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  • Thought I'd look at the comment and see if anyone actually got this show

    Mainly, it was a satire on bad generic sitcoms with W. simply set up as the main fall guy. If anything, Bush comes off nicer in this than in real life.
  • Worse movie ever.

    Worse movie ever. Well actually that's being very harsh. After all, I'm sure the production company had put a lot of effort in producing this and trashing it like I am doing right now seems downright unfair. However, I can't forgive those who waste my time with something like this. Why did I pick up something called That's My Bush! in the first place?
  • Another reason to hate Osama

    What a great show off to a great start. Then here comes 9/11 and no hope for a resurrection to an original concept. I for one think the president is half retarded to begin with so I laffed my butt off with every episode, my favorite being the Xtacy episode. God I wish they would bring this one back although I know in the political turmoil we're in it would prolly be in bad taste, but knowing how the South Park boys love to put their 2 cents in on all the current events going on, they'd have a field day.
  • A satire of itself and the president in resident.

    It's easily identifiable that this show was reminiscent of South Park. And why would that be? Well, Matt and Trey (the creators of South Park) were ALSO the creators of this show. You shouldn't be too surprised. What cracked me up the most about this show was that it made fun of other shows in a similar genre (minus the political satire). Even in the first episode, they had the audience echoing that line "One of these days Laura...I'm gonna punch you in the face!" and they had the audience crack up when the neighbor walked through the door. It makes fun of cheesy sitcoms and of President Bush--what more could a television viewer ask for in a show?
  • funny as hell

    show was funny as hell. i was so mad when they cancelled it i would watch this show everytime it was on honestly the should of kept this back on there this would be a big hit everyone would like it even though it only lasted 20 days it was funny as hell.
  • How does a show that is completely about what a real retard George W Bush really is and created by the creators of South Park, not make it?

    How does a show that is completely about what a real retard George W Bush really is and created by the creators of South Park, not make it?

    Honestly, the cancellation of this sitcom is freakin mind boggling. That's My Bush was hilarious and I don't understand how it didn't make it. Timothy Bottoms, who plays Bush does an amazing job. Truly another classic from Trey & Matt.
  • Oh how I miss this show.

    Basically it.. i miss this show.. Great political satire..
    At least they show it sometimes in a marathon.. good thing I taped it!
    After 9/11 they removed it from comedy central.
    Kurt Fuller as Karl Rove is perfect! And Timothy Bottoms makes a great 'Bush'.
    I heard they were going to make a feature length film out of this show.. I hope so!!!
  • Gone but not forgotten

    That's My Bush...what can I say? It was the funniest, best, most insulting show to the Bush Administration of all time ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The two reasons it was taken of the air was because they said the forbidden I dare say it...douche bag ;), and because of the terrorist attack on 9/11. While I agree on the second reason the first reason is unheard of. Any body watch SouthPark well they got an episode where they were allowed to say "5/-/|+" (for those of you who know leet you can read that) 163 times and they still air it on cable t.v. and if any show should be cancled it should be SouthPark don't get me wrong I love SouthPark. But I just think That's My Bush was wrongfully canceled. They should at least show a That's My Bush marathon on Comedey Central or even better Adult Swim if you know what I mean.
  • This show would have been a classic if it had stayed on the TV longer.

    That's My Bush is comedy that is truly original and simply fantastic. Timothy Bottoms portrayed President Bush without a single flaw. The wild moments, antics, and personality he gave our commander in chief almost made me wet myself in laughter. This sitcom is probably as close as it gets to the lifestyles of our president and his staff. I just wished the show had not given the boot off TV. Someone needs to release this priceless comedy on DVD, so we can enjoy this would be classic FOREVER.
  • Simply one of the best satires on one of the craziest Presidencies of all time!

    This show was an amazing satire about the Bush Administration. At first, I was a bit skeptical on the casting of the characters but boy was I amaazed. The main characters resembled their counterparts for the exception of a guest star playing Donald Rumsfeld. Overall, the show\'s comedy was on par with Seinfeld and had crazy storylines. Too bad the show was too expensive to produce and Bush\'s anticipated lawsuit against Trey and Matt for libel!