That '80s Show

Season 1 Episode 3

Tuesday Comes Over

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 2002 on FOX
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Katie invites Tuesday to come stay at her place after discovering that Corey's mortal enemy lives in her car. Meanwhile, an overly-flirtatious Sophia convinces RT to buy a hot tub to soothe his aching muscles. And Roger needs to sell one more car by the end of the day, or risk losing his demo model.moreless

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      • Tuesday: Just so you know, I may do laundry at your house every once in a while. I have got to know how your sister got my shirt so soft.
        Margaret: (sniffing) Downey. Clapton couldn't live without it. Even when that man was strung-out, he smelled April-fresh. Boy, that takes me back. Okay, that was far enough.

      • Corey: Well, hey, she's got her own place. Why does she have to come over here and rifle through my sock drawer?
        Katie: What's wrong with you? Her place is too small for a sock drawer.
        Corey: I don't care if she lives in a dumpster.
        Katie: It's a Subaru.

      • Customer: Hi. Some friends are coming over to watch Newhart. Anything new you might suggest to kind of set the tone?
        Tuesday: Hmm. Let me think... A sound effects record with people screaming?
        Customer: That's funny.
        Tuesday: I know this might seem strange, but some people actually buy music so they can listen to it.
        Customer: Really? And some people only wear their Halloween costume one day a year.

      • Roger: Look, if I don't make my 15th sale by the end of the day, they'll take my demo away. My demo's a BMW. I worship my BMW.
        RT: Aw, now, come on, you shouldn't worship a car, son. You need to worship something truly valuable. Like money.

      • Katie: Okay, this is how it works. Say you finish reading the paper. Now, where does it go? Receptacle A? B? Or C?
        RT: Hmm, let me think, uh... D, I don't care.

      • Sophia: You know, I bet a big man like you needs room to move around. Stretch his legs.
        RT: Mmm, what did you have in mind?
        Sophia: Page four. The Majestic. 100% cedar. Now this is a hot tub fit for a king. Talk about your hard wood, huh!
        RT: Oh, yeah.

      • Tuesday: Look, I'm kind of in between places. I move into a new apartment on Monday.
        Katie: Oh, good. Only four days. You know what would really be great? If you could stay in an actual house. Oh my God, I live in one! What a coincidence!

      • Margaret: There was a stack of packing slips on my desk as wide as Tom Petty's overbite. And now they're gone.
        Tuesday: I was here late, so I filed them.
        Margaret: You took the initiative and did something helpful without my asking. I'll let it slide this time. But I got my eye on you.

      • Corey: What is that?
        Katie: Ecologically-safe toilet paper. It's unmilled and unbleached. Totally recycled. This used to be a dictionary.

      • Katie: Hello. Do you think I could put one of these up?
        Tuesday: Let me guess -- a Cyndi Lauper lookalike contest? I think you've got a lock on it.
        Katie: That's so mean! You must be Tuesday!

      • Tuesday: Have you got a washer/dryer?
        Katie: Does Joanie love Chachi?

      • Mr. Bailey: Mr. Park, we've decided to buy the car.
        Roger: Uh, come in. Have a seat. I don't want to pressure you. I mean, I could give you more time. Say, seven minutes?
        Mr. Bailey: We're sure.
        Roger: Great. I can't tell you how much this sale means to me. A deal like this won't come along twice.
        Mrs. Bailey: You're right. This will probably be the last car we ever buy.
        Mr. Bailey: It's expensive, but we can cash out the life insurance.
        Mrs. Bailey: And I really should switch to generic blood pressure medicine. After all, we do need a reliable car to drive you to dialysis, Papa.

      • Corey: Truce?
        Tuesday: Whatever.
        Margaret: Wow. The sexual tension is so thick in here. This is like watching Scarecrow and Mrs. King.

      • Tuesday: Hey, I don't need your sympathy. At least I'm not a hypocritical poseur... unless this is what you meant by the simple life. A roof over your head and a light to read by.
        Corey: Hey, it might be a little nicer than I let on, but it's not like I'm living in the lap of luxury.
        RT: Hot tub's ready.

      • Corey: Listen, I'm sorry I lied. Okay? Maybe I was just a little bit embarrassed about still living at home.
        Tuesday: Okay, you know what? I'm sorry you lied, too.

      • Roger: I can't do this to these people. I mean, here they need a reliable car, and I'm selling them some overpriced death trap. I know what I've got to do... You do the closing.
        Frank: Split the commission.
        Roger: 80/20.
        Frank: 60/40.
        Roger: Done. Boy, am I going to sleep better tonight.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Music: "Who's Behind the Door?" by Zebra; "No Rest for the Wicked" by Helix

      • This episode, as well as the rest of the FOX lineup on the night, was hosted by Frankie Muniz, who plugged his new film, Big Fat Liar, which opened nationwide on February 8. Muniz, the star of FOX's Malcolm in the Middle, also guest starred on that night's episode of Titus, "Too Damn Good."

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