That's Life

CBS (ended 2002)


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  • I'm living in Hungary and this is the first time Hungarians can catch this boring show on national TV, but they don't want...

    I'm just wanna say: Every time I catch it, it makes me turn the TV off. It is so boring!!! How could a show like this get a contract for a second season, when shows like Jack & Bobby, Invasion & The Bedford Diaries was canceled after their 1st season!!!
    I want to get Everwood, The Bedford Diaries, Book of Daniel -these shows haven't been aired in Hungary yet - instead of this sh*t!
  • Slice of Italian American Life in NJ

    I loved every minute of this show including the operatic voice of Paul Sorvino. This really showed life as it is in New jersey for a family of Italian Americans at the turn of the millenium. Maybe this guy from Bulgaria or wherever didn't get it because it is very American in style and no blood, violence and sex but great writing and acting with the likes of Elleyn Burstyn, Paul Sorvino, Kevin Dillon, Debi Mazar and a darling newcomer Heather Paige Kent. I think it had a bad time slot, Sat nights at 9, and little advertising. Or it was the fact that only shows with sex, blood, etc were starting to get younger viewers. Hardly anyone ever heard of this show. I wish it had lasted as it deserved to.