That's So Raven

Season 2 Episode 14

A Goat's Tale

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 02, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Eddie gets tired of Jefferson stealing the Bayside Barracuda, he steals the Jefferson Goat, which eats Raven's concert tickets. Meanwhile, Cory goes worldwide gaming with someone in Hong Kong.

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  • One of the funniest in That So Raven...

    This episode, I had to laugh most of the time. It made my lungs kinda hurt.

    Okay, because Raven got tickets to boyz n' motion, she invitts Chealsea. Well, Eddie gets a goat to come in as the mascot for the Barricudas. And, finally, Cody is thumping to fight with the top player, a chinese girl.

    They won't connect, him? Well, you'd be suprised.

    Chealsea takes Gomez and tries taking him to a barn, to be protective. But, Eddie wants him back. Then, (and this is where I started laughing up the air) Raven starts yelling at them. Then, Gomez starts running along the house, eating up Cory's game (which ment he lost) Then this comes the FUNNIEST chase scene in live action! AHAHHAHA!

    Then, Gomex starts to get sick, ans Chealse goes to stay, taking care of him. Raven gets the tickets back, but gives it to Tanya for her and Victor to go. And Eddie? He can be kicked tommorow.

    I love this episode, because it's funny in SO many ways! I just gotta say that. That's basiclly it.moreless
  • This one even if it keeps on airing it is still good I miss those graduation moments!!!!

    I believe that this is a great episode with the goat in the house and Tanya dancin' all night long and Raven made fun of her and she said that Chelsea is going with her!!! And then a lot of things happenned especially the part where Eddie is in baa baa baad situation!!!
  • Eddie kidnaps the goat and then loses it. Raven gets tickets to 'Boys In Motion' The plot & Sub-Plot are good.

    Overall this was good, just not one of my favorites. The quotes were funny and it got a few laughs out of me, but I'm thinking that it could've been better. It made the half-hour lag some but still kept me watching. Don't get me wrong, I like That's So Raven, just not this episode.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When everyone is trying to catch Gomez in the living room, Cory falls and closes the door. Then everyone goes upstairs. Cory's the first downstairs and he's running from Gomez and runs through the door that he closed.

    • When Chelsea, Raven and Eddie are talking about what should be done with the goat, Raven stands up and you can see her pocket is already ripped and a minute later Gomaz starts "eating" Raven's pocket.

    • Gomez made the living room all messed up, but when you look at it after a few scenes, it's clean again.

    • As you can see, they said it's "Christmas" from Gomez, but there was nothing on the grass.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Raven: (enters the kitchen
      Tonya: Rae, a messanger brought this for you this afternoon.
      Raven: (eyes are wide and she reaches for the wristbands) Yeah!!!!!!!!! This is the Boyz n' motion wristbands.
      Tonya: I can't believe you were the 10th caller!
      Raven: Mom! (They hug) Mom, you were listening?
      Tonya: Trying to get it all afternoon, that's why there's no dinner. (She rests her face on her hand on the counter.)
      Raven: (She smiles and opens the envelope revealing the wristbands) Mama, can you believe it? Boyz n' motion! Motion at Midnight!
      Tonya: I know! It's so exciting! I should take a nap before the limo comes.
      Raven: (Has an appaled look on her face) Why?
      Tonya: So I won't be tired when the Boyz start their motion. (Begins to dance)
      Raven: Oh, Mom, Mom, Mom, Oh Mama come here! (They hug again) Oh I love you. I wanna thank you for bringing me into this world. How do I say this nicely? You ain't going.
      Tonya: (looks shocked)
      Raven: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I already promised Chelsea.
      Tonya: Oh, Oh well I'm still taking a nap that's too much motion for Mama. You girls have fun. (They hug a third time and Tonya goes upstairs)
      Raven: (Squeals and sticks the envelope with the wristbands in her back pocket.)
      Chelsea: (comes through the door) Hey Rae, can I see you outside for a minute?
      Raven: Outside why?
      Chelsea: Well because I don't think he's really allowed in the house.
      Raven: (holds up her hands) He who?

    • Raven: Your stupid goat ain't in here.

    • Raven: People, people! Hey people! This is ridiculous! It's just a goat. Just a goat. Now we gotta remember what's important! Boyz 'N Motion, Motion At Midnight. Now Chelsea and I just gotta put on these wristbands...where are my wristbands?

    • Raven: Oh my gosh, this is so tight! I can't believe I get to see Boyz 'N Motion!
      Chelsea: This is so unfair! I wanted to see Boyz 'N Motion!
      Raven: Chels, I got two tickets.
      Chelsea: Sure Rae, rub it in.
      Raven: Okay, let's start things over...Hey Chels! You wanna go to the Boyz 'N Motion concert with me?
      Chelsea: Wow Rae! It's kinda outta nowhere but sure! I'd love to!

    • Radio DJ: Okay, we know you're pumped about tonight's Boyz 'N Motion: Motion at Midnight concert and we're giving away all access wristbands to today's tenth caller. (Chelsea & eight other girls all call in) No more callers. We have Caller Ten on the line
      Chelsea: Oh come on! What, do you have to be psychic to win one of these contests?
      Raven: (suddenly appears) Caller number ten in the hizzouse!!!...(everyone glares at her)

    • Eddie: (bottle-feeding Gomez) Hey Chels, am I doing this right?
      Chelsea: Yeah, just make sure you hold the bottle up so he doesn't suck in any air. Trust me, you do not wanna burp a goat.

    • Raven: (waking up, drowsily) What? Gomez? (hearing yelling from the house) My wristbands!
      Eddie: My mascot!
      Chelsea: My baby!

    • Eddie: (angrily) Chelsea, I hope you're happy!
      Chelsea: Well, I'm generally a happy person. I think it really comes from within.

    • Raven: Why is the me always included in the we?!?

    • Raven: You stole the goat?
      Chelsea: I didn't steal him Rae, okay? I liberated him
      Raven: Well you need to unliberate him!
      Chelsea: I can't Rae. I can't return him to a life of shame, embarrasment, and really cheesy halftime shows.

    • Eddie: Rae, what we gon' do?
      Raven: Ooh, I dunno about we but me's goin' to the concert! Peace! (Raven leaves)

    • Raven & Chelsea: (singing & dancing) Boyz! We are the Boyz 'N Motion! We give you our devotion! Boyz! We are the Boyz 'N Motion! We give you our...
      Eddie: (secretively) Pssst! Bring your motion over here!
      Raven: You okay Eddie?
      Eddie: Yeah, I did the coolest thing.
      Chelsea: Awww, your homework Eddie? A+

    • Chelsea: (seeing Gomez) You know what? This stinks.
      Raven: Yeah, Gomez is kinda ripe
      Chelsea: No Rae, what stinks is making this poor animal parade around in this ridiculous outfit.
      Raven: I know. That hat is so 1776. (laughs and starts marching and saluting) 1776!

    • Chelsea: Whoa Rae, are you calling us goat snatchers here?
      Raven: Well you both snatched the goat once already!
      Chelsea & Eddie: (pause to think) ...Yeah, I guess that's true...

    • Chelsea: (covering Gomez's ears) Hey Rae, not in front of the g-o-a-t!
      Raven: Then why'd he have to e-a-t my wristbands?!
      Tanya: He a-t-e your wristbands?
      Raven: Yeah Mama!
      Tanya: Well don't worry kids, goats eat a lot of things that aren't digestable and what goes in, must come out
      Raven: You mean he might cough up the wristbands?
      Tanya: Well, I was sorta thinkin' from the other end...
      Raven: (to Gomez) Ewww, you Nasty!

    • Chelsea: You guys we have a problem.
      Raven: Chels, you're just noticing?
      Chelsea: No Rae, it's Gomez (Gomez lays on the ground motionless)
      Raven: Chelsea's right, he doesn't look so good. What do you think's wrong with him, girl?
      Chelsea: Maybe it's something he ate.
      Raven: He ate everything...
      Eddie: Well what do we do?
      Chelsea: Mr. & Mrs. B, I need you to call Dr. Carrington. He's the best vet in town. Tell him it's Chelsea and that we have a goat down. Rae, get some blankets. Cory, I need an ice bag. Eddie, you get a baby bottle with some warm milk...(everyone stares at her in disbelief) Yeah, I know, it's me! Now move! Move! Move! Let's go!

    • Eddie: Hey, it's Christmas again! (covers his nose with his shirt)
      Raven: You guys! My cell phone! (phone rings)...Y'all wanna get that?

    • Chelsea: Eddie! Listen, animals are living creatures they deserve respect and dignity.
      Eddie: Absolutely, now what did you do with his funny looking hat?

    • Raven: Chelsea, okay again with the 'we'.

    • Eddie: (pointing to the goat) Meet Gomez!

    • Raven: I got some baaaaaaad news.

    • Tanya: Goat's not eating my house!

  • NOTES (5)