.
      Katie: Oh, it's okay, Owen. It's art.
      Owen: Yeah, I--I--I think art needs a sweater.
      Sophia: Has a siren ever called to you from the rocks in the middle of the ocean?
      Owen: No, no, but we do have an awful loud horn on deck that calls us to chow.

    • Corey: A guy at the club died last night.
      Tuesday: I was here working late. I have witnesses.

    • Katie: Daddy, a guy we knew died at the club tonight.
      RT: Really? How?
      Katie: He was living in the fast lane.
      RT: Yeah, but what killed him?

    • Katie: Oh, my god. I just called Rick our friend, but you know something? I didn't even know his last name.
      Corey: Me neither.
      Roger: I just always called him "Silver Pants."
      Katie: We have so many friends like that. There's "Crazy Girl."
      Roger: And "Slow Eddy."
      Corey: Ooh, ooh, what about "The Poker."
      Roger: Did you hear? He got engaged to "Nose Job/Bad Perm."

    • Tuesday: Do you know what this is?
      Margaret: Why, yes, I do. It's The Beatles "Yesterday and Today" album with the rare butcher cover. Or what I like to call, my ticket to Aruba.
      Tuesday: How did you get a hold of this?
      Margaret: Well, sometimes good things happen to good people. And sometimes they happen to me.

    • Margaret: Okay, everybody. It's payday, and I got some bad news. You made a little too much to get welfare.

    • Corey: I still can't believe it.
      Katie: Neither can I.
      Roger: How can he be dead?
      Corey: His heart just stopped.
      Roger: But he was doing so well financially.

    • Roger: Hey, check out the luftballons on that one over there.

    • Owen: This is the part of the meal that makes me kind of sad, 'cause... you know... it's almost gone.

    • Corey: Rick Vanhosen's life--
      Mr. Vanhausen: Vanhausen.

    • Roger: Katie, believe me, dancing didn't kill him.
      Corey: No, no. There's a line you don't want to cross when you party, and Rick snorted his.

    • Bartender: Hey, here comes "Likes 'em Young."
      Katie: "Likes 'em Young?"
      RT: Hey, kids, how's it goin'?

  • Notes

    • Features a clip from a Jane Fonda workout video, with Tinsley Grimes singing along with the theme song.

    • Music: "99 Luftballons" by Nena (with vocal accompaniment by Tinsley Grimes); "The Great Unknown" by Elvis Costello and the Attractions; "People Who Died" by the Jim Carroll Band

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