That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 16

A Fight at the Opera

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Aug 08, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Raven and Chelsea sign up for a opera contest however, they start fighting on who gets to be the boss.......

    Man, this episode was a pretty sad one if you know what I mean.......See, in this episode, Raven's Science teacher Mrs. Depaulo wants people to sign up for an opera contest and what do Science and opera have in common? Nothing and that's why she is bitter! Lol. Anyways, we can see in this episode that well Raven is like SUPER BOSSY. Even when Raven asks her mother if she is bossy, she said OH YEAH! Then, Chelsea was like super sad that Raven always get to be the boss........ and Raven then let her do what she wanted for the opera but then, an argument starts soon............ Pretty sad for what happened between Raven and Chelsea I mean like they were like best friends ever since they were young but you gotta admit Raven can be controlling and bossy. Although Chelsea's idea of trees in opera= weird! No offense Chelsea. Glad that they become friends in the end although they didn't win. Hey becoming friends is important you know! Finally, Cory's attempt to get his parents to make desserts for him was pretty clever as well although it was HILARIOUS to see him suffer at his own parents's hands after they suffered their faces with desserts at his face. Who knew they were so good cooks? Especially Mrs. Baxter's mother fruit cake and Victor has a hard time in his stomach with it! Ha ha!

    Final rating: 8.0 to 8.5
    Final Grade: A
  • Musical episode

    I like episode a lot. It is one of my favorites. I usually enjoy musical episodes and i really enjoyed this one. In this episode, Raven and Chelsea try to perform in the school opera together. Raven starts to take the lead in planning their outfits, performance etc. Chealsea starts to feel that her ideas are never heard and that she always does what Raven tells her to do. Raven and Chelsea have a fight and its up to Eddie to fix their friendship. In the subplot Victor and Tanya help Cory with his school cookbook by making him sweets. Cory is reeally tricking them into making sweets for him.
  • This episode is sad even though you thought Raven and Chelsea were best friends forever well in this episode you might won't to re-think that because in this episode they break up wacth to see if they make-up and be best friends again.

    this episode is about friendship and how Raven takes evantage of Chelsea all of these years. But this episode was really good but, one of the probalems is that the three friends can break up at any time just by saying one thing you can get in trouble with any on of the people in this three some its pretty said but its what the show's writers won't uuh right i guess. That's how a lot of relationships are with friends. Espically on t.v. I even have friends that we can be friends one day and the other we're not. That's what you call a Make up Break up frined.
  • The mall the tree!!!!!!!

    Best friends can be your worst enemy anytime anywhere that is what I guess the episode is trying to tell us but if I were you I would not be afraid if I would mess up or make a friend of mine like my best because I believe that everyone may have disagreements. Anyway back to the episode I only really like the opera itself Rae and Chels must have won!!
  • A good example of the threes friendship

    When Raven and Chelsea agree to do an opra for a school thing Chelsea is sick of Raven bossing her around(it's about time) and Raven agrees to let Chelsea be the boss(so nice of her to "let her" be the boss) but she didn't realy go for Chelsea's idea of "singing dead trees" so she wants to change it to a "shopping opra" Chelsea gets mad and the two stop talking Eddie tries to get them back together but it doesn't just made them madder(roll eyes)then they find out there is only one open spot Eddie must chose wich one will get it and who won't but he tells both that they got it they go on together fight(opra style) and andup making up(all in song) but they didn't win!

    the episode had great quotes and the hole b-day scences were great but even though Raven learned her lesson not to boss Chelsea around she still keeps on doing it afterwords but what can you do Anneliese was great in this episode so was Kyle with the hole b-plot
  • Chelsea and Raven

    Raven and Chelsea try their best to perform in an opera together. Raven takes the lead in planning their performance, Chelsea starts feeling as though her ideas are never heard. Meanwhile, Tanya and Victor get manipulated by Cory to keep making him sweets for his Class Cookbook.

    All friends do this. Especially girls, this episode is such like real life, because you know you LOVE your best friend on the inside, but on the otuside you do show it.