That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 5

A Fish Called Raven

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 24, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • One of the funniest episodes.

    A Fish Called Raven is a hilarious episode!! Chelsea was the funniest in this episode!

    Chelsea: I wonder how I can remember this moment forever. (Looks at camera) Oh! (Takes picture)

    Serena: There's a story here and I'm going to find it.
    Chelsea: Not if we find it first!
    Serena: That made no sense! (walks away)
    Chelsea: Yeah, but it got her to walk away!

    And there's another hilarious quote between Raven and Chelsea and Raven goes "You know what I'm talking about" or something like that and Chelsea goes "No, can we please stop talking about it" or something like that. So all in all, I loved this episode and it's one of the funniest.
  • An OK Eppisode~

    This was one of the eppisodes, that, for me, was pretty good. Its not really my favorite eppisode, because there are a lot to choose from, but it is still somewhere on the top of my list. It is a little better than most eppisodes, but the remaining ones are over it.
  • Not charismatic but it is great!!!

    Barracudas baby! Raven got busted and for the first time her vision did not work! I do not believe she is psychic. She is not a psychic because there is no psychic only God has the power to predict what is going to happen to us and besides her visions come true because she is doing something about it! She got busted!!!
  • Raven has to stop it!!!

    Well, Raven has a vision of Eddie scoring the winning basket, Serena, a rival editor, over hears this and threats to expose Raven's secret, but Raven had something up her sleeve. Meanwhile, Tanya and Victor can't help but to fix up Cory's science project.

    This episode was real good, because Raven knew that she had to stop something before it happened. Also, this episode shows how much of a good friend Eddie is, because he knew that Raven doesn't want anyone to know that she is psychic, and since Eddie knew how she felt, he didn't go for the winning shot.
  • This is about raven having to do a sports report of an upcoming basketball match. She has a vision of Eddie scoring the winning basket and has already written a front-page story. Unforunetly her rival Serena finds it and threatens to expose raven a psychi

    I think overall it was a good episode but it is one of Ravens more over exaggerated moments. It starts out by Raven wanting to be a fashion reporter but ends up her becoming a sports reporter which leads to her missing a boys in motion concert to make a report on an important basketball match. This episode also shows the power of friendship and what true friends will do for you even by sacrificing a life long goal. It shows Eddies compassionate side towards his friends. Ravens rival in this episode Serena has also shows a sneaky side and Chelsea her usual confused self.
  • "The BaySide News Crew".(Raven, Chelsea, Eddie and Serena). Raven has a Vision that Eddie will score the winning basket at his B-Ball Game. When Serena Overhears The Vision, she writes an article about Psychic Raven and Rae must find a way to stop this

    Guest Starring: Spencer Redford (Serena) Rose Abdoo (Senorita Rodriguez)
    Co Starring: David Bickford (Coach) Christopher Boyle (Sky-Diver)
    Featuring: Shawna Riggio (Cheerleader)

    A Fish Called Raven is the second-most hilarious episode on That's So Raven. I Loved it when Raven was dressed up as a Fish and was flying through the air with the B-Ball. The Episode Title also Resembled the Full House Episode "A Fish Called Martin." I Like It.
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