That Girl (1966)

Season 5 Episode 1

Counter Proposal

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Sep 25, 1970 on ABC

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  • In this episode, after 4 years, Don finally proposes to Ann. Their long courtship will be followed in the future by Tony and Angela and later by Sam And Diane. And they didn\\\'t get married either.

    Don selects a 1CT ring for Ann ,but a friend talks him into buying a ring he already has from a jilted fiancee. Naturally, Ann loves the ring, but is deflated when the guy comes to her and says he needs to buy it back in order to win back his fiancee! At first, Ann is broken-hearted but realizes that the engagement is more important than the ring. So she goes to a jeweler (the jerk\\\'s uncle) to buy an exact duplicate. Ann\\\'s refusal to ever learn how much Don spent for the ring leads to a humorous conversation with the jeweler. Don\\\'s conscience gets he best of him and he confesses all to Ann. He realizes she knew and she confesses all too. And he gives her a new engagement ring and a new proposal. Overall, a sentimental but humorous engagement episode.