That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 11

Checkin' Out

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 28, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Raven Baxter goes to the Tipton hotel and winds up meeting Zack and Cody.

    I am not a fan of That's So Raven, but this episode was pretty good. The plot wasn't that interesting, but I kind of enjoyed it. But when I watch it later on, I realize it wasn't so good. There were a lot of lame jokes and the sub plot was just plain stupid. I also didn't like Zack and Cody's "humorous" parts. All in all there were some ups and some downs of this episode. It was an avergae episode which is why I rated it a 5.2. It was a pretty good episode. It wasn't the best storyline, but it was aN okay episode.
  • Raven checks in to the Tipton, as Tiffany's replacement for Donna Cabonna.

    I liked the "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana" event, and I thought it was great to see three new episodes of three of my favorite shows in one.

    Checkin' Out
    Dylan and Cole Sprouse guest star. So hilarious, how Raven didn't know how to work a SECKRETECK (I think I spelled that wrong). And I loved the Stanley versus Chelsea battle, but I'd want to see it go out for like all of "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana". Like they could make Chelsea/Victor/Stanley/Cory/Eddie guest stars on Suite Life and Hannah Montana too.

    That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana
    The hotel tries to plan a birthday party for Carey. I loved the "old" jokes, and when the party happened. And when everybody kept suprising the wrong person, like Moseby and Raven. That was hilarious. I also loved the Zack/Cody plot. But the Hannah Montana (HM) plot was just too short.

    On the Road Again
    Miley tries to get Robbie Ray back on stage. It wasn't the most funniest, funniest episode but I do want Marty Clien (I think I spelled that wrong, too :P) to come back sometime. He was funny! Ladies and gentlemans, Marty Clien! I Want My Marty Back!

    I give the complete "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana" special, an 8.0!
  • Not a good way to end the show, but at least it was a great episode.

    Donna Cobanna makes Raven her temporarily assistant when Raven is sick, but this could become a problem when Raven has to orginize a photoshoot with a new portable device called the secretec in which she does not know how to work. When she arrives at a hotel called the Tipton in Boston, Massachusetts. Her reservations for the hotel are sucessful, but she accidentally leaves the photographer, Pistache, and the twins for the photoshoot halfway around the world. So when Raven meets twins Zack and Cody Martin, she uses them for the photoshoot as the two twins while Raven is disguised as Pistache, but soon enough Donna is disguised as Pistache as well for the photoshoot, and soon enough the real Pistache comes! At the end, Raven and Donna lie that they dressed like Pistache for her honor and the photoshoot is a sucess, but Raven is stuck at the Tipton in the end, riding a bellhop cart. I thought this episode was hilarious, but the original idea for the episode, "Here Comes the Twins" would've been better as a series finale. Also, ever since Fur Better or Worse, I've been thinking that Eddie has turned into Cory now, which is bumping into his great character in this episode, as well as the rest in the fourth season. Well, I enjoyed this episode, but I won't consider it as a great series finale.

  • Raven must organize a photo shoot at no where else but, the Tipton Hotel in Boston. There she chekcs in but realizes, thanks to Mr.Moseby, that her models and photographers are missing. She uses the Martin twins as new models and herself as photographer.

    I thought this episode was well written. They incorporated both That's So Raven and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody well together. My favorite part personally was Raven's interaction with Mosbey(or is it Mosby?) I knew something to that effect and comic routine would happen. Disney really to imagery out of my head and scripted it onto film. The episode was really funny too. This episode is part of the That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana special, and is the 1st to be shown in order. This episode is awesome for both That's So Raven fans and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody fans.
  • Raven must arrange a photo shoot at the Tipton Hotel where she meets Mr Moesby, Zack, and Cody.

    I loved this episode. I thought when Raven found out Pastash was in Italy and she started crying on the cart that the bellhop was pushing. I love this episode, even the part people find borring. When Chealsea was playing the the ball. That was kind of boring, but it was fantastic!!! I totally rate this 10! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! But...what the best part when Pastash starts dancing after the photoshoot. Maybe that would be counted as funniest...but hey, I liked it. Also, the star falling was pretty funny when Zack smelled her. Although, that was pretty stupid. But I LIKED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  • A lot Better than the Hannah Montana part, but I liked TSL part a bit better.

    Checkin' Out is the first part of the That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana crossover. I liked this part a billion times better than the Hannah Montana part (On the Road Again), but I like TSL part (That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana) just a bit better. Raven Baxter goes to the Tipton Hotel in Boston. Mr. Moseby (Phill Lewis), Zack (Dylan Sprouse), and Cody (Cole Sprouse) all guest star in this episode. The subplot with Eddie, Chelsea, and Cory was great and really funny. There was a lot to laugh at in this episode. Overall, this special episode was amazing and really funny!
  • Yah it was a good episode, although it made me wanna see more, chikichiki wawa. Just can't wait till I see more.

    Yah it was a good episode, although it made me wanna see more, chikichiki wawa. Just can't wait till I see more. It is fun seeing all the mishaps, it made the show quite fabulous. It is something really amazing for me, although I wanna see more modelling skills from Dylan and Cole. Hope that I see it in TSLOZAC. You know what that means.
  • This wasn\'t the best from what I\'ve seen from Raven, but it was definitely worth watching.

    This episode was definitely not one of my favorites, but it may be up there, I\\\'m not really sure. It did impress me though, since I thoughht that the crossover thing wouldn\\\'t be a good idea they proved me wrong. However what I think stole the show really was chelsea\'s performance how she acted so genuinely giving Stanley (who really gets on my nerves ALOT) the money that\'s the Chelsea I know! It was really funny how she thought she was doing it wrong. Don\'t get me wrong Raven did good doing her thing, but I liked the B story a little better. tThough tthe A story =did do alot for me. Zack and Cody were excellent, very funny. Overall I did enjoy watching this episode. It just wasn\'t the shows best.
  • Alot to laugh at!

    Raven, as usual, got me giggling right from the start. The plot of this one was very well thought-out, too. The whole thing about Raven AND Donna posing as the photographer was HILARIOUS-especially when the real photographer walks in and sees them dressed as her! Great stuff! The paddleball competition between Chelsea and Stanley was pretty funny, too. Overall, I really enjoyed this one!
  • WARNING: Do not bring expensive china within a 1 mile radius of Raven!

    The episode was hilarous. When zack smelled the pop star-funny. When raven was freaking out because she messed up the reservations-Very Funny. Donna and Raven dressing up as Pistache-Hilarious!! The side plot was pretty funny to, although Victor only appears fo one scene. Who knew Chelsea was so good at paddle ball! Too bad Chelsea is too much of an idiot for her to realize that Stanely scammed her.

    Now, we should be expecting Raven to get some lip fungus in a little bit, right folks! Lol. But, anyway, the episode was pretty funny, and combined with the other two parts of the crossover, it was awesome.

    This episode was hilarious. But if u notice the episode isn\'t really called \"That\'s So Suite Life of Hanna Montana\". It should b called just \"That\'s So Suite Life\" cuz Hannah Montana actually had her own show. She had nooooo special guests at all, just maddie(ashley tisdale) who was in her show 4 like 2 minutes
  • One word--Awesome!

    This episode was awesome! I mean my two favorite shows together, what more can I ask for! lol! Well at least my favorite actors--Raven, Dylan and Cole! and the Suite Life of Zack and Cody episode was also hilarious! And the whole Raven pretending to be the photographer (don't know how to spell her name!) was funny and then Donna walks in also pretending to be her also, without knowing Raven was also dressed up as the photographer-OMG! hi-la-ri-OUS! And the Suite Life episode, the whole vision thing and Cody being paranoid LOL! Except, as much as I love Hannah Montana, I think the episode killed the That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana!
  • This episode was a really great idea! It was so funny and was a great episode in "Thats So Suite Life of Hannah Montana"!

    Thats So Suite Life of Hannah Montana was a really good idea and this was a really good installment of it!! It was so cool seeing Raven at the Tipton and I thought that she was really funny. It was especially funny seeing her trying to work the Secratech.Zack and Cody made great models LOL.

    Great parts of this episode:

    -When Raven had that vision that the girl was going to fall, and then told Zack and Cody to put their arms out so that they caught her.
    -When Raven was checking into the hotel and was pleased that she sent in reservations with her Secratech, then found out that she booked Pistach in the Tipton Hotel in Milan.
  • Raven meets Zack and Cody Martin while at the Tipton and uses them in Donna's fashion shoot...Who could ask for anything better?

    After convincing her boss that she knows how to use a SecreTech, Raven accidently sends the photographer, Pistache to the Tipton in Milan, Italy. She must therefore substitue the models with Zack and Cody Martin while she impersonates Pistache.

    Of course, Donna Cabanna discovers that Pistache was sent to the Milan Tipton and attempts to impersonate her not knowing that Raven has already done so. Two Pistaches appear for the fashion shoot until the real Pistache arrives and agrees to use Zack and Cody for her fashion shoot. The episode ends with Raven having a vision of the shoot's success for launching Donna Cabanna's new line for boys.

    In a subplot Chelsea and Stanley are going for the ping-pong world record. Chelsea ends up scamming Stanley and getting the world record, but gives Stanley the money becuse she feels bad for scamming him and so she can teach Eddie and Cory a lesson.
  • Great!

    I loved this episode! It was awesome! This episode was part of That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana. This was the best TSR episode yet! This was a funny episode. Bonjour! Lol J Anyway, this episode was about Raven staying at the Tipton Hotel with her boss, Donna Cabonna, who is having a world famous photographer shoot pictures for the Donna Cabonna for Boys line. When the models can’t get there, Zack and Cody step in. Meanwhile, Eddie and Cory get Chelsea to win a world record for the longest time for playing paddleball non-stop. But when Stanley comes in as her competition, they get a little nervous. Chelsea still wins the world record, but by tricking Stanley when he says that they will stop on 3, but Chelsea keeps going. When she feels that she hurt his feelings, she gives him the prize money. This was a great episode!
  • "Checkin' Out" was AMAZING! I really liked "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana" and I thought that this episode was great.

    "Checkin' Out" was AMAZING! I really liked "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana" and I thought that this episode was great. It started out like a regular episode of "That's So Raven". Then Raven was assigned to be Donna Cabonna's assistant to go to the Tipton. First she has to use a Secratek, which is basically Sidekick. I thought it was funny that no one knew how to use it. When she got to the Tipton she was surprised that she got her and Donna Cabonna's reservation, but was wrong with Pistache and the boys. She then uses her vision to help Zack and Cody save Tyler Sparks. Then she does many other things to try to save her job. She even gets into another disguise and pretends to be Pistache. The photoshoot ends up being a sucess and Zack and Cody are used.In the subplot, Chelsea is trying to be a paddle ball record holder, but it's Cory and Eddie who want the money. At the same time Stanley is trying to get the money and they agree to share the money and when they go to stop, Chelsea is the one who doesn't stop. In the end, Stanley ends up with the money and Chelsea ends up wiht the record. At the very end, Raven misuses the Secratek again and ends up stuck in Tipton. Overall, I thought these episodes were amazing. I couldn't believe how good they were and I think that Disney did a wonderful job.
  • raven must organize an important photo shoot with a "secratec". she checks donna cabonna and herself in the tipton,but she accidentaly checks the photographer and the models in milan,italy!

    this was a great eepisode. i loved seeing raven on a diiferant set that i am used to. it was histerical when chelsea first started paddle ball. since mister baxter did it wrong she thought she was wrong to hit the was also funny when raven broke donna cabonna's coffee mug with her high pitch very loud shrill shreak. when she went to the timtpon i didnt understand why maddie and estebon werent working. i realized that there was a different bellhop and a different candy counter girl. in this episode there was a use of raven's catch frase (snap!). she said this when she was on camera dressed as pistache and she saw donna cabonna (who was also dressed as pistache). when raven says snap it makes me laugh histerically. i thught this was the best thats so raven episode yet. this is why i watch the show!
  • Although Raven is the only TSR character in the main plot, she takes it and lands on the money, good job Raven!

    Welcome to the beginning part of the crossover episode. Raven brought it all this time around. Donna Cabonna gave a lot of comedy. Zack and Cody, and Moseby all guest starred, as well as Jasmine Guy(A Different World). Raven's talks with Moseby were really funny. The sub-plot, while completely irrelevant to the crossover, was still funny. Even Chelsea had regained some of her few brain cells.

    All in all, Raven brought back her big yells followed with a cry and Chelsea brought a different spin on being slow.

    Give it a 10!

  • Is this the same or differant episode of " Thats So Sute Life of Hannah Montana"?

    Is this the same or differant episode of " Thats So Sute Life of Hannah Montana"? It would be cool if it was a differant episode leading into "Thats So Suite Life of Hannah Montana." I wish that they would do that for all of the 3 shows, or at least for Thats So Raven and Hannah Montana because they are leaving there homes. But if they did one for The Suite Life, they could just make is Mr. Mosby freaking out and Carey preparing to meet Hannah, maybe to get a record deal or something. Or the boys have crushes on Hannah cause they are the same ages ( I think ) I wonder if Hannah will perform. Or if there will be a fashion show of Donna Cabona clothes. I guess we will see!

    this sounds like the best episode yet. I can't wait to se it. how clever to put these people together in one show! that makes perfect sense to me! like i said can't wait to watch it! how often do you get a episode like that it's gonna rock out loud! i wonder what will happen? hope it's as good as any other episode of thats so raven, suite life of zack and cody and of course hanah montannah. i wonder is london is gonna be all cockoo over hannah. or if raven and london are gonna fight or something obserd like that.