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That's So Raven

Season 3 Episode 13

Art Breaker

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Feb 25, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Art Breaker
After accidentally breaking Chelsea's sculpture, Raven has to pose as the work of art. Meanwhile, Cory and William sell pop in Milk Cartons after the school bans Pop Machines.

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  • Love the high-pitched voice.

    This episode is about Chelsea having an interest in art, so when the art teacher (CYNDI LAUPER!!! :D) says that she should enter the San Fransico art show. So as Chelsea is trying to come up with an idea, she thinks she should do a scuplture of Raven. When the sculpture is finished, Raven is highly disappointed due to her making Raven as an actual Raven, or as Raven prefers "You made me a freak with a beak!" So after Raven accidentally breaks it when Chelsea is not looking, she has the feeling Chelsea would think she did it on purpose and disguises herself as the statue at the art show. But things maight not go as planned... LOL! At the end, when Cheslea learns the truth, she says disgusing as the statue was the best thing Raven has ever done for her. So at the end, they hug. Once again, too long to write the subplot but this episode was just hilarious. I laughed at Raven's high-pitched voice and when the art critic said the art should speak for itself and Raven screamed "WATER!!!" right in front of his face as he fainted. I also liked Cyndi Lauper's appearences. She's an amazings inger and has even worked together with Anastacia!Now she's worked with two celebrities I like, hooray for Cyndi! Anyways, pretty great episode.

    FINAL GRADE: B+moreless
  • This episode was great.

    This episode was funny and well written. My favorite part was when Raven and Eddie were talking in the Museum and she says "You put a pepper popper to pop into my pecker?" and Ediie says "Possibly". When Raven was in that beak she looked like my cousin, lol. I liked the sculpture that Chealsey did. But the part where Raven broke it was kind of predicatable. And Chealsey is getting really stupid in the show just too stupid. It was fine in the first seasons when she was just a little stupid but this is just too much! So watch this episode it is good.moreless
  • Kinda not really good because it is kinda boring!!!

    I am bored when I ended it because it was just boring well it was funny but when you look at everything you will see and witness you would agree with me! I mean the graphics are low quality the story is just something that would fill a 100-episode series or a 35-episode season it is just playing not likable or more technical appealing!
  • Raven with FEATHERS

    Raven and the gang in class. Raven, once again has made a caloge of all her shoes. To show, just how fashionable she is. Eddie, made a self portait, which was described as, "Black Velvet". Chelsea, has made a carbage can top, with garbage glued to it. Raven finds it , just any other garbage, but Mrs Deptuto, thinks its a wonderful work of art. Anyway, later on, Chelsea decides to make a staute for the exibit, and she also decides to do Raven. Making her half bird, half person. After Chelsea leaves, Raven has a vision of the statue breaking. But before she could talk after the vision, she breaks it not knowingly. Chelsea, then comess back and Raven, must act as the statue till she leaves. Later on, Raven decides to act as the statue to protect Chelsea, so she's stuck pretending to be the statue for the rest of the night. Anyway, later the art teacher comes and shows the statue to the reviewer, who's her ex-husband. Raven starts to give in, especially after Eddie gives her a hot pepper, and Raven starts to cry and then she runs to get some punch. Leaving the judges/reviewers speechless. Chelsea sees, and questions Raven on that. Raven reveal's her plan to help Chelsea and Chelse admitss that was the nicest thing, that someone ever done to her.moreless
  • Chealsea made a statue of Raven. But Raven is not happy with the statue. She accidentily breaks the statue, so she dresses up like the statue and goes to the art gallery to fill in. That's how she gets from a little trouble in major trouble.moreless

    A funny episode with lots of jokes. Filled with lots of funny sketches and slap-stick comedy. Raven's statue suite was really realistic. This is one of my favoutie episodes. Anneliese was really good in this episode. This episode can also been seen on the Thats so raven dvd: Disguise the limit.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • The set used for Ms. Petuto's class is the same set that is used as Mrs. Applebaum's classroom.

    • This episode is very similiar to an episode of "O'Grady" called "Sugar Hill" where Kevin sells sweets because the principal of their school has banned sugar for 30 days.

    • Raven's vision in this episode is Chelsea's statue falling to the floor and breaking marking the second time Raven has envisioned something falling to the floor and breaking. The first time was in "Smell of Victory", with the vision about her science project.

    • In the behind scenes of "Disguise The Limit", Raven says she had to put lots of freeze gel in her hair to get ready to be the statue.

    • After Eddie pulls the cupcake off of Raven's beak, it leaves no stain, whatsoever. A cupcake with that much frosting should have left the tip of the beak unclean.

    • A previously opened milk carton is not a proper container for soda. The soda would have been flat long before it reached the kids.

    • In this episode, Raven's voice changes whenever she lies. But in previous or future episodes, this never happens.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Chelsea: What I was going for here is I wanted to-
      Ms. Patuto: Chelsea please let your art speak for itself.
      Raven: WATER!!!!!!!!!

    • Raven: There has got to be a statue there when Chelsea gets to that art gallery. I have to put it back together.
      Eddie: Come on, Rae. There is no way!
      Raven: Hello! I could use a little positivity.
      Eddie: Okay, I'm POSITIVE that there is no way!

    • Chelsea: Is this what you think of my art?
      Raven: Is this what think of my face?
      Chelsea: Wow Rae, I cannot believe I let you inspire me.

    • Raven: (just had a vision) Oh snap!
      Eddie: What'd ya see?
      Raven: Okay well first (accidentally knocks over sculpture)...Pretty much that.

    • (stomach growling)
      Eddie: Oh Rae is that you?
      Raven: Yeah. I spent so much time putting this together I didn't get a chance to eat. Could you get me something?
      Eddie: Polly want a cracker?
      Raven: If you don't get over there and get me something to eat!

    • Chelsea: Rae, everytime you lie, your voice gets all high.
      Raven: (high pitched voice) That's not true!

    • Eddie: (in an acting innocently tone) I did a self portrait, Ms. Petuto. I call it, "Black Velvet, on Black Velvet".
      Ms. Petuto: And the message is?
      Eddie: I look good on velvet.

    • Arthur: Very interesting piece. Quite life-like.
      Ms. Petuto: Yes, it was inspired by another student, Raven Baxter. Who has a bad case of shoes on the brain.

    • Arthur: I can really feel the intensity. Like there's pressure building from within the piece.
      Eddie: I wouldn't stand too close.

    • Raven: Mmm, mmm, this is good, what is this?
      Eddie: A hot and spicy jalepeno pepper popper.
      Raven: (Choking) A jalepeno pepper popper?! You picked a potentially painful pepper popper to pop into into my pecker!
      Eddie: (Guiltily) Possibly?

    • Cory: Don't worry, we've got nothing to hide.
      Tanya: Cory!
      Cory: Quick, hide everything!

    • Eddie: Wow! Rae did a great job!
      Raven: Thank You!

    • Eddie: Look Ms. Petuto! I made a self-portrait! I call it "Black Velvet on Black Velvet".
      Ms. Petuto: And the message is?
      Eddie: I look good on velvet!
      Ms. Petuto: Okay! Okay! Moving on! Okay Raven, I see you've done a collage of shoes...again.
      Raven: Now, now Ms. Petuto! Last time, remember, was flip flops. This week's totally different. Strapees.
      Ms. Petuto: STRAPEES???
      Raven: I know! I know!

    • Raven:She gave me a beak!!!

    • Raven: And by the way, I wasn't the only statue on that bus. This is a very, very, weird city.

  • NOTES (3)