That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 11

Dissin' Cousins

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Apr 11, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Yikes, I was too hyped up to do my review for Party Animal that I forgot this one! Sorry about that!

    This episode was not the best, yet not the worst. It belongs smack dab in the middle. So Raven's pain-in-the-neck rich cousin Andre comes for a visit. When Eddie tries hitting on her, Raven tries to get away from her, and thinks that Eddie is the perfect trap. When trying to pair Andre up with Eddie, it all doesn't go right when Raven's perfect plan falls apart when Andre comes to school with her! Plans fall even more apart when Raven lies that Eddie is her boyfriend to show off Andre! Raven also says she can prepare a dinner for the family, which becomes a problem when a crab gets stuck in her hair. At the end, Raven and Andre find out that they've been hiding something all along. At the end, Andre finally kisses Eddie. It was funny at points, but at other times, I didn't really enjoy this episode.


    This episode is about Raven`s cousin staying at her house for a little while. Raven and Andrea ( Raven`s cousin) were both jealous of each other. This episode was hilarious! The funniest quote was when Chelsea yelled french toast. It made my laugh so hard I fell on the floor. Another funny part was when Raven and Chelsea were serving salad. When the crab pinched Chelsea`s head she yelled her`s some for CORY! The subplot was when Cory was scared of the coat closet so he had to sleep with his parents although Tanya and Victor didn`t like it. Overall this is Season One`s greatest and most hilarious episode!
  • This episode is about Raven's seemingly perfect cousin coming to visit. Meanwhile, Corey sleeps with his parents in fear of "what's behind the closet door".

    I absolutely loove this episode because it is hilarious and funny and yet somehow cute. The fact that Raven and her cousin both think the other is perfect. But that was a waste of time though. They were right they could've been friends. But I'm glad they took the chance before it was too late.

    I just loove the fact that Angell Conwell played the role of Andrea so well. I mean she really is one of my favorite actresses. I just loove her work in "The Wash" and "Baby Boy". She is a great actress and hopefully has many endeavors to come. She just needs a little support and a push.

    The fact that Chelsea didn't do anything to solve the problem was out of character for her. Her character may be on the slow side but she still manages to help Raven with her problems. This is the first time Raven actually solved the problem on her own without the help of Chelsea or Eddie. I am really proud of her for showing some initiative and dignity. Angell and Raven seem to have had such great chemistry on that episode.

    All in all this episode was actually very good and I enjoyed watching it and I wish they more to come because I just looove watching Raven getting out of wacky situations. But she ends up learning a very important lesson from each one. So getting into the situations actually are worth it.
  • Sistahood!! Madonna you've got insecurities too do not lie!

    It is just playing dark well the topic is like sistahood and Raven is just trying to compete we can learn a valuable lesson and this lesson is dedicated to Madonna everybody has insecurities no matter how popular or high status you are it was shown when Andrea gave a confession to Raven!
  • Raven's privaleged and seemingly perfect cousin visits. Meanwhile, Cory sleeps with his parents cause he is scared of "The Closet Door".

    This episode was great! It has funny quotes and everything. Raven and her cousin did great jobs! It was just an all time great episode! The plot was awesome, the acting was fantastic, it was just all that! I like the facial expressions and voices used in this episode too. It was great how Raven pretended to date Eddie. Well, I don't know what else to say about this episode, it was just super. Hah.
  • What cousins do.

    Raven's privaleged and seemingly perfect cousin visits. Meanwhile, Cory sleeps with his parents cause he is scared of "The Closet Door".

    Alot of cousins do this, they act like eveything is a competition between the two of them. Everytime, a cousin visits you tell them how well you are and when you see something you like of the cousin, you start to say this like "I have that too, but mine has more stuff on it", thats exactly how it starts.