That's My Bush!

Comedy Central (ended 2001)


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  • Gone but not forgotten

    That's My Bush...what can I say? It was the funniest, best, most insulting show to the Bush Administration of all time ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The two reasons it was taken of the air was because they said the forbidden I dare say it...douche bag ;), and because of the terrorist attack on 9/11. While I agree on the second reason the first reason is unheard of. Any body watch SouthPark well they got an episode where they were allowed to say "5/-/|+" (for those of you who know leet you can read that) 163 times and they still air it on cable t.v. and if any show should be cancled it should be SouthPark don't get me wrong I love SouthPark. But I just think That's My Bush was wrongfully canceled. They should at least show a That's My Bush marathon on Comedey Central or even better Adult Swim if you know what I mean.