That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 8

Be Prepared

Aired Daily 12:00 AM May 12, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • ummm... Not the best episode, also, what\'s up with the lame song?

    well this episode was okay and showed kids to be prepared for emergencies, but still, the Boys N\' Motion song thingy was really lame. It was like some Barney kid song mixed with a dumb boy band like N\'Sync. I don\'t care if some people will hate this review but everyone does have their own opinions. well I have nothing else to say but this reveiw has to be up to 100 words. sigh... well... if you haven\'t already seen this episode then I\'m just telling you- it\'s not really worth it. - - - - - - - -
  • I'm giving this episode a 10 since an episode that gives an important message is dropping ratings!

    This episode gives an important message to everybody. Be prepared for any dangerous things that could happen from nature. If ratings weren't so low, I would have given this one a 9, but everyone forced me to give a 10 because of above. The song was annoying, but the message is important. I hope others can see this as a good episode that should give out an important message someday. I think I'm cnvinced to make my own kit of what I need for emergencies that could happen like a fire, flood, or earthquake (well, I don't live near those). But, if I ever take a vacation, I'll call this episode important.

  • The video was dumb, but the episode was awesome!

    Be Prepared is a very silly episode of That's So Raven. It was hilarious. The music video about being prepeared was very lame. It was funny during the video when Eddie and Chelsea walk out of the elevator and point to the stairs. Ha ha ha!! Raven was very funny in this episode and so was Tiffany. Raven has a vision that Coco will rip up Raven's designs for the Boyz in Motion. It comes true later duh. I thought that this episode taught a lessonon Being Prepared so this episde was very informative as well as awesome and hilarious!
  • Something about one of the goofs

    Actually this isn\\\'t the second time Raven caused them to split. This is the first time. Before, she convinced them to drop out of show business. Other than that, this episode isn\\\'t one of the greatest episodes. It isn\\\'t really that funny. However it does give a good message. I have nothing more to say but I need a hundred words so fofojg djsojad fdjofdjofs saodfjoafja faofjaofjsao j j j j j j j jj j j j j j fofojg djsojad fdjofdjofs saodfjoafja faofjaofjsao j j j j j j j jj j j j j j g g
  • the script writers "preparation" clearly shows in this episode.

    Living in Texas, and experiencing Hurricane Rita, and the aftermath of Katrina, this episode not only taught families about preparation plans (which local towns around our area are enforcing) but it also allowed us to connect with the characters, even though this episode showed its comedic elements by allowing the dog to have chewed through the wires, but it is something we all face and its always good to be prepared for an emergency. The classic humor gave a sense of comedic relief when things got a little to serious, and also allowed us to meet with the Boyz in Motion again. Its always good to be be prepared, and the producers did a great job at portraying this.
  • Raven offers to help Donna Cobonna by getting Boyz 'N Motion to shoot a PSA about emergency preparedness. Raven is in charge of designing their clothing and ends up causing the group members to go against each other. Raven's silliness causes her problems

    I loved this episode I guess mainly because Michael Copon is in it as one of the members of Boyz 'N Motion. Seeing him in this episode makes me melt. However I did enjoy this epsiode also because once again Raven continues to end up getting herself stuck in a troubled situation due to her visions. I also thought it was funny how she bribed Eddie with doughnuts and Chelsea with the dog just to do her job. And I also found it funny how such a small dog caused the fire alarm to go off. All in all I enjoyed this episode and wish for more appearences of Boyz N' Motion to see Michael again hehe.
  • Raven breaks up the Boyz In Motion for the second time. While, Cory & Victor set-up a family evacuation plan.

    The episode starts off good with Maria Shriver guest starring as I think Donna's Boss I forgot (i had no clue who she was until i found out she was dating the terminator) but anyway this episode has one of the funniest screams in disney history(I think) and some funny songs by the boyz. Eddie and Chelsea work for Raven but only in this episode doing easy stuff. Victor finds his old pick and cant let it go, even tho he has no hair. We also learn that Cory cant live without his whole room even his 2000 lb. safe lol.