That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 5

A Fish Called Raven

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 24, 2003 on Disney Channel



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    • Senorita Rodriguez: Have you heard of Boyz N Motion?
      Raven: We love that band.
      Chelsea: Yeah. Those boys are, like always in motion. Oh, I just got it!

    • Chelsea: Who is that? Could that be Raven Baxter? The fabulous news fashion reporter for our school newspaper. Oh, yeah, baby. I think it is.
      Raven: And is that her best friend, Chelsea Daniels? The new star photographer taking (shouting) all the front page photos!

    • Senorita Rodriguez: Oh, Serena, you are such a kiss-up. You will go far.

    • Chelsea: Rae, I don't know. Maybe it's time for people to know your secret identity.
      Raven: Chelse, I am psychic, not Batgirl.

    • Raven: Sports? But I really wanted to cover fashion.
      Senorita Rodriguez: Well, you were fashionably late, so it gave it to Lester.
      Raven: Lester?
      (Lester bumps chest with another guy)
      Senorita Rodriguez: See, Lester? Dreams do come true.

    • Raven: Who let the Lakers out of the house like that? Purple and gold can we say "clash"?
      Cory: Can you say it in another room, cause Lionel and I are trying to watch the game?

    • Serena: A good reporter doesn't just report the news, she discovers it.
      Senorita Rodriguez: Thank you. Now discover your seat.

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    • Episode Title: A Fish Called Raven
      The title of this episode comes from the movie A Fish Called Wanda.