That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 7

Driving Miss Lazy

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Apr 21, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Eddie finally gets his drivers lisence and has a car too with Chelsea's and Raven's help but sadly they take advantage of him.....

    Funny episode! In this episode, Eddie finally gets his driver's lisence! And he could also get a car too if he had 300 dollars that is. He only got 100 dollars so Raven and Chelsea chipped in 200 dollars and they get a old and terrible version car in the end! Then, Raven and Chelsea HAD to make the car all pink and girly with toys and everything when Eddie wanted to put racing stipes all over it. In the end, Chelsea and Raven took advantage of Eddie by making him drive them anywhere they want like the malls for example to do shopping and well I feel kinda sorry for Eddie. I mean, he never got to do what he wanted AND the fact when it comes to voting to where they want to go, Chelsea and Raven always win! Another thing is Eddie was unlucky to be caught by the sheriff in the country when he was driving off because he was suspected to be the Pink Bandit who was responsible for a number of thefts, leaving Chelsea and Raven shopping in the country then, which is one word I will say: WHAT?! It was funny to see the scene during the time Eddie was in jail as well as Raven trying to act like a lawyer in a costume she rented so that Eddie and Chelsea can get out of jail????? That sheriff well was funny as well but he kinda needs to be more serious when it comes to his job and why? Watch the episode yourself and you will know what I mean! Meanwhile, Cory also bought this colongue from scamming Stanley that he thought will attract girls but in the end attracts dogs instead! That's why NEVER buy anything from Stanley as you WILL be sorry!

    Final rating: 8.0 to 8.5
    Final grade: A-
  • Funny episode!

    This is the funniest episode of the season. I got some good laughs with this one. I have to say that both plots were really funny. Eddie, gets his driver license. Raven and Chelsea paint it of pink and with flowers. After that, Chelsea and Raven take advantage of Eddie making him drive to stores because he says to put things up to a vote. Suddenly, Eddie goes to jail. And the sheriff is so dumb. He was mistaken by the "pink bandit", who was Orlando Brown. Then Chelsea ends up in jail, too. Raven dresses hreself as an old man pretending to be lawyer, wich was really funny. She starts to make nonsenses and saying crazy stuff, and ends locked too. Finally the real bandit showed up.
    The other plot, Cory buys a product to Stanley, wich was supposed to attract women, but it attracted dogs! I liked how Cory got revenge on Stanley, it was so funny.
    There were so many funny quotes and moments in this one, because all the characters who appeared were funny. Eddie, Raven, Chelsea, the sheriff, Cory and Stanley making a lot of jokes.
  • Funny!

    This episode is about Eddie getting his driver's license and buys a jeep and Eddie thinks to pick a place to drive they have to vote on it and majority rules. So Eddie looses on voting so he has to take Raven and Chelsea to every mall in san fransisco. Then he has to take them to the country side store and Eddie leaves them. A cop pulls Eddie over and takes him to jail thinking he's the Pink Bandit. During his only phone call he calls Raven and Chelsea comes to bail him out. But Chelsea has to go into the slammer. For her phone call she calls Raven. Raven comes to get them and disguises herself as a lawer andshe gets thrown in jail also. But then they caught the real Pink Bandit and they are free! This episode is really really really really really really really funny!
  • Pretty hilarious actually it was fun!!!

    Pretty hilarious actually it was fun!!! Actually pink I believe isn't really a bad color because silver is kinda common but the design na-ah besides it actually shows pretty and hot boy qualities (even though Orlando Brown isn't really that you know) anyway by seeing this episode I finally got why Raven is dressed like a man and how many times did she around five Outta Control, Country Cousins, True Colors and this one!!!!
  • cool show

    So funny! Everything fell into place and it was so ironic.And the end was really funny,too.Great series.I love Chelsea.She is really funny, and she is such a better singer than Raven.Great singer.I could listen to her sing all day. NAd all night. For the rest of my life! If you like this show, you may like The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody. It\\\'s about these twins who live in a hotel. And one of the stars was in a great film called High School Musical. That\\\'s about kids who sing in a musical. On Disney Channel, they also have a show about a pop singer called Hannah Montana. If you like that,Raven, who is a real pop singer, is in another show called That\\\'s So Raven. Great series.
  • Eddie gets his license and Raven and Chelsea help Eddie buy a car. They all three drive up to the country, but when they do, Eddie gets accused for being the pink bandet. A criminal who is going around the country stealing and doing crimes.

    I loved this episode! It was my favorite episode. I loved how they went up to the country, and went to that little cute country store. I loved the diguise in this episode, i was waiting so long for this diguise too. And when i saw Raven walking into the sheffs office with the diguise on, i was like this is the episode! So cool!
  • Eddis gets his license, Raven, Chealsea, and Eddie chip in to buy a car. It doesn\'t work out like it was supposed to when Eddie and Chelsea gets caught in jail for being accused of being the pink bandit. Raven disguises herself as a lawyer to try to save

    This episode was really good, because it showed so much of the outside. I loved this episode so much. I liked the disguise and I thought this episode was so funny. I also really like the front yard and I\'m happy they showed so much of it. This episode was one of my favorite!