That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 7

Campaign in the Neck

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Feb 07, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Chelsea wants to run for school president but Raven has a vision where Stinky Sturky will win?? Something must be done.....

    A nice episode as this episode shows how LUCKY Chelsea is to have such nice friends of Eddie and Raven and even Cory to help her out. What do I mean? Read on..... This episode is mainly about Chelsea wanting to run for school president which I think she should since the school is falling apart! I mean, lockers opening and the ceilling is falling apart as well!! But then, Raven has a vision where Chelsea lost to Ben Sturky by 187 votes!! So she and Eddie team up and does favours for the school students so they will vote for Chelsea. However, she soon finds out and gets mad and all but luckily Raven does something to help her out and sure she loses in the end, but she didn't lose that bad! And, Ben Sturky won and does a few things for the school and even made Mr.Lawler faint! Ha ha! This episode was REALLY funny as when Raven and Eddie and even Cory does things for Chelsea and even with the baby problem! I don't think Mr. Baxter will like what happened to his sign in his kitchen.........And the way Ben got votes just because he stank BAD with his body odour! Finally, Raven and Eddie and Cory also fainted because of a baby's BAD stinky diaper which is funny!!

    Final rating: 8.0 to 8.5
    Final Grade: A-
  • Raven and Eddie help Chelsea when she runs for class president.

    I'm calling this episode a "Tearjerker" since that was too nice of Raven and Eddie near the end to let the school hear Chelsea's thoughts of the good deeds she will do if she were class president. My favorite parts of the episode were the part I put up earlier, when Raven was crying with joy since Chelsea lost all on her own, when the baby peed on Cory, when Eddie said "Ew! It's cookin'!", and when Raven and Eddie pretended to be jocks and get themselves hurt. This episode was a pretty great example that shows Raven and Eddie's relationship with Chelsea.

  • This episode is about Chelsea running for student body president.Raven bribes people to get her votes.Chelsea is very hurt but at the end makes a wonderful speech.

    I think this is a very funny episode I laugh so hard every time I watch it. Although it was KIND of scattered,that's actually what made it even funnier, better. I liked the part where Eddie was annoyed by the arrival of the new babies!! This was a very clever-written episode.I still think Chelsea should have won,though.Even though there was bribing,it wasn't Chelsea doing it so it wasnt her fault.So anyways this was a great episode and the only sad part was when Chelsea found out Raven had been bribing people but that was barely a sad moment. Great episode!!Good Job Disney!!
  • So sensitive so dramatic makes me cry especially the ending part where Chelsea found out the truth makes me go wah wah wah!

    So sensitive so dramatic makes me cry especially the ending part where Chelsea found out the truth makes me go wah wah wah! It is like the feeling of being backstabbed by you're friend and by the way ( Chelsea said this in one of the episode)! It is like the feeling of saying so what if I will be like this it is like it doesn't mean I'll be like sure I'll be hurt but I will get over it right?
  • Try your best for a friend.

    Chelsea is running for school president from Raven's advice. Although, Raven had of vision of her seeing the score, so she tries her best to change the score, by doing stuff so people can vote for Chelsea.

    Raven tried her best for her best friend Chelsea. Even though, Raven tried to prevent her vision from happening, she knew something like that would happen, so she tries her best to brib people for votes so she can vote for her best friend Chelsea.

    I mean who wouldn't do that for your best friend if your best friend really wanted to become President for school. And if you knew what the score was, you would go to people and do the same thing.

    Final Rating: 8.5
  • This had to have been one of the very best episodes ever in the history of thats so raven Anneliese van der Pol was great,wonderful,there is so much I could say but have no space so lets put it this way the best this really showed her acting

    This episode was the best acted out episode vever in Thats so raven history Anneliese had me crying with her in the kitchen scene when she said "ya rea well how do you thing I feel now"
    or when she was saying why she should win the way she had tears in her eyes thats some acting it shows how disney dosn't do as much as they should with her all in all it was a very wonderful episode
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