That '80s Show

FOX (ended 2002)


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  • The problem with this show it was 'rushed' Fox wanted a new show out & it got let down.

    I am totally sure that if Fox gave more time for this show it would have picked up. I thought the characters were good and honestly i thought this show was really funny. In some cases i thought it was a nice difference from watching that 70's show. Many people thought that the characters/actors were crap, but of course with Fox pressuring the show why would the actors want to do their best? In sense i think 'Fox' ruined this show before it even aired. Fox had plenty of great shows to work with but they somehow screw everything up.

    I honestly thought this show was pretty decent i really don't see why everyone else hated it. I think people are just afraid of something different.

    I thought the cellphone gag was funny.