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That '80s Show

FOX (ended 2002)


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  • When the series started, I had a few expectations because it was, apparently, coming in from the makers of That '70s Show. But, I was horribly failed by this.

    I still can't believe something as bad as this could have actually been aired for more than 10 episodes. As I said, when the show started airing, my hopes with this were high. But it turned out to be a total let down. This show was a spin off to the much adored That 70s Show, but it had no relation or characters from the original show.

    I could hardly find anything to laugh about in this show. It was just too cold to be a comedy show. The story didn't seem to be going anywhere, and the actors seemed really unoriginal and blunt. In the middle, for some reason or the other, I started hating the show a little less, but then it went downhill straight. There was just nothing, absolutely nothing that one could do to make this show any good.

    I'm happy they don't show this anymore.
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