That's So Raven

Season 3 Episode 33

Cake Fear

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Dec 16, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Victor has to leave out of town and calls their old babysitter, Ms. Patterson, who got fired after they lied and said Ms. Patterson ate their mom's birthday cake. Ms. Patterson is back and wants revenge on Raven and Cory.

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  • Funny

    This was Chelsea's dumbest moments but they are so funny. Raven and Cory did very good acting in this episode. The baby sitter show was very cleaver and a good trick on Raven and Cory. They also reffered back to a previous episode when they threw a party with a mechanical bull. This episode was very good and very funny. I loved the part when Eddie just found out about the TV show and his water was shaking he was so nervous. This episode was good. One of the best episodes I would say so far this season. I loved it.moreless
  • Wow! Amazing Episode! Hilarious!

    Cake Fear is one of the best That's So Raven episodes ever! Chelsea was amazingly funny! Oh, did you say cinnamon? I laughed so hard at that part I fell on the floor. It was funny how Mrs. Patterson kept showing up. That was very funny. This episode kept me in lots of suspense. It was also funny when Chelsea kept asking where is this cake and oh so there is cake. At the end of the episode, Raven and Cory find out that they were on a reality show called Revenge of the Babysitter. Overall, this episode was excellent!moreless
  • great!!!!

    i love thats so raven, all of my buddies know that!

    i love this episode so much because it has one of my all time favourite phrase:push over pushover...

    ms patterson was a psycho, well she should be. she scared ravena dn cory so much. then chelsea and eddie got involved. cory and chelsea have another thing in common, they both smell things to find out what certain things are. it was so funny. the part when chelsea realised that the ice cream had cinnamon and not pioson i laugh over and over again. it was hilarious. i also thought the montage of raven and cory running was funny. this is yet another great episode which i found so funny. when miss patterson was having her 'me time' in the shower, she was singing along to the horror song.moreless
  • Ms Patterson AKA pushover patterson stopped babysitting Raven and Corey when they accused her of eating their mom\'s birthday cake when in reality they were the ones who ate it. But she\'s back now and it\'s revenge of the babysittermoreless

    I thought this episode was kind of funny. Ms. Patterson makes it funny because she is scarry. I thought it was funny when Eddie and Chelsea walked in and Eddie wanted Ms. Patterson to do his laundry and also the bathroom scene. There's a scene where the episode Hizzouse Part is mentioned by Victor. Becasue of that incodent, Corey and Raven can't be left alone. Well it serves them right. Maybe if they jst didn't eat that darn cake. This episode should have came out for halowee. It's kind os liek a haloween episode because ms patterson si scarry lol.moreless
  • Victor is going out of town and he’s hired Raven and Cory's old babysitter, Ms. Patterson, who was a pushover. Cory and Raven once ate an entire cake and blamed Ms. Patterson. thrilled at first, they become convinced Ms. Patterson is trying to kill them.moreless

    I thought this was a top ten episode. The story line was a combination of Punk'd and Scare Tactics. Mary Gross, who played Ms. Patterson, was excellent as well as the rest of the cast! For those of you who are older, Mary Gross was a cast member on Saturday Night Live. We laugh out loud when we watch this episode and it can also scary at times. One of the funniest moments happened when the police show up.

    Police officer: "We're going door to door alerting the neighborhood. There's a revenge seeking babysitter on the loose!" (holds up Ms. Patterson's mug shot)

    All: (screaming and pointing to mug shot) "That's her!"

    Raven: "She's in there! In the kitchen! (sounding disgusted) Making cocoa.

    Police officer: "Cocoa, huh? Sounds like her! Looks like we got here just in time."

    We watch this episode every time it’s on.moreless
Mary Gross

Mary Gross

Ms. 'Pushover' Patterson

Guest Star

Joe Sabatino

Joe Sabatino

Officer Watson

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When the camera first shows inside of the bathroom, the shampoo bottle is facing forward, but in the next show, when the camera zooms onto the radio, the bottle is turned away from the camera.

    • There is a reference to "Hizzouse Party" in this episode. Victor tells Raven and Cory they need a babysitter, because the last time he left them alone in the house, they threw a party with a mechanical bull.

    • When Raven, Eddie, Cory and Chelsea look at the article titled "Revenge Seeking Babysitter Escapes", in bold under that it says "Revenge seeking babysitter sent away. Iin a digh Zlkdjr hyy jk; fifkrifgghirgnPatric ia Patterson aka Lefty was sent away for a long time."

    • All throughout the first half of the episode, it's the middle of the day. But after the commercial break, it suddenly becomes the middle of the night although it's still the same time it was before the because Ms. Patterson is still taking a shower.

    • When Ms. Patterson turns the radio up, she turns the knob to the left, which would have turned it down.

    • After Raven and Cory eat the cake and admit to Mrs. Patterson that they ate the cake and blamed it on her, Mrs. Patterson tells them to look into the camera. When Raven looks into the camera she has a bunch of cake on her face, but after she looks into the camera, just about all of the cake is gone.

    • When Raven snuck into the bathroom when Mrs.Patterson was taking a shower, you can notice that the bottle of shampoo's name was scratched off but you can tell that it was Suave Naturals Shampoo, Tropical Coconut.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Ms. Patterson: I have plans for us, children.
      (Raven has a vision)
      Victor: (Crying) I can't believe she got them.
      (Back to present)
      Ms. Patterson: Are you alright, dear?
      Raven: Yeah I was just having a moment. She got plans alright run!

    • Eddie: Well ya;ll, looks like we got two options. We can run, or we can scream and run.

    • Raven: (reading the news article) Patricia Patterson, also known as Pushover Patterson, Pushover Patty, Pushover Pat, and Lefty, has escaped and vowed revenge on all those who quote "pushed her around", unquote.

    • Victor: If I didn't know any better, I'd think you guys are trying to get rid of me.
      Raven: No! Why would you think that?
      Victor: Because you packed my bags, called a cab and I'm not leaving til tomorrow!

    • (While in their group circle)
      Chelsea: Who are we talking about again?
      Raven: Ms. Patterson (says while grinding teeth)
      Ms. Patterson: (Pops in her head) Yes?
      (Group screams and breaks their circle)

    • Raven: Say goodnight, Chelsea.
      Chelsea: (facing the camera) Goodnight, Chelsea.

    • Ms. Patterson: Here you are children. I made sundaes for everyone.
      Raven, Cory, Chelsea, Eddie: (taking the sundaes) Oh, great! Thanks!...
      Ms. Patterson: Does it taste ok?
      Raven, Cory, Chelsea, Eddie: Yeah... (look at each other tentatively)
      Ms. Patterson: Good. (suspiciously) Because I put something special in it... (everyone stops eating) a dash...of cinnamon.
      Chelsea: (gasps & grabs throat then stops a few moments later) Oh, did you say cinnamon?

    • Cory: She said she WENT away, but she was SENT away.
      Eddie: Sent, well now that's the one that's not a vacation.
      Raven: Well it's cool, because wherever she was sent, she did her time.
      Eddie: I don't think so. (reads title) Revenge-Seeking Babysitter Escapes. (Raven, Chelsea, Cory, and Eddie scream)

    • Policeman: We're going door to door looking for a revenge-seeking babysitter.
      Raven, Eddie and Cory: THAT'S HER!
      Policeman: Where?!
      Raven: She's in there in the kitchen (menacingly) makin' cocoa.

    • Ms. Patterson: Raven, Cory, you're on "Revenge of the Babysitter".

    • Ms. Patterson: Everyday at 6:03, I take a shower for exactly five and a half minutes.
      Raven: That's very specific . . .(Ms. Patterson approaches her) Yet normal! Totally normal!

    • Eddie: Hey Ms. Patterson! Glad to see your bag. I mean you're back! Glad to see you're back!

    • Raven: There's something very weird about her and that bag.
      Cory: Yeah, she wouldn't even let you smell it.

    • Cory: You should make us some ice cream sundaes.
      Ms. Patterson: Wouldn't it spoil your dinner?
      Cory: We want it for dinner!

    • Raven: Woah, that cake was slammin! I could still taste it. (Raven sucks her fingers)

    • Victor: She is such a sweet woman. Why did I fire her?

    • Cory: All her toes are real. They are real right?
      (Raven gives Cory a look)

    • Cory: Don't tell me you called Ms. Wilson! She makes us masage her toes!
      Raven: Yeah, and one of them wasn't even real.
      Cory: For real?
      Raven: You didn't notice?

  • NOTES (1)