That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 5

Adventures In Boss Sitting

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Mar 24, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Adventures In Boss Sitting
Raven now works for Donna Cabonna. Donna's boyfriend broke up with her and because she was so devastated, she came over to Raven's house to try and seek comfort. Raven is too busy trying to keep a vision she had from happening. Her vision was that Devon came back and told her that she messed things up and they have to break up. Raven hustles back and forth from her boss who is upstairs in her bedroom with Eddie and Chelsea as company, to her boyfriend Devon who is downstairs, the thing is Donna has no idea that Raven's boyfriend is downstairs, and Devon has no idea that Raven's boss is upstairs, trying to keep both parties happy. Meanwhile, Cory and Cindy decide that since they are no longer in 6th grade, they should start dating other people.moreless

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  • Raven has a visio about Devon sayin' that Him and Her r through.

    I liked this episode another one of those Raven/Devon eppies I thought Devon was kinda grumpy in this episode his useally all lovey dovey but in this episode he was all grumpy but it was Cute seein' him like that. Raven works for Donna Cabonna and raven's rlly busy w/ work so Devon's comin' to visit Raven so of course Raven gets rlly excited to see devon But then she has a vision of Devon sayin' Raven and him are done so Raven tries her best to stop that vision from happenin' But since Raven kinda ruined the date it made Devon upset that she kept runnin' up and down the stairs to see what her boss donna wants. Donna's boyfriend dumpes her so she says at Raven's house ruinin' her date w/ Devon. Good news at the end Raven and Devon got back together yeah!!moreless
  • i totally love this episode it was great!

    i thought this ep was great mostly cause of raven and devon this ep was funny! chelsea had me crackin' up like always donna cabonna was pissin' off she was takin' advantage of raven and donna was ruinin ev'ything at the same time raven was also ruinin her date w\ devon too she didn't bother to tell devon the truth til the end.i was soo happy to see Lil'j[Devon] again he is so cute! devon's grumpyness had me laughin' overall i really love this episode cause raven and devon make the cutest couple. the whole episode had me laughin'!! it was also cute to see cory get back w cindy, donna cabonna get back w her boyfriend teddy and it was more cuter to see devon get back w raven that had me awwwwin'.moreless
  • This episode was ok but Donna Cobanna is so annoying

    I thought this episode was just ok. It had some funny parts in it and i like the ending. Donna Cobanna was really annoying in this episode. She acted like she can control Raven whenever she wants too just because she is her boss. I was glad to see Devon in the episode. He is a good character. And he is cute. In this episode Donna Cobanna breaks up with her boyfriend and goes to Raven for comfort. Instead she just bosses her around and ruins Raven and Devon's date. In the subplot Cory and Cindy break up because they go to different middle schools.moreless
  • Not really something that you would wanna keep an eye on and it is just safe probably the comeback again of Devon is the great part!!!

    Not really something that you would wanna keep an eye on and it is just safe probably the comeback again of Devon is the great part!!! I just like the friend reactions in this episode it is just the good one but that doesn't make this episode show its own flare!!!
  • Very touching.

    Donna came and crashed at Raven's house the same night her boyfriend was coming to visit her. It was so not easy to multitask. Neither Donna nor Devon had any idea the other one was there. Very scary to handle that. Eventually they found out and got all pissed at Raven.

    Cory broke up with Cyndi and went with another girl, Brittany. They both go to the movies and they run unto Cyndi there, which is kind of painful for Cory. Soon, he realizes he still loves Cyndi.

    Devon broke up with Raven and walked out, just like Teddy dumped Donna. But it all worked out in the end. Cory and Cyndi got back together, as did Donna and Teddy and Raven and Devon.

    That was a very touching episode, and I loved every minute of it.moreless
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Richard Horvitz


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    • Raven (to Donna Cabonna): I didn't know when you said 24/7 you meant all day all week!

    • Devon:I bet you don't even have a toy oven upstairs.

    • Donna: It all happened while we were driving to the beach for our moonlit picnic. And suddenly, Teddy turned to me and he said he didn't love me anymore. I mean where am I gonna find another hunk of man candy like my Teddy?! (weeping)
      Raven: Um, you know what you have to do, Miss Donna? You need to get back in there. Do you know why? 'Cause this world is full of man candy, lolly-dudes, sugar-homies. Hook it up!
      Donna: No, no, no. You're not trying to get rid of me, are you? Because you made a commitment to me, young lady, 24/7!
      Raven: Yes! 24/7!
      Donna: Good

    • Raven(To Donna):You don't own me, you don't even pay me!!

    • Telephone rings
      Raven: Donna Cabonna Designs. Donna's temporary assistant, Raven Baxter, speaking
      Devon: Hey, Rae, what's up?
      Raven: (gasps) Hey, Devon!
      Devon: Listen, Rae, I'm coming into town with my dad on a business trip, but we're only gonna be in town for tonight
      Raven: Oh, am I gonna be able to see you?
      Devon: Only if you'll have dinner with me at The Purple Lobster
      Raven: The Purple Lobster?! They got the best bread!
      Devon: I know, it's the perfect place for us to be alone
      Raven: Oh. You are so Devonderful (giggles and looks up to see Donna standing right next to her then gasps) Mr. Devon..derful, uh...ahem! yes, yes you are great and fabulous, we will get those designs, right, Miss Donna? She's right here. She says hi. Ok, buh-bye (hangs up phone)

    • Tiffany: Oh, and coco had another accident
      Raven: Mm-huh! Coco, I'm beginning to think these aren't accidents (coco barks)
      Donna: Tiffany, pack up your stuff, you're out of here. Raven, I want you to move over to Tiffany's desk
      Raven: Ahhhhh! (to Tiffany) You see what happens when you crush a sister's dream? Who the big dog now? what? woof! woof! woof!
      Donna: Raven, I'm sending Tiffany on a business trip for me, and you're only filling in as my assistant until she gets back
      Raven: She gotta come back?
      Tiffany: You were saying?
      Raven: I was saying that you're my dawg skillet biscuit (laughs) woof! woof! see? Bark with me. Bark.. (Tiffany walks away) ok

    • Tiffany: I'm back!
      Raven: Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! oh! yes!
      Tiffany: Have a fun weekend with Donna?
      Raven: No! no, we did not. You know what? She broke up with her boyfriend, came over to my house and took over my entire life
      Tiffany: Oh, that, they do that every weekend. They're into this whole make up, break up scene
      Raven: Say what?
      Tiffany: Oops, did I forget to tell you that?
      Raven: (mocking Tiffany) Yes you did!
      Tiffany: I'll take my desk back now
      (Tiffany is about to sit on the chair where Raven left the yogurt)
      Raven: Tiffany, wait!
      Tiffany: What do you want now?
      Raven: Oh. oh. ok. nothin'
      (Tiffany sits on the yogurt)
      Tiffany: Eww! What is this?!
      Raven: Oh. I left Donna's yogurt in your seat. (mocking Tiffany) Did I forget to tell you that?
      Tiffany: Yeah, you did!

    • (After Devon leaves)
      Chelsea:Im sorry Rae,if theres anything we can do...
      (Sees pizza box)
      (Eddie&Chelsea open it to reveal crust)

    • Devon:Did you make this with your toy oven?
      Raven:(Lying) I got a new light bulb.
      (Opens picnic basket to see wrapped food)
      Hey.. it even wrapped it for us.(Laughs nervously)

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