That's My Bush!

Season 1 Episode 7

Trapped in a Small Environment

Aired Unknown May 16, 2001 on Comedy Central
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Trapped in a Small Environment
George and Laura set Karl up with a woman, ignorant of his 25-year marriage as protests start when George Bush decides to drill for oil in Alaska. Karl's wife comes to the White House and blames Laura for ruining her marriage. Throughout the episode, differences are settled by George/Larry, Laura/Mrs. Rove, Karl/Maggie, George/Maggie, Laura/Herself, Larry/Karl, George/Karl, Princess/Kanooknook, and Karl and his wife.moreless

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      • Princess: And I guess that's why I've always had a problem with Eskimos. I mean, how can you guys kill all those all those caribous?

      • Karl: You just don't understand the ramifications of paying Arab nations for oil! It's blood money!
        Larry: Look at it this way: paying Arabs for oil is like payin' a prostitute for sex.

      • Laura: How could you be so stupid?! You just had to go play matchmaker! Now look at you! You're locked in the bathroom with sewage on your shoes!!!

      • George: Well, this is it. Larry, one of us may have to sacrifice himself so the other can eat.
        Larry: It's only been a couple of hours, George.
        George: But I'm hunnngggrrryyy!

      • George: Besides, I can't believe you'd be sneakin' around my house, backin' up my sewage, just because of some stupid oil drillin'!
        Larry: Well I'll do anything to make you leave the environment alone!
        George:You drive a car, heat your home. Oil's gotta come from SOMEWHERE!!
        Larry: Buy it from the Middle East!
        George: Oh no, that creates terrible political repercussions!

      • George: Hey! Hey, we're stuck down here!
        Larry:Relax, man, you're gonna pop a 'rhoid.
        George: I can't relax! I've gotta make a statement to those protesters out there! And unless I get Karl and his wife back together, I'm gonna be all on my own!
        Larry: Serves you right. How could you care so little that you would wanna drill in Alaska?

      • Maggie: Mrs. Bush, you're not actually buying into this idiot, are you?
        Laura:You have a better solution, Maggie?
        Maggie: Yes! I think George should take his own life.
        George: How's that gonna fix anything?!
        Maggie: Make it a lot nicer for me.

      • George: Hey, I got an idea! We could do what Geena Davis did.
        Maggie:Vaginal reconstruction?

      • Maggie: Look, it's one date. I'm sure Karl isn't in love with this new girl. He's just bored with his marriage.
        Laura: You're right, Maggie. Uh-uhhh what we've gotta do is get Karl and his wife together so they could rediscover each other.
        George: Yeah, we've got to find a way to get them together to talk.
        Princess: Maybe we could send them on a second honeymoon. Or buy them a bird-feeder!

      • Larry: George, this land is my land, this land is your land. How can you drill on it?!
        George: Because, Larry, if we don't drill for oil in Alaska, we're gonna have to BUY it! You know who we're gonna have to buy it from?? Saddam Hussein! Right, Karl?!

      • George: But, did she like you, too?
        Karl: Well, I, I assume so. Ah well, we had some uh steaks and wine, then we held hands, walked around the Library of Congress, made out by the Vietnam memorial. Then we went back to her place and she uh, well she checked out my Washington Monument.
        George: Oh oh!
        Laura: Karl, you wild boy!

      • George: Boy, those environmental protesters sure are mad. You'd think Alaska was the Holy Land or somethin'.

      • Laura: Ohhh, I can't stand this! What if the date didn't go well?
        George: Well Laura, will you just... relax?! I'm sure Karl's date went just fine! Hey, look! On this episode of "Friends" they get trapped in the broom closet! They ripped that off the "Geena Davis Show"!
        Laura: George, every show does the "trapped in a small space" episode. It's how they get their characters to settle their differences. On "American Children" it was a bank vault, on "Passions" it was a mine shaft...

      • George: Mmm, isn't this perfect? Just me and you, a bottle of Pellegrino, and the series finale of the "Geena Davis Show."

      • Knocknock: OIL GOOD!

      • George: Did you hear that?!
        Karl: The birds singing? Yes, I hear them.

      • George: One of these days Laura I'm gonna...
        Protesters: Punch you in the face!

      • Larry: Care to join me for atsteak?
        George: What's atsteak?
        Larry: Thousands of acres of national park, the safety of endangered animals, and the lives of the Alaskan people. That's what's at stake, George!

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