That's My Bush!

Season 1 Episode 4

S. D. I-Aye-AYE!

Aired Unknown Apr 25, 2001 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • For the first and maybe only time, the actor playing Donald Rumsfeld looks nothing like the real Donald Rumsfeld. This is a deviation from the normal standard of actually getting look-a-likes, such as Dick Cheney in the final episode.

  • Quotes

    • Larry: Say, George. There's a picost on your porch.
      George: What's a picost?
      Larry: 3 for pumpkin, 4 for cherry.

    • Geroge: I can't stand it. These network shows are all the same.
      Laura: Oh, George. There's plenty of variety on the networks. (Changes channel)
      On tv: What, you mean you're gay? (Laura changes channel)
      TV: Whatever you do, don't tell Chris I'm gay. (Laura changes channel)
      TV: I can't pretend I'm not gay. (Laura changes channel)
      TV: He's Gay. (Laura changes channel)
      TV: Gay. (Laura changes channel)

    • George: Honey,sweetie,you're gonna have to take the fall on this one.
      Laura: What?
      George: Laura, I'm the president. If people found out I stole cable it could tear this country apart. Just go down there and say it was your idea.
      Laura: Oh no. I took the fall when you strangled that condor, I'm not doing it again.

    • Larry: I wasn't sure about that Nancy Pimental chick at first, but now I have to say I'd definately let her give me a handjob.

    • Larry: Say, George, there's a hole dug in your front porch.
      George: I get it, Larry. I'm supposed to say, "What's a hole dug?" Ha ha ha

    • Lemmiwinks: I wish I had a mouth full of nuts.

  • Notes

    • The language the austiran use is a weird kind of german. The grammatic is messed up and the choice of words really odd.

    • In Matt Stone's and Trey Parker's other series, South Park, there was a rodent named Lemmiwinks in the episode, "The Death Camp of Tolerence."

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