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  • The name doomed its chances

    As fair as sitcoms first seasons go, i found this show to be up there with the best of them. Funny, likable characters, and the unique flavour of 80s style and music, to me this show was an instant classic. Unfortunately it didnt get a chance to forefull its true potential. Its downfalls were a slipping storyline, having to competing with many other well established shows, but ripping the name of another was the biggest. Because the names were pretty much the same, people put the two shows side by side instead of judging them individualy. Although the names and timelines were close, they were two completely different shows and i enjoyed them both. If only the 80s show had a few more seasons, you know there wouldve been a tuesday, sophia scene. Damn i wouldve bought tickets to see that show.
  • Would've Survived Today

    I watched all 13 episodes of That '80s Show and I loved it. The only problem that I had with the show was that it was too in your face like, "Hey, everybody! Guess what? It's the '80s!" That '70s Show was just about teens hanging out. The '70s was mostly in the background, like the music, movies, TV shows and cars. That '80s show focused less about story and more about issues face in the '80s. The show was a clever concept, but the characters were too one-demensional.

    The show followed Corey Howard, a struggling, young musician who lives in San Diego, California. He works at a record store with Tuesday, a punk rock, spiky-haired girl who eventually becomes his girlfriend. The store is owned by Margaret, a woman with many connections to famous musicians. His best friend is Roger, a yuppie car salesman. Corey's ex-girlfriend, Sophia is bisexual and has a crush on his sister Katie, a hardcore environmentalist. Sophia works with Corey's dad, . who owns a company called Videx.

    I believe that if the show was remade today, it would've survived longer than it did with its original run. A major reason why it failed was that Fox aired it at the same time as That '70s Show, which it had to compete with for ratings.

    Corey is supposedly the cousin of That '70s Show main character, Eric Forman, but there is no way to prove this.
  • Should have waited and done that 90s Show

    I still think that the logical step would have been to do a that 90s show which centres around Eric and Donna's son and his friends. The time line makes sense and setting it in 1996 to start with would open it up to so many events.
  • How about those wacky, crazy, fun 80s? What crazy clothes and hairstyles! What wacky music! What? We need a script and characters? Ooops.

    Unlike it's parent show ('That 70s Show') which focused on characters and relationships, 'That 80s Show' thought you could simply trot out clothes, pop culture references and catchphrases and have a show. It's almost like the scripts were written by someone thumbing through old copies of 'Entertainment Weekly'. The show can be best summed up by one clip that was used incessantly on the show's promos: A guy picks up a cordless phone, one about the size of a phonebook, and declares how exciting it is to be talking on a phone without a cord! Yes, those old phones were pretty darned big. So, what now?
  • The 80's aren't funny enough

    I think the problem this show had mostly is that we're not that far removed from the 80's, and although it was a humorous time, there were too many modern conveniences added during this decade for this decade to be considered outdated. For instance, in the 70's, everybody drove huge boat-like cars, in the 80's, the rave was compacts, sedans and sports cars- similar to today. Maybe in 2025, we'll be able to laugh at the inconveniences of the 80's, but for now, it's just not that funny. And anyway, if you're going to do a spin-off, it needs to either be an extention of a good idea or have one of the original characters in the new show.
  • When the series started, I had a few expectations because it was, apparently, coming in from the makers of That '70s Show. But, I was horribly failed by this.

    I still can't believe something as bad as this could have actually been aired for more than 10 episodes. As I said, when the show started airing, my hopes with this were high. But it turned out to be a total let down. This show was a spin off to the much adored That 70s Show, but it had no relation or characters from the original show.

    I could hardly find anything to laugh about in this show. It was just too cold to be a comedy show. The story didn't seem to be going anywhere, and the actors seemed really unoriginal and blunt. In the middle, for some reason or the other, I started hating the show a little less, but then it went downhill straight. There was just nothing, absolutely nothing that one could do to make this show any good.

    I'm happy they don't show this anymore.
  • The problem with this show it was 'rushed' Fox wanted a new show out & it got let down.

    I am totally sure that if Fox gave more time for this show it would have picked up. I thought the characters were good and honestly i thought this show was really funny. In some cases i thought it was a nice difference from watching that 70's show. Many people thought that the characters/actors were crap, but of course with Fox pressuring the show why would the actors want to do their best? In sense i think 'Fox' ruined this show before it even aired. Fox had plenty of great shows to work with but they somehow screw everything up.

    I honestly thought this show was pretty decent i really don't see why everyone else hated it. I think people are just afraid of something different.

    I thought the cellphone gag was funny.
  • Funny and entertaining. The show may be a spin off, but still is enjoyable to watch.

    So what if the show was not original or perfect. I still really enjoyed that show. I had been very skeptical at first since I was such a huge 70s show fan. For that reason alone I refused to watch it for the longest time. After finally finding a place where I could watch all of the episodes, I started watching. At first when I started watching the Pilot I was not very into it, but the more I watched the more it drew my attention. A lot of people complain about the actors, but personally I liked them. Roger is very funny, and makes watching the show a blast. Overall the show may not be the greatest, but there are a lot worse things on TV.
  • I just watched all 13 episodes in one night

    I dont know what everyones problem with this show is... i started watching one episode online cause my friends were like hey remember that show? we ended up watching EVERY episode, me and me room mate were up until 3am and when it ended we didnt know what to do with ourselves... I found that there are so many little things that made this the most hilarious show ive ever watched, for one; roger, just how he executes everything was perfect along with his reactions... and the dad, he had THE best one liners ever... then theres the Margerate the store owner, it is all SO hilarious whatever she says or does is a gem... and dont even get me started on june tuesday, sexiest girl i have ever seen in my life... at first i was like wtf?! crazy... but then after the first five minutes i realized she is smokin!! and as the serious progresses and she opens up her makeup changes and she get oh so much prettier, and then in the last one, at the beginnig with her hair straight and no makeup.. k well im going to have to stop there and anyone who tells me she isnt ridiculously beautiful? is probably not as straight as they think they are

    There neeeeeeds the be a DVD box set of this show
  • Not that bad

    That 80's Show was not as bad as the reviews here would have you believe. The cast was strong and all the members have gone on to bigger and better things and I think the premise was good.

    The problem is that Fox put too much pressure on Casey/Warner to duplicate That 70's Show in another time period and naming it That 80's Show was the biggest mistake. This is a prime example of the old saying "Do you want it done fast or do you want it done right". Fox wanted it done fast. Right now Fox has a show that could have been titled That 90's Show, The Winner. Think of the comparisons that would have been made if that would have happend or say calling the Jeffersons, All in the Black Family.
  • errr yeah

    ... They should Remake that 80's show that it fits in with that 70's show ... That 80's show.. was just a failed attempt at a spin off of 70's just not as cool and from what I remember of the show is that it blowed big time.. so yeah 80's show blowed
  • I gave it 2.4 to be nice.

    Seriously, who thought of this show. Whose idea was it to go Oh that 70's show was a success so lets make a That 80's show. Except lets make it unfunny with bad characters and entirely unwatchable. It was so bad that I watched about ten minutes of the first episode and turned it off. I know you shouldn't judge a show by that amount of time but it was so bad, i could not watch it. This is got to be one of the worst shows ever invented. No wonder it was canceled after a few episodes. As I said who writes this stuff.
  • Simply Terrible

    First off, this show was such a big rip off. Of That 70's show as they had same title basically except for the year. It lasted 13 episode. It was not funny ever. The characters were crap. The plots were crap. The whole freaking show was crap. I mean like who thought it be a good idea to even try to copy a great show. It was based off the 80's also. That did not help either. It was simply unoriginal since it was a rip off. Im amazed it lasted that many epsiodes. It should of got pulled way sooner that it did. This show just sucks.
  • I thought it was pretty decent.

    It was a little lame that the popularity of The 70's Show seemed to try and be cached on by this show but all the same I didn't think it was that bad. Not to mention I don't think a lot of people gave it a fair chance for that specific reason that it wasn't That 70's Show so they just bailed. It defenitely wasn't That 70's Show and never could be but all the same I liked it. I mean the 80's were defenitely good enough to make a show out of so where's the bad?
  • When i first watched this show it sucked it plainly sucked it had no funny parts. it was the worst show ever.

    I hated that show it was a knock off of that 70s show which is a great show but that 80s show sucked. The only reason i gave it a 3.5 was because i'm a nice guy. Had no funny parts it was a waste of 30 minutes. Waste of money and waste of money for the network that put in on the air i'm happy it got pulled if it wouldn't of gotten pulled i just think i would have tryed to protest it was so bad. It was a waste to even think about watching the show. Overall horrible show.
  • really bad show

    this show is not worth watching at all it is just a copy cat of that 70s show except of a really boring decade. I remember watching it and thinking that it wasn\\\\\\\'t even right on what the 80s were about. that is why it was cancelled so soon which made me happy. Pretty much it isn\\\\\\\'t even worth talking about because it ended over 4 years ago so if you want to watch a good show about a decade you were not born in or lived through that 70s show is definetly the show for you to watch .
  • a bad show

    I can only say 1 word over and over and over about how i dis like this show hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate!hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate!hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate!hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! hate! HATE!!!!!!!!!
  • bad idea

    i only saw about ten minutes of the first episode and realized this would not last long. the seventies show was still pretty good when this show came out. i do not know who came up with this and thought it would be successfull. probably some one who is long gone from fox by now.
  • Not bad enough to be cancelled.

    FOX should not have cancelled this after just one season. It needed time to sink in with the audience. I loved the theme of the 80's because thats when punk rock was being invented, and it was just revived in the early 2000's. The characters, although not all of them were as likable as the 70s characters, were still good enough to hold the show together. This was a very good show. FOX cancelled this way too early, way ahead of it's time. There was no real problem to it, or at least I couldn't find one, so what if there were a couple of weird storylines, every show has those moments once in a while. I liked the idea that the characters lived with their single dad, single dads make shows interesting because they bring women into the house. The main character was good because he brought a quiet heroism to the show which made the show easy to watch. Well, I guess I'll play some cards now and cry about a show that never became true.

    That '70s Show is a great show. But this show is crap! I mean if they would make a That '80s Show they shouldve waited until the end of That '70s Show and continued it with the cast of tht '70s show. This show is not funny unoriginal, and most of all HORRIBLE. I'm glad this show was canceled people shouldn't have to see this terrible show again EVER!

    To anyone that thinks this show is good. You have to be high. Get out of the circle and then watch this crap and tell me how good it is. Good ridance That '80s Show!
  • A shot to capture the popularity of that 70's show with updated 80's theme.

    A shot to capture the popularity of that 70's show with updated 80's theme. The show never caught on. i feel that the biggest reason was the casting. The actors did not seem to do comedy very well. Remember, dying is easy, comedy is hard. i think this show was doomed from the day it was cast just because of the casting. The show included Brittany Daniel as Sophia, Geoff Pierson as RT Howard, Chyler Leigh as June Tuesday, Tinsley Grimes as Katie Howard, Eddie Shin as Roger Park, Glenn Howerton as Corey Howard and Margaret Smith as Margaret. not realy worth your time if you happen to see it in re runs.
  • Terrible! Just another way TV stations try to kill off good shows for new shows.

    I think this show was the worst of all time. It had ok characters, but terrible story lines. This is basically a rip-off of every show that has had comedy in it. It trys to kill That 70s show, which is a good show. That 80s show is stupid because all it wants to do is kill off every show's success...

    it was a complete waste of time... this show was no good and a complete copy off of that 70s show,which is a kick as* show rock on thAT 70s show. i hope to never ever hear anything else about this gawd awful show. u can never replace that 70s show.
  • Not as good as that 70's, but not bad enough to get canceled.

    I think this isn't as bad as everyone says.
    Sure, it needs finetuning. Especially when it comes to the characters. You can actually see that some of them are based upon characters from that 70's. And that's not good.

    But I think that if they just gave the show another season it would grow up to be something original.
  • Just a way to leech off That 70s Shows success

    Because That 70s Show was a funny show, I gave That 80s Show a shot to see if it was good. Unfortunately, it was no where near the level of That 70s Show was at.I really hate when networks try and copy the same concept of a popular show(even on the same network in this case) and tweek with it so they can call it an original.
  • A decent idea,about a so-so decade,but poor execution.

    The best part of the show was Tinsley Grimes,although Roger was a hilarious comic sideshow that rarely disapointed.The premise of the show was ok,but it was poorly carried thru.The cast for the most part wasnt the problem,but the writing and situations sure were.
    They should release a season DVD,I think there would be some interest.If only for Tinsley and Roger.
  • This show isn't even good at clinging to That 70's show's fame

    What was that. It just seemed to flash onscreen for like 5 seconds. seriously, put it in the history books as the single worst show on tv. It was probably writen and shot for longer than it actually aired. The characters were stupid and stereotypical and not at all funny. The only funny part was when it was over and I realized people made that their life's work. I had a good laugh. It was so dumb it made the O.C look good. Seriously, if you want a lame, and genuinely unfunny tv watching expirience, that 80's show is for you. All 4 of you.
  • This show was crap.

    This show was crap. I watched it once. And one of the guys was playing GameCube. How stupid is that they did not have Game Cube in the eighties. They had regular 2 dimensional games like Super Marios Brothers 1, 2, and 3. I turned it off after that. That 70's Show was way better and should not be tried to replicate.
  • This show needs a dvd release. I wish they would consider doing another season.

    This show needs a dvd release. I wish they would consider doing another season.

    It is one of the best shows I have seen on TV this millenium. All other TV shows have good first episodes and then dont go anywhere but That 80's show is consistantly entertaining.

    This is also way better than that 70s show. Why because its based on a better decade.
  • BORING!!

    I dont think the idea of making a show like that 80's show is a good idea. I think the only reason it was created was to try to get the same sucsess that " that 70's show" got ,The idea failed and more prople would rather watch a modern day sitcom of the 70's then the 80's. Its a shame becuase the show probley would have been better if some one would be original and had some really good plot ideas. I dont think the show was that good and that is probley why the show didn't last very long.
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