That's So Raven

Season 3 Episode 11

Dog Day After-Groom

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Feb 11, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

When Raven and Eddie get jobs as Dog-Groomers, they accidentally dye the champion dog bright pink. Meanwhile, Victor takes knitting as a hobby to relax, Cory decides to sell the things he makes.

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  • It's pink! *faints*

    This episode was really hilarious, it's about Raven and Eddie being bored every day since they are broke. But when Chelsea tells them about the big money they could get at a Dog Daycare as since she has just been accepted, Raven and Eddie strive to join. They do end up getting a job as dog groomers and are more advanced than they thought, but trouble comes when they do Claire's dog and accidentally dye him pink. So while at a Dog Show that Claire signed up her dog for. She faints because of her dog being pink! *faints* So Raven fills in for her and combines two of Victor's white sweaters to make a coat that will make Claire's dog look white again. But then the zipper to the dog's costume is shown and as Claire loses the competiition, she is mad at Raven and chases her. The episode ends with the cast of the episode singing Raven and Eddie's parody of Car Wash, Dog Wash. Since I'm outta room to write the subplot, I'd say that this was a pretty hilarious episode. It showed more of the Raven/Eddie couple feeling and I can't stop laughing when Chelsea says pink and Claire faints. Pretty awesome episode.

    FINAL GRADE: B+moreless
  • All I can say is doggies doggies and doggies

    All I can say is doggies doggies and doggies

    I was waiting for this because I know it is just about dogs it actually came late and I want to end this and I just wanna see this so that I would know the funny part here is the time where Raven was bitten by the dogs I loved it!!
  • Pink!

    When Raven and Eddie get jobs as Dog-Groomers, they accidentally dye the champion dog bright pink. Meanwhile, Victor takes knitting as a hobby to relax, Cory decides to sell the things he makes.

    What's wrong with PINK Claire? Raven and Eddie dyed the dogs hair pink. Good episode, because Claire couldn't believe what she saw, that happened to her dog.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • At the dogshow, Claire screams and then faints at the sight of anything or after hearing the word "pink", even though she is wearing a pink shirt.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Claire: I'm going to go paper train a Pomeranian!
      Raven: I hope that's a dog!

    • Claire: Chelsea, would you mind holding Snowflake? I'd like to speak with Raven for a moment
      Raven: Now, wait a second, you can hold a dog and speak to someone. I've seen you do it before (Claire starts to chase her) You don't wanna talk do you?
      Claire: No!
      Raven: Please tell me you're gonna paper train a Pomeranian with that
      Claire: Not this time!
      Raven screams and runs

    • Raven and Eddie singing Both: Workin' at the dog wash, cleaning dogs today
      Eddie: Hey!
      Raven: Makin' sure they look good when they go out and play
      Eddie: (makes deeper voice) Workin' at the dog wash, makin' some extra cheese
      Raven: Usin' that special shampoo, gettin' out ticks and flees
      Both: Hey!

    • Raven: Aw, man! 182 channels and nothing's on. Come on let's get out and do something
      Eddie: Ooh! I have an idea. We can go to make believe land with my imaginary money
      Raven: Yeah, but we're so broke we'd have to sneak passed the imaginary guards

    • Claire:(Licking Snowflake in the mouth)
      Raven: (Talking to Eddie)I wonder what else that dog has been licking.

    • Chelsea: (holding a bunch of dogs on leashes) Guess who got a job at Camp Woof Woof!
      Raven: Uhh, you did.
      Chelsea: Aww, what gave it away?

    • Clare: Snowflake's p--, she p--
      Chelsea: Pink?
      Clare: Aah! (faints)
      Chelsea: She fainted!
      Clare: Oh, I thought Snowflake
      was p--, p--...
      Chelsea: Pink?
      Clare: Aah! (faints)
      Eddie: Maybe you should stop sayin' that.

    • Chelsea:How could you guys turn a dog pink?
      Eddie:It's not our fault, Chels, we don't know what we doin'.

    • Chelsea:..and this is Monster.
      Raven: Oh i get it. They call him Monster cuz he's so sweet and adorable.
      (Raven bends down to pet Monster. He barks at her & she jumps onto the chair)
      Chelsea: No Rae, they call him Monster cuz he'll rip your arm off.
      Raven: Adorable.

    • Raven: You hairy little nasty!!

    • Eddie: Chelsea, what color are my drawers?
      Chelsea: Pink! (Claire faints)

    • Eddie: On time I put a red sock in my whites and I'm still wearing pink underwear! (slight pause) I'ma need y'all to keep that to yourselves.

  • NOTES (4)


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