That '80s Show

Season 1 Episode 11

Road Trip (a.k.a. Star Search)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2002 on FOX
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Katie forces Corey to join her on Star Search after their cousin suggests it. Meanwhile, RT agrees to let Sophia stay at his house in return for her pretending to be his girlfriend for his ex-wife's benefit. And Margaret shares a fiery past with Pat Benatar.

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      • Neil Giraldo: I can't tell you how much I've missed you.
        Margaret: Don't make this any harder than it has to be, Neil.

      • Pat Benatar: Neil and I had been working together for years, but we were just friends. But that night you set me on fire--
        Margaret: Accidentally.
        Pat Benatar: Whatever. Neil came to my rescue. He threw his jacket around me and smothered out the flames.
        Neil Giraldo: When we were rolling around on that stage, we looked into each other's eyes and realized how much we loved each other.
        Pat Benatar: After my eyebrows grew back in, we got married.

      • Sophia: You know, RT, when Donald bought that condo, he said it was just for me. Then all of a sudden, his wife shows up, and I'm living out of a Louis Vuitton steamer trunk like a hobo.
        RT: Did it ever occur to you not to date married men?
        Sophia: Oh, God, no. They're the only ones who'll let me have affairs with women.

      • Ted: Hey, I just came by to drop off the itinerary. You need to be in L.A. by 2:00, because they want to do a costume fitting and interview before the show.
        Roger: Will it be Ed McMahon?
        Ted: Uh, his assistant. She's pretty. A little moustache.

      • Owen: Katie told me about you breaking your promise.
        Corey: Look, Owen, if I didn't make it, I didn't break it.
        Owen: Don't start rhyming with me, Piano Man. You know, uh, in the Navy, when a guy breaks his word, sometimes his leg gets broken with it.

      • RT: Hey, Barbara. It's RT. Well, hey, yourself. Well, we missed you at the wedding. Yeah, the kids played. It was real sweet. No, I was just calling to see if everything was alright. Well, because, you know, if you were dead, I could stop sending those checks.

      • Margaret: A couple of years ago I was doing pyrotechnics on Pat Benatar's first concert tour.
        Corey: You did pyrotechnics?
        Margaret: I was subbing for a guy. I was trying to put a little more spark in her encore, Fire and Ice. I went all Fourth of July with the flash pots and blinded half the audience. Last thing I remember was Pat in flames and Jersey in my rearview mirror.

      • Roger: All I'm saying, Corey, is there is big money in brother-sister acts. The Carpenters, Donny and Marie, Steve and Eydie--
        Corey: They're married.
        Roger: Aw, that's just wrong.

      • Corey: Katie, look. Performing together used to be fun, but those days are over. I mean, besides, you're not even serious about singing.
        Katie: I never pursued it because you wanted to do your own thing. Maybe we should get back together. This is a sign!
        Corey: Yeah, it's a sign that says, "Goodbye, soul. Hello, mainstream."

      • Corey: Why would I want to be on Star Search singing a stupid cover when I write my own music?
        RT: Look, don't be an idiot, son. Cousin Ted called. He said you get $2,500 just for showing up.
        Katie: We should pay them.
        RT: Hell, that's half of what you earn in a year. I mean, I love you, son, but who am I kidding? I failed.

      • Roger: Are you going to Star Search?
        Sophia: No, I'm stuck here. I had to be out of my boyfriend's condo. Apparently, his wife wants to use it.

      • RT: Owen, give me a hand here.
        Owen: Yeah, gladly. Uh, is this, uh, is this all there is?
        Sophia: Oh, you're so cute! Oh, my God. Which one did I put the cat in? Kipper? Kipper? Oh, I'll figure that out later!

      • RT: Hey, Roger, give me a hand.
        Roger: Uh, can't. I'm setting my Swatches.

      • Corey: No, we're not doing Star Search. Alright? Katie will just have to get over it.
        Tuesday: Forget Star Search. You play weddings?
        Corey: Believe me, that was our last one. Alright, look, they were fun when I was younger, 'cause I was sort of the family rock star, and I got to make out with my cousin, Sharon's, more developed friends.
        Tuesday: So let me get this straight. Weddings are okay, but Star Search is somehow beneath you?
        Corey: I'm a very complicated man.

      • Katie: Well, we're gonna be on Star Search!
        Corey: What?
        Katie: Last week at the wedding, when Cousin Ted said we should be on Star Search! It wasn't the booze; he meant it! He actually scouts talent for the show, and he wants us to be on it!
        Corey: You told him no, right?
        Katie: So you'll do it?!
        Corey: No.
        Katie: Great! I got to get to class, but I'll see you at home! I'm so excited! Oh, my God. That's our song.

      • Margaret: You know what I like best since you two started going out? You don't even pretend to work anymore.

      • Ted: Yeah! How about 'em? You should be on Star Search.
        Corey: You should give someone your car keys.

    • NOTES (3)

      • Although originally scheduled to air on this date, which it ultimately ended up airing on, this episode was at one point rescheduled to air on April 23 at 8:30 ET/PT (in Andy Richter Controls the Universe's time slot), with "Sophia's Depressed" set to air on April 24 (in correct broadcast sequence). FOX execs changed their mind all of about two seconds after the schedule shuffle, and Andy was returned to Tuesday night on April 23. The last two episodes of That '80s Show were then aired out of order, because "Beach Party" had the big guest stars and they couldn't bear to air the show more than once during May sweeps.

      • When talking about Pat Benatar, Corey mentions that Killing Joke will be performing at a benefit. Killing Joke performed "Eighties," the theme song to That '80s Show.

      • Music: "I'm So Excited" (The Pointer Sisters), performed by Glenn Howerton and Tinsley Grimes; "Balls to the Wall" by Accept; "Heartbreaker" by Pat Benatar; "I Love LA" by Randy Newman

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