That's My Bush!

Season 1 Episode 3

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Murder

Aired Unknown Apr 18, 2001 on Comedy Central



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    • Laura: Well, come on George. Let's go get in bed. Maybe I'll pay the cold little worm a visit.
      George: Hohoho, Laura, one of these days, I'm gonna Punch You In The Face!

    • Larry: Hey, what's this all about, George?
      George: Tonight, a murder is gonna take place! MINE!!!
      Charlton: I don't have time for this! I'm supposed to be doing a Japanese Efferdent commercial!

    • Maggie: Well, don't you look stupid?
      George: Stupid like an armored car!

    • George: Flush outlaw knives?
      Charlton: And then what are you gonna outlaw?! Razor blades and bow-and-arrow and piano wire??

    • George Bush: Are you callin' me a lair?!
      Charlton Heston: I'll call you lots of things, boy!!

    • George: Well, I figure America has had enough gun violence in the schools, and that I'd be the President that finally put a stop to it... For the children.
      Charlton: Children? Bullpucky!

    • George: My fellow Americans, I wanna be perfectly honest with you. The number of school shootings in our country has finally risen to an unacceptable high! And I say, no more! I'm gonna put a stop to school shootings by banning all guns in America! Our schools will be safe again! Effective immediately, I'll be safe as well.

    • George: Karl, do you think it's possible for someone to know your future?
      Karl: No! Don't be ridiculous.
      George: Oh good!
      Karl: Except for psychics.
      George: What??
      Karl: You know, I once had a psychic who was able to tell me the exact time and place I would start hating Tom Hanks.
      George: Second Academy Award speech?
      Karl: Bingo.

    • Ms. Clea: (as she does a card reading for George) ...Death, Death, Gay, Death...

    • NRA protesters: (chanting) Give us back our guns! Give us back our guns!

    • Larry: Say George, can I borrow a Henway?
      George: What's a - Oh, not now, Larry. I got some problems.

    • Charlton Heston: Take that, you damn dirty bear ape.

    • George: Would you like some fruit?
      Charlton Heston: No thanks, Mr. President Penisface.

    • Miss Clea: Miss Clea knows everything. It's in the cards.

    • George: Oh, that's good. Well I'll just... GUN! Well...
      Secret Service guy: Well what, sir?
      George: I yelled 'gun.'
      Secret Service guy: Oh, I thought you said 'crun.'
      Geroge: What the hell's a 'crun?'
      Secret Service Guy: I don't know, sir. I thought it was an odd thing for you to say.

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    • Charlton Heston: Get your filthy paws off me, you damn dirty ape!/ Damn you! Damn you all to hell! / Let my people go!
      The first two were said by Charlton Heston's character in Planet of the Apes "Let my people go!" was said by Heston playing Moses in The Ten Commandments.

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