That's So Raven

Season 3 Episode 27

Country Cousins (1)

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 29, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Country Cousins (1)
The double episode finds Raven venturing to the countryside, in an attempt to reconcile her side of the family with her cousins. Unfortunately, Raven's city slicker mentality upsets the natural balance on the farm.

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Kym Whitley

Kym Whitley

Cousin Vicky

Guest Star

Giovonnie Samuels

Giovonnie Samuels

Betty Jane

Guest Star



Auntie Fae/Baby G/Delroy

Recurring Role

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    • Raven: Thanks for coming along Chels!
      Chelsea: Are you kidding, a chance to be on a real chance to be on a real farm and walk like what seems forever on a hot dusty till your feet gets blisters and sore! Wouldn't miss it!
      Raven: You know what? They said that it should be close as a stone's throw away from the bus station!
      Chelsea: Oh! Well then! (Chelsea picks up a rock and throws it)
      Raven: Oh! Chelsea nice toss!
      Chelsea: Thank you! I always had a good arm. You know, I was star pitcher at vegetarian camp!
      Raven: I think you found it! Hey Chels, just like I remember!
      Chelsea: Woo! That's one creepy scarecrow!
      Raven: Oh yeah! I remember him. That's Percy! They used to tell us this really scary story about how at night when the moon was out Percy would come to life, sneek into your room and steal your soul! (Chelsea runs away) Chelsea, Chels come back here girl you know I've got heels on I can't run after you! Chelsea!

    • Raven: Uhh...What is all this?
      Tanya: We are cleaning out the basement so if there is anything you want to keep, you better grab it now!
      Victor: And you better hurry up before Miss Toss-It-All-Out gets her hands on it!
      Raven: Hey, look! Hey that's me when I was like 4 years old! I was so cute!
      Cory: Yeah! What happened?
      Raven: Hey! Look at this old newspaper! (Wacks Cory with it)
      Cory: Ouch!
      Raven: And that girl. I remember her! (Raven shows Victor and Tyana the picture)
      Victor: Oh yeah! That's your ah...cousin Betty Jane.
      Raven: Betty Jane! That's right, we used to play together on her farm! Hey, whatever happened to her?
      Victor: Umm...Yeah we used to visit with them all the time! We were really close and then, suddenly, they just stopped talking to us!
      Raven: Why? What happened?
      Tanya: After our last visit they stopped returning our phone calls, they returned our letters and our business cards and never they never invited us back there again.
      Victor: It's like they're complete strangers.
      (Raven has a vision: Betty Jane: Cousin Raven! I've been waiting all these years to see you again!)
      Raven: Oh my goodness! I've just had a vision about Betty Jane! I was on the farm and she said she was so happy to see me!
      Victor: I don't know how that's gonna happen.
      Raven: I know, I...I...I'll write her a letter and I'll tell them I'm comming. I'm sure they'll be thrilled to hear from me!

      At the Farm:
      Delory: The nerve of that girl, inviting herself down here! After what that family done did to us!
      Aunty Fay: Now hush up Delory! Now it was nice of this girl writing to us, she tryin' to make the peace. We gonna welcome her with open arms. (Aunty Fay looks at everyone) I said open arms!

    • Betty Jane: Cousin Raven, I've been waiting all these years to see you again.
      Raven: I knew you were gonna say that.
      Betty Jane: And now I can't wait for you to leave. (shouts: Momma!)
      Raven: I didn't know she was gonna say that.

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