That's So Raven

Season 2 Episode 4

Clothes Minded

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 01, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Clothes Minded
Raven tries her best to protest against the new school uniforms, but only Alana, Muffy and Loca join her, so Raven temporarily joins their group, until they want her to help frame Chelsea and Eddie for stealing. Meanwhile, Lionel gets a credit card and Cory goes over the limit with it.moreless

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  • soo funny!The best episode so far.

    LMAO! I love this episode. My fave episode from s2!

    Raven becomes bad and hangs out with Alana's crew.

    I love how she called them her "Home skillet biscuits"! LMAO, i LOVE that part. Awesome episode.

    I liked the idea of the uniform and customizing them up a bit. Raven's was pretty cute.

    And so yeah...
  • Iwww!! How I wish they get rid of this ugly uniform of ours it is way uglier than here!!!

    It is just really about uniforms and all that stuff! Raven ate the cheese and me and my brother (aking kuya, mi hermano) find it disgusting it is so disgusting that it actually makes me turn off well I like the look of Raven when she saw the cheese and she is so stupid if she does not want things to happen do not ever say it!
  • Raven was great in this episode!

    The school Pricable Mr. Lawler (the one that spits) think the school needs to strict up then Raven has a vision of him makeing everyone wear uniforms Raven: "Mr. Lawler your not thinking of makeing the school wear uniforms are you?

    P.Lawler:"I wan't but thats a great idea" lol

    and their were tons of thoese Raven has a bad vision and ends up being the one to make it happen lol!
  • uhhh. Uniforms

    Raven tries her best to protest against School Uniforms but in the end she ends up hanging with Alana's crew and rolling in and out of bad things.

    Meanwhile, Lionel gets a credit card and Cory goes over the limit with it.

    Raven accidently got her school to wear unifrms. She really didn't want to. But since, her friends betrayeded on her, she dropped them.
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • In the beginning of this episode Mr. Lawler did not spit when he said "Pipe down, Ms. Daniels".

    • If the vent is so hot that it is melting the cheese, how come it isn't burning Raven's hands at all?

    • When Alana is putting the cheese wrapper in Eddie and Chelsea's locker in Raven's vision, you can see that it's been taken by someone from the inside of the locker.

    • If Cory has, according to his dad, "never spent a dime of his birthday money since he was born", then why can't he afford all the stuff he charged on Lionel's credit card?

    • When Loca is standing on Raven to push Alana up in the vent to plant the cheese, if you look close, you can see that her feet are not on Raven's back, but rather on a flat surface that must have been erased by the computer.

    • When Raven gets the vision of the bubbly cheese and it's a close up on her face, you see that she's wearing reddish lip gloss but when it cuts away to her with Loca and Alana near her the red lip gloss is gone.

    • When Alana puts the cheese in the vent she rolls it, when Raven goes to get it out (before she, herself, accidentally rolls it) it is at the opening, of the same vent, how can that be?

    • You can see knee pads on Raven's knees when she is scooting along the vent.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Eddie: I never told yall this, but I hate my knees!
      Raven: And you know what you shouldn't have to show 'em.
      Chelsea: Yeah, and we shouldn't have to look at them.

    • Loca: Yo Raven are you coming?
      Raven: I'll be right there home skillet biscuit.

    • Raven: This is a protest! (Students run away) The world's loneliest protest...

    • Chelsea: Man, it's always hard to watch a good girl go biz-zad.

    • Raven: You guys were cheering for me. What were you thinking?
      Chelsea: Well, I dunno, you know Rae. Sometimes it's really hard to think and cheer at the same time.

    • Raven: (Crawling) Dead bugs, dead bugs (Shocked) Ooh live bugs, live bugs!

    • Muffy: Mr. Lawler? Alana has some cheese-related information she wants to share with you.

    • Muffy: Something doesn't stink!

    • Alana: One for Eddie and one for Chelsea.
      (Eddie and Chelsea arrives)
      Eddie: Hey! What are you guys doing to our lockers!
      Alana: (with clip over nose) Your about to find out right now! Mr. Lawler! If your wondering why it's getting a little like, funky up in here, ask Eddie and Chelsea!

    • Eddie: I never told anybody this, but I don't like my knees.

    • Muffy: Oh, Alana would appreciate it if you say it not spray it.
      Mr Lawler: What's your point? (spits)

    • Raven: (When Raven is in the vent) Okay, which way? (sniffs) Definitely this way! (Raven looks at cheese) You are nasty!

    • Raven: (After her third vision) Hey Alana, your not thinking about putting the wrapper in Eddie and Chelsea's lockers trying to frame them are you?
      Alana: No, we were just gonna put them in the trash can...but we like your idea so much better!
      Raven: (grunts) I did it again! Look Alana my friends had nothing to do with this!
      Alana: Oh, I know. You are cold, girl!

    • Mr. Lawler: Miss Baxter, dropping from the ceiling is strictly prohibited.

    • Chelsea: Wow, Rae, you look fantastic!
      Raven: Thank you, I know I do, I know, why don't you?
      Chelsea: Right...the protest. Funny story. Thought about it...bad idea.
      Raven: Then why didn't you call me Chels?
      Chelsea: Yeah, again. Thought about it...bad idea. Oh Rae, I just...I didn't want you to get mad.
      Raven: Really?
      Chelsea: Yeah.
      Raven: Well how do you think I feel now?
      Chelsea: Oh come on Rae, that was exactly the kind of reaction I was trying to avoid!
      (Eddie walks by in uniform)
      Raven: And what's your excuse lil' nasty knees?
      Eddie: Chels called me and told me it was off.
      Chelsea: And he took it very well. That's all I'm sayin'!

    • Alana: Raven, we didn't steal that cheese just so you could mess our plan up!
      Principal Lawler: You stole the cheese?
      Muffy: Alana can not believe she just said that out loud!

    • Raven: Today's the day, people! The protest day! Let's stand up and be counted! One!

    • Alana: Mr. Lawler...he's gonna pay (imitating him spitting)

    • Raven: We shouldn't all have to wear the same thing, right?
      Students: Right!
      Raven: Oh, hey y'all. Now listen to what I'm saying now. We shouldn't have to be told what to wear, right?
      Students: Right!
      Raven: We should be able to wear them our way, not their way, right?
      Students: Right!
      (Now shouting at the students)
      Raven: So, tomorrow, these uniforms won't look the same! 'Cause tonight, we will customize!
      Students: Yeah!
      Raven: We will accessorize!
      Students: Yeah!
      Raven: I'm talking individualize!
      Students: Yeah!
      Raven: Funkification to the highest level! Get it? Now who's with me?
      Students: Yeah!

    • (Raven, Alana, Muffy, and Loca are walking down the hallway together)
      Chelsea: Rae!
      Raven: Chelsea!
      Eddie: Raven!
      Loca: Eddie! (she punches Eddie)
      Eddie: Oh, Loca!
      Alana: Muffy!
      Muffy: Alana feels that this name thing should stop, like, now!

    • Muffy: Alana feels that if you have a hand you should put it in.

  • NOTES (8)