That's My Bush!

Season 1 Episode 8

Fare Thee Welfare

Aired Unknown May 23, 2001 on Comedy Central
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Fare Thee Welfare
George is forced to resign, and Dick Chaney becomes president. George gets a small, trashy apartment in a trashy city somewhere downtown. Maggie also gets fired, and ends up moving in with them. George gets several jobs: A teacher, a bartender, a job at a magazine, and a career as a wrestler under the name "The Mysterious Loser."moreless

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  • This was a great potpourri of sitcom pop-culture!

    This was an amazing episode. I still remember sitting there watching this episode and not realizing that this episode would be the last. The episode features a hilarious beginning theme song, where Bush is replaced with Dick, thus temporarily becoming "That's My Dick." This episode feature a delightful hodgepodge of sitcom pop-culture, including parodies of The Jeffersons, Welcome Back Kotter, Cheers, and more. I watched that episode again and memorized all the funny theme songs, especially Moving on Down!

    This episode feature a multitude of great quotes and colorful characters who will make you laugh out loud. Even Dick Cheney seems to be so real.moreless

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    • Laura: Well, I'm glad you're the President again, George. Because even though you're kind of an idiot sometimes, at least you know it.
      George: Oh, Laura, one of these days, I'm going to punch ya right in the face. And the stomach. And the face again! [they laugh]

    • Karl: George Bush was a great man. An honest man. Premature ejaculator, I understand, but wery well-meaning.

    • [George is about to wrestle]
      Laura: George, don't do this! We don't wanna see you get mauled!
      Maggie: Speak for yourself!

    • Larry: Hey Dick, it's your favorite neighbor! Say, Dick -
      Cheney: Who the hell let you in here? Get out before I have you arrested!
      Larry: Relax, douchebag. I just wanted to ask you not to dump your shredded documents on my lawn.
      Cheney: I will dump my shredded documents where ever I like! I am the God damned President of the United States!

    • Princess: [in business suit] Mr. President, please don't make me dress like this in the office.
      Cheney: I've told you I will not have my scheduler dressing like a whore!
      Princess: But I feel so naked!

    • Leron: I can get you a jobby job, Cap'n Kirk.
      George: You can?
      Leron: Sure! Listen, the folks at Charade's Wrestlin' Ring are payin' $100 a night, and all you gotta do is throw the fight, then get your little white ass kicked by a wrestler.
      George: $100? Wow!
      Laura: $100 to be a loser?
      Maggie: Eh he's a natural.

    • George: Hey! Look at this. [reads newspaper] Teacher wanted for Brooklyn-area high school. Must be afffluent in algebra." [stops reading] What's that?
      Maggie: It's like math, with letters.
      George: Oh! Good, I'm good at that!

    • Cheney: You know, I've just about had it with you morons! If I am going to win the people's trust and their hearts, I can't have my bitches leaving at 5:00, understood?
      Karl: Yes. Mr. Chen - President.
      Princess: Yes, Mr. President.
      Cheney: Good. Now, Bitch 1, I want you to go over my speech to the nation. Bitch 2, I want you to come to my office and please me. [Princess walks to him] No! You're Bitch 1, Princess!

    • Movin' On Down Song
      Movin' on down (Movin' on down)
      To the crappy part of town (Movin' on down)
      To a two-hundred dollar a month studio apartment in the 'hood.
      Movin' on down (Movin' on down)
      Where the sky is always brown (Movin' on down)
      Whoever said that poverty wasn't good?
      And whoever said that poverty wasn't good?

    • George: Princess, you look after that new President now. He'll be countin' on those great wits!
      Princess: My what?
      George: Great wits! Your wits!
      Princess: Oh those!

    • George: I'm sorry, Laura. I guess I'm just not president material after all. Now Dick Cheney's president. He's in charge. I have to move out. I'll understand if you wanna stay and be with him.
      Laura: Oh, George, don't be ridiculous. I married you when you were a loser. I'm not gonna leave you now that I'm a loser again.

    • George: I am still senior advisor, right, Mr. Cheney?
      Cheney: Mr. What?
      George: ... Mr. President?
      Cheney: Mmm, yippee!

    • Cheney: George, understand the Republican Party simply can't allow itself to look bad. The lost Middle East treaty is the last straw.
      George: Ah, hey, it'll turn up.
      Cheney: Yeah, but since you've been in office, you've uh, bombed a European city, killed a man with drain cleaner, and tripped on Extacy on national television.
      George: Every president has a settling in period.

    • Cheney: Take a seat, George. We need to talk about something that's very difficult
      George: Oh, math stuff again?

    • George: You know, my penis is so big that movie theaters now serve popcorn in small, medium, large, and my penis!

    • Larry: Say, George, can I borrow a Juwant?
      George: Not now Larry. I got problems.

    • Leron: Can I borrow a goddamncrackerassdo?
      George: Not now Leron. I got problems.

    • Leron: Say George, my door is stuck. Can I borrow some whiteydo?
      George: What's whiteydo?
      Leron: Whitey ride my black ass all damn day. That's what whitey do!

    • Larry: Can I borrow a queerdo?
      George: What's a queerdo?
      Larry: This. [hugs George]

  • NOTES (7)

    • Witty Banter appears to be spoofing the Tv show JUST SHOOT ME

    • "Witty Banter" theme : You know that it's Witty Banter. Supermodels and poetry. Fun with langauge. And the Wittiest Banter of all, is me.

    • All sitcom titles used in this episode: Movin' On Down, Teach Me Mr. B, Brewhaha, Witty Banter, and White House Wrestler.

    • This episode spoofs several classic TV shows including: The Jeffersons, Welcome Back Kotter, and Cheers.

    • "White House Wrestler" theme: Used to be president, now he's a wrestler. You won't believe where he's headed now. White House Wrestler, better than the rest-elers. His wife doesn't want him to go. He doesn't want her to know - That he's the White House Wrestler.

    • "Brewhaha" theme : Drinking and joking and having fun with my friends. I like my beer with a shot of laughter. I hope I can beat this cancer so it never ends.

    • "Movin' on Down" theme : Movin' on down. (Movin' on down.) To the crappy part of town. To a 200 dollar studio apartment in the hood. Movin' on down (Movin' on down.) Where the sky is always brown. And whoever said that poverty wasn't good? And whoever said that poverty wasn't goooooood?


    • Cheers

      The "Brewhaha" segment parodied the show Cheers. Cheers was a sitcom about a guy named Sam Malone and how he ran the bar.

    • Dick Cheney: Perhaps I should invite this "masked loser" to wrestle at the White House.
      Dick Cheney inviting the masked Loser to the white house to get the public to like him parodies the similar plot of the movie Gladiator.