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That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 13

Driven to Insanity

Aired Daily 12:00 AM May 30, 2003 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Driven to Insanity
Raven disobeys her parents by going out with an older boy, who turns out to be very immature and she soon regrets going out with him. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Eddie baby sit Cory but all he wants to do is get rid of Eddie so he can have Chelsea to himself.moreless

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  • Raven goes on a date w/ a 17 year old boy after her parents said no.

    I liked this episode alot because it shows how some 14 year old girls like older guys and don't listen to their parents.

    Raven thinks she's goin' out with a hot shot since the guy Matt is 17 years old and she thinks older guys are spose to be "cool" but Raven discovers that Matt is a 17 year old idoit.

    I think this episode should wake up a lot of pre-teen girls because it will show that older guys ain't so cool and cracked up like we think they are eventually Raven's mom catches her at the resturant w/ Matt and gets in trouble by her mom.moreless
  • Raven disobeys her parents' orders and goes on a date with an older boy.

    I have to admit that this episode was one of the funniest yet most digusting in the series. In this episode, Raven is asked out by an older boy and even lies that she is his age. So when her parents say no, she disobeys them and secretly goes out with him when her parents have their weekly Saturday dancing. Meanwhile, Chelsea babysits Cory with Eddie and when Eddie refuses Cory to hit on Chelsea, Cory decides to sabotage him so he could do what he wants. This episode was too hilarious that I started to hurt myself. I can't stop laughing at the part when Matthew spits into Raven's drink! So wrong but so right! This episode all the way! I always try to watch it when it's scheduled. Also, it's about time Cory starts hitting on Chelsea (he didn't do it in Test of Friendship, dunno why)!

    FINAL GRADE: A-moreless
  • Very good!

    Raven meets a 17 year old guy at the library, but finds him at her school. She goes out on a date with him at a diner, but while they are there together they see Raven's parents. In addition, Raven goes out on a date with a guy name Matthew who is a total slob, he eats completely nasty and he has no table members. When Raven had a vision of her parents dancing in the living room she knew that they were going out, and the only day they go out on is Saturday, so she called Matthew acting like Chelsea and told him that she wants to go out for dinner on Saturday.

    Raven did have to babysit her little brother, but her best friends did that job for her which was Chelsea and Eddie. While Corey was getting babysat, he kept drooling over Chelsea, because he likes her. Although, Eddie was there to make him stop doing that, because he knows that Chelsea doesn't like that. While Raven is out on the date with Matthew, Raven has a vision that her mom will call the house phone on the other line. Therefore, Raven had to hurry up and call home, before her mom calls and ask for her. Meanwhile, Raven got caught on her date.

    Raven tried everything to get out of that trouble, but it didn't work, because her mom trusted in her and she just went out before even thinking about when her parent's said "No, No, and NO!moreless
  • Raven disobeys her parents and goes out with Matt who is 14 years old but regrets it...

    Raven wanted to go on a date with Matt who is older than her because he is 17 years but then Raven's vision of her parents saying no,no and no came true.Then,she still managed to go out with Matt while she let Chelsea babysit Corey.Corey was actually happy until he found out Eddie was there too,so the entire episode he tried to get rid of Eddie by exploding a vacuum bag at him,locking him in the bathroom and dumping him with eggs and grains!Ha ha!Very funny!Back at Raven,her date was disaterous as she discovered Matt was very immature and disgusting as the way he ate was gross!But then,Raven's parents caught her and scolded her,but then said sorry for not listening to her.In the end,Eddie managed to get revenge by spraying whipped cream on Corey!Very funny!Love this episode!moreless
  • Raven sneaks out on a date with an older guy named Matthew even though her parents say no. Raven soon begins to regret it, as she sees how immature Matthew is. Things begin to get worse when her parents turn up at the restaurant not knowing she's there.moreless

    This episode is one of my favourites out of the entire series, as it shows how things can't always turn out the way you hope they do. This whole epsiode is great, like the part where Chelsea and Raven are in the school hallway and they do teeth check and stuff, it just shows how much best friends care for each other. The way Matthew acted immature in the restaurant had me roaring with laughter and the subplot did too, when Chelsea and Eddie were baby sitting Cory while Raven's parents(and Raven)were away. The part where Cory steals Eddie's clothes and replaces the with his dinosaur PJ's had me in stitches, and Cory's various schemes to keep Eddie out of the house(shutting the windows, locking the doors etc.) Until the end where Eddie gets let in by Raven, and when Raven pretends to give Cory a good night kiss, Eddie, with two bottles of whipped cream, finally gets his own back on Cory.

    Overall, I think it's one of the best episodes


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • When Eddie comes out of the shower you can see that underneath his towel he is wearing shorts.

    • When Chelsea is baby-sitting Cory, in some scenes she has yellow eyeshadow on and in other ones she has red eyeshadow!

    • In the beginning of the episode, Cory and Chelsea are sitting on the couch and Cory is holding a big bowl of popcorn. Cory is bothering Chelsea, again and Chelsea flips the bowl of popcorn on Cory's head. There's a huge mess of popcorn all over the couch! Then, when Raven's father walks in and starts dancing while Chelsea and Cory are watching him, if you look, the huge popcorn mess is suddenly gone, though it then reappears.

    • If you look closely, in Raven's vision of Chelsea picking up the phone, Chelsea says "hi" to Mrs. Baxter and then moves a little piece of her hair out of her face right after, but when it actually does happen she says "hi" in a different tone and she doesn't move any hair out of her face at all.

    • When Raven and Tanya are standing in front of the bathroom door, they start moving a little bit away from Matthew; it is then that you can see the shadow of the boom mic on the women's bathroom door.

    • Because the episodes aired out of the order by which they were produced, Chelsea, in this episode, is said to be fourteen, when in Wake Up Victor, she is in fact fifteen.

    • When Raven was watching Matthew eat the "super duper ompah", in one shot, their drinks disappear without the waiters touching them, but in the next shot they're there again.

    • When Raven's parents order the "super ompah", in one shot, there is a cup by them, but in another shot it disappears. In the next shot, it's there again even though the waiter didn't pick it up.

    • In the scene where Eddie comes out of the shower, he is only wearing a towel. When Cory is pulling on the stockings to close the door and they shoot to Eddie saying "if you don't open this door", you can see that he is wearing the prank pajamas that Cory left for him. But when the camera shoots back to him in the bathroom a second time, he is wearing the towel again.

    • When Cory pops the vacuum bag open onto Eddie, you see that the table behind them has no dust on it, but then when Cory comes back downstairs from giving Eddie the pajamas, Chelsea is cleaning up dust on that very table.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Raven: (pretending to be Chelsea on the phone) Hi, this is...Chelsea, Raven's friend, and she wanted me to tell you she so can't make it Friday night- (has a vision) But she'll be able to make it Saturday night, and you lovebirds have fun because she had so many offers for that night, all right, buh-bye!

    • Cory: Hi!
      Chelsea: (wiping the dust off the table) Cory, I told Raven I'd watch you, and I can do that whether you're alive or dead. Dead is less work.

    • Eddie: (to Cory) Well look at it this way, in four years you'll be fourteen but then Chelsea will be nineteen. And she still won't be looking your way. But by then I'll be dating college girls!

    • Raven: Mom, if you love me you'll start dragging my sorry butt home right now!
      Tanya: I'm going to talk to your father first and we'll see how sorry your butt is!

    • Matthew: Would like to do something with me on Friday, at, oh, say 8:00?
      Raven: Gee, I don't know Matthew. That's kinda short notice, 8:15? Okay.

    • Restaurant: Ompah!
      Raven: Ompah-whatevah!

    • Chelsea: (on the phone) Rae, your mom told me to that you look really nice tonight. Wait, Rae, how would she know that?
      Raven: (sees Tanya standing right behind her) Trust me girl, she ain't psychic!

    • Victor: C'mon I wanna get my 'ompah' on!
      Tanya: If you don't sit down everyone is going to see your 'ompah'!

    • Raven: Do your parents listen to you?
      Chelsea: They kinda have to Rae, they're both therapists. It's just kind of freaky when they tell me my times up and they'll see me next week.

    • Cory: I'll start the movie, you get the sodas.
      Chelsea: Cory!
      Cory: Get the sodas, be happy.

    • Tanya: (to Victor) Where does he put it all?

  • NOTES (3)

    • Chelsea mentions for the first time that her parents are both therapists

    • Eddie mentions in this episode that his parents are divorced. He repeats it in "Separation Anxiety" when Raven fears her parents are divorcing.

    • In this episode, it is revealed that Raven is fourteen. In Wake Up Victor, though, it is said that Chelsea is fifteen. I guess Chelsea is a few months older than Raven and her birthday has already passed.


    • Book/Movie Reference: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
      When Cory makes the vacuum bag explode on Eddie, Eddie calls Cory an Oompa Loompa.