That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 13

Driven to Insanity

Aired Daily 12:00 AM May 30, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Raven goes on a date w/ a 17 year old boy after her parents said no.

    I liked this episode alot because it shows how some 14 year old girls like older guys and don't listen to their parents.
    Raven thinks she's goin' out with a hot shot since the guy Matt is 17 years old and she thinks older guys are spose to be "cool" but Raven discovers that Matt is a 17 year old idoit.

    I think this episode should wake up a lot of pre-teen girls because it will show that older guys ain't so cool and cracked up like we think they are eventually Raven's mom catches her at the resturant w/ Matt and gets in trouble by her mom.
  • Raven disobeys her parents' orders and goes on a date with an older boy.

    I have to admit that this episode was one of the funniest yet most digusting in the series. In this episode, Raven is asked out by an older boy and even lies that she is his age. So when her parents say no, she disobeys them and secretly goes out with him when her parents have their weekly Saturday dancing. Meanwhile, Chelsea babysits Cory with Eddie and when Eddie refuses Cory to hit on Chelsea, Cory decides to sabotage him so he could do what he wants. This episode was too hilarious that I started to hurt myself. I can't stop laughing at the part when Matthew spits into Raven's drink! So wrong but so right! This episode all the way! I always try to watch it when it's scheduled. Also, it's about time Cory starts hitting on Chelsea (he didn't do it in Test of Friendship, dunno why)!

  • Very good!

    Raven meets a 17 year old guy at the library, but finds him at her school. She goes out on a date with him at a diner, but while they are there together they see Raven's parents. In addition, Raven goes out on a date with a guy name Matthew who is a total slob, he eats completely nasty and he has no table members. When Raven had a vision of her parents dancing in the living room she knew that they were going out, and the only day they go out on is Saturday, so she called Matthew acting like Chelsea and told him that she wants to go out for dinner on Saturday.

    Raven did have to babysit her little brother, but her best friends did that job for her which was Chelsea and Eddie. While Corey was getting babysat, he kept drooling over Chelsea, because he likes her. Although, Eddie was there to make him stop doing that, because he knows that Chelsea doesn't like that. While Raven is out on the date with Matthew, Raven has a vision that her mom will call the house phone on the other line. Therefore, Raven had to hurry up and call home, before her mom calls and ask for her. Meanwhile, Raven got caught on her date.

    Raven tried everything to get out of that trouble, but it didn't work, because her mom trusted in her and she just went out before even thinking about when her parent's said "No, No, and NO!
  • Raven disobeys her parents and goes out with Matt who is 14 years old but regrets it...

    Raven wanted to go on a date with Matt who is older than her because he is 17 years but then Raven's vision of her parents saying no,no and no came true.Then,she still managed to go out with Matt while she let Chelsea babysit Corey.Corey was actually happy until he found out Eddie was there too,so the entire episode he tried to get rid of Eddie by exploding a vacuum bag at him,locking him in the bathroom and dumping him with eggs and grains!Ha ha!Very funny!Back at Raven,her date was disaterous as she discovered Matt was very immature and disgusting as the way he ate was gross!But then,Raven's parents caught her and scolded her,but then said sorry for not listening to her.In the end,Eddie managed to get revenge by spraying whipped cream on Corey!Very funny!Love this episode!
  • Raven sneaks out on a date with an older guy named Matthew even though her parents say no. Raven soon begins to regret it, as she sees how immature Matthew is. Things begin to get worse when her parents turn up at the restaurant not knowing she's there.

    This episode is one of my favourites out of the entire series, as it shows how things can't always turn out the way you hope they do. This whole epsiode is great, like the part where Chelsea and Raven are in the school hallway and they do teeth check and stuff, it just shows how much best friends care for each other. The way Matthew acted immature in the restaurant had me roaring with laughter and the subplot did too, when Chelsea and Eddie were baby sitting Cory while Raven's parents(and Raven)were away. The part where Cory steals Eddie's clothes and replaces the with his dinosaur PJ's had me in stitches, and Cory's various schemes to keep Eddie out of the house(shutting the windows, locking the doors etc.) Until the end where Eddie gets let in by Raven, and when Raven pretends to give Cory a good night kiss, Eddie, with two bottles of whipped cream, finally gets his own back on Cory.

    Overall, I think it's one of the best episodes
  • Iwww growze!!

    I made a summary like iwww growze because the guy that Raven loves is really disgusting and nasty well we cannot blame him for that that is just so bad how I wish that Raven should have listen! Well it is a little bit boring to look at because it is just so boring to look at well the funny part was the Raven part!!!
  • Raven was really insane, too bad Matthew drove her to it! And what about Eddie and Chelsea? They were 50% chance ot being insaned by Cory!!!

    Driven to Insanity, I believe, was a very superb episode that I personally believe is a series classic. I liked the part when Raven's parents said "No, No and NO!!". That was hilarious. Despite the fact we are going to see Raven not listening to her parents, we did the very first time. I also liked Tanya's points against Raven.

    Anyway, the only problem with the episode was that Raven's parents were being sadistic to her but she was lucky they took her sorry butt home. Another minor flaw was Cory's love for Chelsea. I felt that was weird but thank god bny the second season, he fell in love with kids his age.

    So overall, a very silly and good episode that if you miss, you should cry on your bed.
  • This is one of the best episodes ever Raven sneaks out and goes with an older guy and the date doesn't turn out like she planed Chelsea is stuch babysitting Cory with Eddie and Cory keeps trying to get rid of Eddie it was the best!

    It had so many good scences the cast was wonderful in this everyone even the B plot was great (it just might have been beter then the main)I loved the hole Cory/Chelsea/Eddie thing it was great and Raven haveing to dance the "ohpa" and all it was great!I loved how her 'rents cought her and they were like "hes your ride" and how gross that guy was!
    but I think they could have done alot more with the b-plot but it was good I loved it
  • A Girl's DREAM!

    Raven disobeys her parents by going out with an older boy, who turns out to be very immature and she soon regrets going out with him. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Eddie babysit Cory but all he wants to do is get rid of Eddie.

    It is every girl's dream to go on a date, with a guy older than they are. They wanted act so grown. Well most of the teenage girls. This episode was funny how Matthew was acting and how Raven regreted, because she knew she could not date anyone that sloppy.
  • Possibly the best episode in the whole series!

    Raven wants to go out with this guy that she likes but he's too old for her and her parents said no. So when babysitting Cory and her parents go out, she goes out with the boy. Meanwhile Chealsea ends up watching Cory and Cory is glad but is in the slums when he finds out that Eddie is watching him to.

    This episode is hilarious! The guy is disgusting in this ep, the way he acts on the date, putting his fingers in Raven's drink, making a hat out of a dirty napkin! Meanwhile Cory locks Eddie in the bathroom and gives him his own clothes which are like 3 sizes to small! But the part that made me laugh out loud...

    Chealsea: Wow Raven that dress is gorgeous!
    Cory: You wanna see gorgeous baby?[Cory takes off his jacket and starts flexing]