That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 5

A Fish Called Raven

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 24, 2003 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Raven and Chelsea have decided that they're going to join the school newspaper. Raven wants to be the fashion reporter, and Chelsea wants a job as a photographer on the paper, but when they turn up late to their first meeting, Raven gets stuck with the job as sports editor, and the girls get in a clash with the newspaper's head reporter, Serena.

But when Raven has a vision of a clown crashing through a classroom window she thinks that she can use the event to show Serena up on the paper. The girls report the story, and it makes the front page of the paper, but it arouses suspicion from Serena. She wants to know how they knew the exact the event would happen.

Senorita Rodriguez rewards the girls with tickets to the Boyz in Motion concert and tells them they can report the concert, but Serena points out that there is a basketball game on that night, and Raven will need to report it, which means that she has to miss the concert. Raven is pretty upset that she has to miss her favourite band for a sport she doesn't care about until she has a vision of Eddie making the winning goal for his team. Raven tells Chelsea that she had a vision and that she can go to the concert now that she knows how the game is going to turn out, but Serena has also heard the conversation, and also finds the article Raven writes for the paper about Eddie winning the game. Serena tells Raven that if everything works out how Raven has predicted she has a new headline for the paper: "Psychic Freak Walks Among Us."

Raven can't let people know she's psychic so she goes to the game and tries to make some suggestions to the coach and team to stop Eddie from making the last goal, but her and Chelsea's meddling with the game gets the, kicked out. Raven still needs to stop Eddie from getting the goal so she crashes the game once again - but this time she's stolen the mascot's costume - a big barracuda -so they won't recognise her returning to the game. She manages to tell Eddie about her vision, but she also tells him that this is his big chance, and to shoot the goal, when she realises she has to deal with her problems, not bring her friends into them.

Eddie decides to let one of his team mate make the winning goal, however, because he realises that he will have other chances to help lead his team to victory, and the different outcome leaves Serena baffled.

Meanwhile Cory's told his parents that he has to do a science project, but when they see him making his project and feel that he's going to fail, they decide to take over doing it. However, Victor and Tanya aren't impressed to find out that Cory's project is something totally different. He was really meant to make up a theory and prove it, and he proved through his "Theory of Relativity" that relatives will protect their young, being that his parents helped him with his project when they thought he was in danger of failing.