That's So Raven

Disney Channel (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

    • The Way We Were
      The Way We Were
      Season 4 - Episode 21
      When Raven has a vision that Eddie's parents are getting back together, she decides to make a birthday party for him and invite his parents. Cory is in charge of catering Eddie's party.
    • The Road to Audition
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      A talent scout comes to Bayside, everyone has reason to sing, except for one thing, the talent scout is dressed in disguise. Meanwhile, Cory looks for Victor and Tanya's embarrassing performance tape.
    • Save the Last Dance
      Season 3 - Episode 32
      Raven and Chelsea don't have dates for their junior prom, so Eddie tells the school that they are available. After that, Danny Warren asks Chelsea to go to the prom with her. Then Raven has a vision that she is slow-dancing with a guy and only sees his ear, so Raven goes around trying to find out who the guy in her vision is before the prom. Meanwhile, Cory is studying genetics and finds a hair on his back and when he sees the hair on his dad's back he is afraid he will have a back filled with hair.moreless
    • Checkin' Out
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      Raven must organize an important photoshoot for Donna Cabonna at the Tipton Hotel in Boston. Meanwhile, Chelsea, Eddie, and Cory try and break the world's longest paddleball session, which they think will be easy, until Stanley becomes their opponent.
    • When 6021 Met 4267
      Season 4 - Episode 14
      Raven decides to throw a party in her new room. She realizes that she doesn’t have a date, so her friend Chelsea gives her the idea of putting an ad on the school’s website looking for a date. Meanwhile, Cory and Stanley try to sneak into Raven's party.
    • Teacher's Pet
      Season 4 - Episode 20
      While on her way to history class, Raven bonds with a new girl named Courtney, who turns out to be her new teacher. Raven, later accidentally gets her fired and then tries to get her rehired. Meanwhile, Cory auditions girls to find a new lead singer for Cory and the Boys, but the Juicer insists that he be the new lead singer.moreless
    • Soup to Nuts
      Season 4 - Episode 15
      Raven hurts Principal Stuckerman, sending him to the hospital. She has a vision that Stuckerman is going to retire the next day, so she tries to avoid him the whole day by playing sick. Her grandma's soup causes her to have strange dreams, placing her in strange situations.
    • The Four Aces
      Season 3 - Episode 35
      Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie are doing community service work for school and they work at a senior citizen home. Meanwhile, Cory is having some issues deciding what to get his girlfriend for his anniversary and Stanley's not helping, because he hustled Cory twice.
    • The Dress Is Always Greener
      Season 4 - Episode 19
      Raven is getting very annoyed with Donna because she wants to be a designer, not a maid. Then Donna's ex-best friend and archenemy, Lora Stelladora moves in upstairs and offers Raven a job as a fashion designer. Meanwhile, Chelsea, Cory, and Eddie find a potato that looks like Abe Lincoln. Then Cory and Eddie use the potato as a display so they can get money.moreless
    • Cake Fear
      Season 3 - Episode 33
      Victor has to leave out of town and calls their old babysitter, Ms. Patterson, who got fired after they lied and said Ms. Patterson ate their mom's birthday cake. Ms. Patterson is back and wants revenge on Raven and Cory.
    • Vision Impossible
      Season 3 - Episode 34
      Raven keeps on having these strange visions and is wondering what is going on. Dr. Sleevemore said he had a vision that Raven needed him and he came and tried to get to the bottom of her strange visions. Dr. Sleevemore tried to see whether her strange visions were because she falls a lot or doesn't act herself (disguises).moreless
    • Adventures In Boss Sitting
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      Raven now works for Donna Cabonna. Donna's boyfriend broke up with her and because she was so devastated, she came over to Raven's house to try and seek comfort. Raven is too busy trying to keep a vision she had from happening. Her vision was that Devon came back and told her that she messed things up and they have to break up. Raven hustles back and forth from her boss who is upstairs in her bedroom with Eddie and Chelsea as company, to her boyfriend Devon who is downstairs, the thing is Donna has no idea that Raven's boyfriend is downstairs, and Devon has no idea that Raven's boss is upstairs, trying to keep both parties happy. Meanwhile, Cory and Cindy decide that since they are no longer in 6th grade, they should start dating other people.moreless
    • Where There's Smoke
      Season 4 - Episode 22
      While Victor's away, Raven is in charge of Cory. When she finds a pack of cigarettes in his shirt pocket, she thinks he's taken up smoking. Meanwhile, Eddie and Chelsea cook a casserole.
    • Don't Have a Cow
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Alana is having a Halloween party, and Raven wants to go, so she casts a spell to be invited, and it goes through. So she does another one to make her and Chelsea popular but it ends up failing when they accidentally put a " save the cows" button into the pot for the spell, and both of them turn into cows. Meanwhile, Cory thinks he's to old to be trick or treating with Victor.moreless
    • He's Got the Power
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      Eddie gets psychic powers, he brags about it which makes him popular and making Raven mad at him. Meanwhile, Cory gets hooked into this Crime Disco movie, "Undercover Disco Divas".
    • Dues and Don'ts
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      Raven decides that she's going to take the high road and not brag to her Spanish class about her new job, that is until she has a vision with her sitting in a gorgeous office! Raven is so excited she tells the Spanish class, and Senorita Rodriguez is ecstatic... however Muffy won't believe it until she sees it. On her first day, Raven realizes that her job isn't as glamorous as she had hoped - but Chelsea invited the entire class to prove to Muffy how important Raven is! So, Raven has to think of a clever solution to impress her friends without losing her job. Meanwhile, Eddie gives Cory his old leather jacket, in which Cory finds a sweepstakes ticket. Cory finds out that Eddie won, but decides to keep the ticket. Eddie returns in hope of retrieving his ticket, but Eddie and Cory have to fight for it!moreless
    • Members Only
      Season 4 - Episode 16
      Raven and Chelsea pretend to be Eddie's girlfriend, so he can get accepted in a hot new club at school called, "The Sigmas." Things get ugly when the club's leaders, Dylan and Jordan, find out that Eddie is scamming them. Meanwhile Cory and Victor try to find a cricket that Cory accidentally lets loose in their house.moreless
    • Skunk'd
      Season 2 - Episode 16
      Chelsea convinces Raven to go camping with the school's Outdoor Club but Raven really doesn't really rough it, bringing household appliances. Meanwhile, Eddie hires Cory as his manager for him to do a gig.
    • Run Raven Run
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Raven tries to avoid Alana after making her get paint in her hair. Meanwhile, Victor, Cory and William get chicken pox.
    • Hook Up My Space
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      Raven is feeling that her room isn't big enough that's when she gets a vision of Cory asking to move his band to the basement. Raven stops him and asks first - Cory gets mad and gets Hook Up My Space to make Raven's room how he would want it instead of the way she would want it Meanwhile Victor and Eddie decide they need to work out after finding it too hard to lift a box of pillows so they move weights up to Raven's old room to exercise.moreless
    • Shake, Rattle and Rae
      Season 2 - Episode 22
      Alana and her crew get on Raven's last nerve, causing her to overreact in class and flunk a test. In order to avoid being suspended, she must make peace with Alana. To do so, she invites Alana over to a slumber party. But when she has a vision of an earthquake, things get pretty weird. Meanwhile, Victor gives Eddie driving lessons, which don't go too well when an officer pulls them over.moreless
    • Rae of Sunshine
      Season 4 - Episode 18
      Raven volunteers to accompany the Bayside Sunshine Girls on their camping trip, but when rain arrives, she becomes the host of the camping trip. Meanwhile, Cory takes Eddie and Chelsea to the movies, becoming constantly annoyed with their unending loudness.
    • Double Vision
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      When Chelsea falls for a new guy at school Raven has a vision, of her kissing him. So she tries her best to stay away from him, but when she finds out he's psychic, a problem develops and she's forced to morph powers with him. Meanwhile, Cory is tying it down with his new girlfriend, Cindy, but the problem is, to make it official, he must kiss her.moreless
    • There Goes the Bride
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      Devon's father is getting re-married, and the Carters are relocating to Seattle, meaning that Raven won't be able to see him anymore. Meanwhile, Cory gets an annoying motion detector alarm.
    • That's So Not Raven
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Raven tries out her creation to be in a model magazine, but is surprised at the results. Meanwhile, Cory sells things to get a "Gameball 2"
    • Hearts and Minds
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      When Raven has a vision of Cory getting no valentine she tries to give him tips but they don't work, so Eddie teaches him to rap to get a boost of confidence. Meanwhile, Chelsea has to have her new boyfriend approved by Tanya and Victor since her parents are away and Raven tries to mail a giant Valentines card to Devon.moreless
    • If I Only Had a Job
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      Raven has a vision that her father Victor, will be fired from his job. Meanwhile, Raven, Chelsea and Eddie try out for parts in the school's production of The Wizard of Oz but they don't all get the parts they wanted.
    • To See or Not to See
      Season 1 - Episode 21
      After having weird visions of Eddie and Chelsea, Raven regrets ever even telling them about it. Meanwhile, Raven's Grandma, Viv comes to visit and Raven realizes they have more in common than she thinks.
    • Out of Control
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Raven pries into Eddie and Chelsea's business after having a vision of the two looking like they're about to kiss. The Baxters prepare for the opening of Victor's restaurant, "The Chill Grill".
    • Point of No Return
      Season 3 - Episode 26
      Raven needs a new Scientific Calculator for Trigonometry in school which costs $100. She buys a shirt instead to wear to a party. Meanwhile, Cory is freaking out because he has to go shopping with his dad and Cory feels he's too old to be shopping with his father.
    • Unhappy Medium
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      A film crew comes to Raven’s school to shoot a movie about a psychic girl, played by hot movie star, Nikki. Raven uses her psychic ability to befriend Nikki to get all the perks of being a celebrity. Cory's new money-making scheme is to sell himself for advertising space for a rival restaurant of Victor's called The Grub Club.moreless
    • Juicer Consequences
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      Raven and Chelsea get into a huge fight because Chelsea says that Raven only thinks about herself and never listens to others; Cory starts Junior High and becomes a business partner with a bully called The Juicer.
    • Fur Better or Worse
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      Raven shows her designer boss, Donna Cabonna her sketches for their new fall line. Donna likes her designs, but would be better with a little fur on them. So Raven tells her best friend, Chelsea, about the good news. Chelsea along with her Friendly Earth Society club members protest about the use of furs in clothing. Meanwhile, Stanley creates and sells a gadget to Eddie that uses pick up lines to attract women.moreless
    • The Lying Game
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      Chaos ensues when Raven is assigned as a teacher's aid to her little brother's class. Meanwhile, Eddie tries to sell Tanya and Victor a new couch, and Chelsea puts her police detective skills to the test.
    • True Colors
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      When Raven and Chelsea apply for jobs at the local mall, Chelsea does bad, but Raven on the other hand, does extremely well. But in the end Chelsea gets the job instead of Raven. They wonder why, until Raven has a vision that the boss didn't hire her because she was black. Meanwhile, Cory must do a report on an icon in Black History.moreless
    • Clothes Minded
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Raven tries her best to protest against the new school uniforms, but only Alana, Muffy and Loca join her, so Raven temporarily joins their group, until they want her to help frame Chelsea and Eddie for stealing. Meanwhile, Lionel gets a credit card and Cory goes over the limit with it.moreless
    • Pin Pals
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      Raven must choose between going with Chelsea and Eddie for a bowling tournament, or sneaking in Donna Cabonna's fashion show to show her designs.
    • On Top of Old Oaky
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      When Chelsea finally meets a guy she think she likes, she begins to take full interest in him. Him being the perfect guy, a vegetarian and a person that disagrees with the fact that people kill animals, gives Chelsea no reason to distrust him. But when Raven has a vision of Jake actually eating ribs, she tries her best, along with Eddie, to prove to Chelsea that Jake's a fake.moreless
    • A Goat's Tale
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      Eddie gets tired of Jefferson stealing the Bayside Barracuda, he steals the Jefferson Goat, which eats Raven's concert tickets. Meanwhile, Cory goes worldwide gaming with someone in Hong Kong.
    • Taken to the Cleaners
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      Raven and Chelsea's plans for an all day movie marathon are ruined when Eddie has to bring his annoying neighbor, Stanley, who still has hots for Raven. Meanwhile, Cory, Victor, and Eddie all lose their valuables to Stanley in Ping Pong. Chelsea decides to play him for all their stuff back.moreless
    • Radio Heads
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      Raven and Eddie begin to resent each other over a DJ job. Meanwhile, Cory wants Victor to be "Hip", so he gets him a wig.
    • Dissin' Cousins
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Raven's conceited and seemingly perfect cousin visits. Meanwhile, Cory sleeps with his parents, because he is afraid of "The Closet Door".
    • Mad Hot Cotillion
      Season 4 - Episode 13
      Cory gives advice about the ladies to the biggest bully in school, The Juicer. The Juicer has his eyes for the beautiful new transfer student, Kayla. He gets really upset when he finds out she really likes Cory. Meanwhile, Raven is grounded for one week, for being late for her Aunt's eightieth birthday celebration because of a vision about Chelsea and Eddie at a Mexican Restaurant.moreless
    • Test of Friendship
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      After Raven has a vision of Eddie failing a Spanish test, she tries her best to keep it from happening. When Eddie finds out that Raven knows the answers there is a true test of friendship.
    • Mother Dearest
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Raven gets in trouble for telling off a spiteful teacher, the teacher in return, asks to meet Raven's parents. Meanwhile, a bully takes over Eddie's locker.
    • Country Cousins (2)
      Country Cousins (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 28
      After the cousins leave, Raven and Chelsea are in their room and Chelsea thinks Percy-the scarecrow is looking at her. Then Rae tells the story about Percy again and says its fake, then Chelsea tries to call for a bus ticket back to San Fransisco. When they try to go to sleep, Raven and Chelsea hears a noise inside the house a "OOOOO" sound. They start to get scared and then Percy comes up from the hole and says "GOOO HOOOMEE" and they run outside, then Raven has a vision that Betty Jane put Percy in their room. Angry the next day, Rae decides to put her cellphone under Percy's head on a platter and Chelsea calls her phone, making Percy's head shake. Vicky comes out and gets startled by the head, making the eggs fall on her head and making Betty Jane slip and get a bucket stuck on her head-again. Then Raven says she should have never came in the first place. While upstairs, Raven asks her dad if he took it, with Chelsea on "Hole Patrol", and he screams. Then as Raven is walking, she falls into the hole, waking Baby-G. She then has a vision that Delroy is thanking Raven for bringing the family together, while holding the gravy boat. Raven asks if they can stay for lunch and Auntie Faye says yeah. During lunch, they get mad again about the Gravy Boat and then they start accusing each other then Delroy says he put the Boat on the porch to dry. Raven then remembers that her and Betty Jane buried it in a game of "Buried Treasure". That's when Delroy thanks Raven for bringing the family back together. Later, the Cousins come to stay with the Baxters for 3 weeks. Meanwhile, Eddie has to cover for Cory when he comes home late. Then Cory tries to sneak out when he has to do his homework before he can leave.moreless
    • My Big Fat Pizza Party
      Season 2 - Episode 21
      Raven and Chelsea get job's at The Chill Grill to pay for a ski trip, and they don't do too well on the first day. Meanwhile, Cory tries to stop William from having a clown at his birthday party at The Chill Grill.
    • Raven, Sydney, and the Man
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie volunteer to run clubs for Mrs. Valentine's class of 2nd graders, who need a fund for money to buy a new playhouse and other essentials for their classroom. Raven meets a new girl named Sydney, who Raven encourages to take on the fashion world.Meanwhile, Cory's friend Larry is having a Bar Mitzvah and Cory points out that he didn't get that many gifts. But Larry explains that it's tradition to usually give money at Bar Mitzvahs. So obviously, Cory has dollar signs in his eyes! He asks Victor if he can throw a Bro Mitzvah at the Chill Grill and he agrees.moreless
    • The Big Buzz
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      It is time for the awards at Bayside High School and every year someone wins Best Dressed category and Raven comes in second place. This year Raven guarantees that she is going to win Best Dressed with the help of the school counselor, Ms. Romano.
    • Four's a Crowd
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Raven goes on her first date with Devon, and grows anxious when she has a vision that he's going to kiss her on the date. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Eddie interrupt Tanya and Victor's night alone with a movie and game night.
    • Numb and Numb-er
      Season 2 - Episode 20
      Cory is scared to go to the dentist when Raven has a vision of him needing a filling. Meanwhile, Victor, Chelsea and Eddie come up with ideas for a commercial for The Chill Grill.
    • Five Finger Discount
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      Cory gets sucked into a world of peer pressure, after his friends lead him into stealing from a local mall. But when Raven has a vision, of actually catching him doing it again, she must dress up as a sercurity guard to stop him. Meanwhile, Eddie and Chelsea win a prize, and try to figure out who gets it first.moreless
    • Art Breaker
      Season 3 - Episode 13
      After accidentally breaking Chelsea's sculpture, Raven has to pose as the work of art. Meanwhile, Cory and William sell pop in Milk Cartons after the school bans Pop Machines.
    • Food for Thought
      Season 3 - Episode 29
      When the cafeteria is turned into an unhealthy food court, Chelsea tries to convince her friends to protest. Meanwhile, Cory hires a personal assistant to help him with his homework and chores around the house.
    • Boyz 'N Commotion
      Season 3 - Episode 14
      When Boyz In Motion stay at Raven's house, she convinces them to stay away from the business and the fans. Meanwhile, Tanya is tired of cleaning up the Boyz mess while staying there, so Cory decides to collect the trash and sell it on the internet.
    • Chef-Man and Raven
      Season 3 - Episode 21
      Victor competes against his cookery college rival in the show Challenge Captain Cook-off but doesn't actually want to. Raven though has a vision of what the food they have to cook will be, so will they get a head start? Meanwhile, Cory and his mom set up a new desk and get stuck on the stairs!moreless
    • Leave It to Diva
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      Raven gets a "psychic cold", which she has the ability to read minds, just as her grandmother comes, who is planning to get Raven admitted in the junior division of her White Glove Society. Meanwhile, Cory has to take his pet rat, Lionel over to Eddie's, and starts to miss him.moreless
    • Mind Your Own Business
      Mind Your Own Business
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      After Raven, Chelsea and Eddie win a group challenge at the Future Leaders United in Business meeting, they must compete against each other for the grand prize which is a shopping spree at the mall. Vowing to keep the rivalry friendly, the competition nearly gets the best of them. Meanwhile, Cory doesn't want to share his new hot tub with Victor.moreless
    • Too Much Pressure
      Season 3 - Episode 23
      Raven is so determined to meet Pressure, her favorite R&B superstar, that she scams Cory into taking dance lessons so she can get close to him. After having a vision that she is in Pressure's video, Cory learns that she scammed him, and with a little help from Pressure, decides to get even with her because she sank so low just to satisfy herself. In the meantime, Victor and Eddie and trying to install a new satellite dish.moreless
    • The Ice Girl Cometh
      Season 4 - Episode 17
      Chelsea and her mom invite Raven to their mother/daughter retreat that they have every year. She cringes at the idea of going to something so boring, but when she has a vision of meeting Brent, she quickly changes her views. Meanwhile, Cory's band, Cory and the Boys, are trying to get Mitch to hear their music so he can play it on the radio.moreless
    • Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Raven gets invited to a convention for Devon's favorite show she doesn't want to go, but when she has a vision that Devon is nuzzling another girl, Raven, Chelsea and Eddie crash the convention. Meanwhile, since William thinks Cory is psychic thanks to Cory not telling William about Raven's vision about finding William's rabbit Cory goes along with it and hits people up for cash to read people's pets minds.moreless
    • A Fight at the Opera
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      Raven and Chelsea try their best to perform in an opera together. Raven takes the lead in planning their performance, Chelsea starts feeling as though her ideas are never heard. Meanwhile, Tanya and Victor get manipulated by Cory to keep making him sweets for his Class Cookbook.
    • Mismatch Maker
      Season 3 - Episode 20
      Raven tries to get Eddie and Chantel back together for the basketball dinner. Meanwhile, Cory finds a dog that followed him home from school.
    • Psychics Wanted
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      Raven is broke and decides to get a job at a cheesy fake psychic hotline, along with Chelsea and Eddie. She tries to use the advantages of her job to ask out the boy she likes. Meanwhile, Tanya and Victor try to take money from Cory's room, but it doesn't work.moreless
    • Teach Your Children Well
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Raven has a vision of her mother, Tanya, becoming their teacher and sure enough her vision comes true. Cory is excited to be left home alone for the first time.
    • Gettin' Outta Dodge
      Season 3 - Episode 15
      Raven, accidentally hits Bianca with a dodgeball, it actually has a chane of personality affect on her afterwards. But problems really start to align, when Loca and Muffy want Raven as their leader, leaving everyone else to believe Raven has become just as bad as Bianca. Meanwhile, Cory, begins to get jealous after Larry starts to spend more time with, his father. So in turn, he starts to take time out to spend, with Barbara, Larry's mother.moreless
    • A Fish Called Raven
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Raven has a vision of Eddie scoring the winning basket. In telling Chelsea, Serena, a rival editor, overhears and threatens to expose Raven's secret. Meanwhile, Tanya and Victor, unknowingly to Cory, spruce up his science project, which they had disapproved of.
    • Mr. Perfect
      Season 3 - Episode 30
      Raven looks flaw with her "Perfect" boyfriend, Andre, after having a vision of her telling him they need to break up. Meanwhile, Victor takes Cory's idea and creates a food truck named "Baxter and Son", to help the construction people get what they want to eat, thinking Cory wants to follow his dreams.moreless
    • Escape Claus
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      When Raven has a vision of getting a necklace for Christmas she opens it early and decides to wear it to school. It ends up falling out a window and breaking, thus leaving Chelsea, Eddie, and Raven to go to the mall and get a new one. Meanwhile, Cory gets Victor and Tanya to both pay him to wear an elf suit.moreless
    • Sweeps
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      The City Of San Fransico has a national play every year, for 37 years. This time, it's the Baxter's time to plan it. Everything is going fine, until Raven has a vision of the crowd leaving at the play. This causes her to go to another level. She begans to take over, Tanya's job as director and directs the play to her own effect. But Raven, still has the same vision of people leaving, so she thinks it may be because of something she hadnt already covered. So she still directs everyone's jobs, forcing them to call a meeting about her. Raven finds out about the meeting and questions everyone. But then, she has another vision again, of the play failing, so this time, her directing drives the cast to actually quitting. While at the play, Raven finds herself in a one-woman show, doing all the parts. Since everyone left, that is kind of hard for her. She realizes that she messed up dearly, and so the old cast comes back and helps her. They all perform the rest of the play and all is well again.moreless
    • Driving Miss Lazy
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      Raven’s best friend, Eddie, gets his driver’s license, and they decide to buy a car together. Raven, and her other friend Chelsea paint the car pink. Eddie takes a drive to the countryside by himself. Sheriff Jefferson arrests Eddie, on suspicion of being the “Pink Bandit”, who is responsible for a string of burglaries. Stanley sells Cory cologne that he tells him will attract girls, but it turns out to attract dogs.moreless
    • Driven to Insanity
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Raven disobeys her parents by going out with an older boy, who turns out to be very immature and she soon regrets going out with him. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Eddie baby sit Cory but all he wants to do is get rid of Eddie so he can have Chelsea to himself.moreless
    • They Work Hard for His Honey
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      Raven and Chelsea are tired of giving Eddie money so he can treat his girlfriend. But they don't think that will lead him to steal from the student store-until Raven has a vision, anyway. Meanwhile, Cory pretends to be bad at math to get tutored by a pretty teacher.
    • Sister Act
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      Raven and Sydney are getting along great when Raven decides that Sydney and her should enter a Little Miss and Her Big Sis pageant. Unfortunately, Muffy and her sister Buffy are also trying to win the pageant. Meanwhile, Stanley is jealous that Cory gets all the better lines and is trying to steal the spotlight.moreless
    • Psychic Eye for the Sloppy Guy
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Inspired by a makeover show, Raven insists on "making over" everyone she meets, including Tyler. She has a vision that he wanted to be made over because he fancies her, and gently tells him that he has no chance. But when she sees the new Tyler, she changes her mind. Cory and Victor take up a father-son activity.moreless
    • Bend It Like Baxter
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      When a new guy at school, mistakes Raven for an athlete at school, Raven pretends to be her, to win his heart over. Meanwhile, Cory tries to create a new look, with glasses, to impress the girl he likes, Cindy.
    • When in Dome
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      Chelsea's friend from Camp Waccamosh visits and it seems to Raven that Jennifer is taking over Chelsea. Meanwhile, Cindy passes Cory a note during class because she has to talk to Cory about seeing him on the weekend. For advice, Cory goes to Eddie about what to do and what it means.moreless
    • The Parties
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Raven is fed up when her more popular enemy, Nicki, decides to throw a party the same night as Raven, but when she has a vision that everybody comes to her party, she isn't worried by the competition. However, it leads to Raven being publicly humiliated. Tanya tries to get Victor to exercise more.moreless
    • The Grill Next Door
      Season 3 - Episode 25
      Raven attempts to stop her vision of the Chill Grill going out of business from coming true, after her dad's rival, Leonard Stevenson, opens a new restaurant next door.
    • Spa Day Afternoon
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      Tanya wants Raven to go the Spa with her, she refuses, until she has a vision of her favorite singer Maisha is going to be there. Meanwhile, Victor has Chelsea, Eddie and Cory trying out his Mother's "Pickled Artichoke Mash Potatoes".
    • Campaign in the Neck
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Chelsea is running for school president from Raven's advice. Although, Raven had of vision of her seeing the score, so she tries her best to change the score, by doing stuff so people can vote for Chelsea.
    • Separation Anxiety
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      Raven has a vision of her parents arguing and takes it as a signal that they will be getting a divorce, especially when she foresees her father telling her mother that it is "best if they both split up".
    • The Dating Shame
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      Raven and Chelsea go on a TV show called "TermiDate" to win a date with a boy named Chad. Meanwhile, Cory lies to Tanya and Victor to stay home alone when they say that he is not old enough to stay home alome.
    • Saving Psychic Raven
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Raven blows off Eddie and Chelsea to meet other psychic and telekinetic teens, but her decision causes some tension between the three friends. Meanwhile, Cory searches for a mate for his pet rat, Lionel.
    • Saturday Afternoon Fever
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      Raven's mother wants to spend quality time with her at the movies but Raven's more itnerested in spending time with Eddie's friend Ricky. Meanwhile, Cory and Victor has to see a G-rated movie, which turns out to be boring.
    • Blue in the Face
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Raven is asked by Devon to go to a Blue Rain concert, her grades keep her from going. Meanwhile, Cory wants to hang out with a "Cool Girl" who makes fun of William's clothes and Victor becomes slightly obsessed with his new paper shredder.
    • Opportunity Shocks
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Victor is having a business entrepeneur, Presto Jones, have a birthday party at the Chill Grill and Raven, Cory, and Victor want to show their ideas to him so they can get money. Raven cannot get her ideas for Presto Jones correct because Sierra and a new kid, Stanley, keep on bothering her.moreless
    • Party Animal
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Raven has a vision of Cory saying he hates her, so she goes to great lengths to throw him the "best birthday party ever". But, things change, after Victor and Tanya get food poisoning, and can't provide transportation to the zoo!
    • Wake Up, Victor
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Victor gets to be on the TV show "Wake Up San Francisco!". Raven has a vision that everything is going to go wrong. Everything does go wrong when Cory and his friend Miles accidentally hypnotize Victor into going to sleep! They all have to wake him up before his career is over.moreless
    • Extreme Cory
      Season 3 - Episode 24
      As Cory practices his skate moves on his new skateboard, Raven ridicules him. Then when Raven asks for money for concert tickets, Victor explains that until she starts showing some support for her brother, she can forget about the tickets. When Raven has a vision of Cory getting hurt she dresses up as an extreme skater and gets herself into some steep staircase trouble. Chelsea films Eddie for a project, but keeps missing the exciting things that happen to him.moreless
    • A Dog by Any Other Name
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      Raven and Chelsea are invited to Amber's party, but they have no one to go with. Raven likes a guy who doesn't realize she exists, and Chelsea likes a guy but when she finds out his name is Sam, she is reluctant because that's the name of her dog. Meanwhile, Eddie tries to avoid "The Seat" in Mr. Lawler's class, where he gets covered in spit.moreless
    • Hizzouse Party
      Season 3 - Episode 19
      Cory tricks Raven into throwing a party while Victor and Tanya are out of town.
    • Dog Day After-Groom
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      When Raven and Eddie get jobs as Dog-Groomers, they accidentally dye the champion dog bright pink. Meanwhile, Victor takes knitting as a hobby to relax, Cory decides to sell the things he makes.
    • Smell of Victory
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Raven becomes annoyed when her assigned partner, Ben Sturky with whom she is working on a project for science class, is concerned more with studying than with his own personal hygiene. Meanwhile, Eddie attempts to win the heart of his latest crush, Crystal.
    • The Royal Treatment
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      After Raven helps a student from getting picked on, he starts to give her strange gifts, such as feathers and a dress. He then invites her to a party, but come to find out, Tanya, was doing research on it, and Raven was on her way to her wedding. Meanwhile, Lionel wins a rat competition and a rat photographer wants to give Cory money for Lionel.moreless
    • Stark Raven Mad
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      Raven gets a new neighbor next door called Sierra who always wants to be with Raven. When Raven has a science project in school, she gets paired up with a cute guy called Jalen. Jalen thinks Raven is weird because she keeps on talking to herself. They meet at Raven's house, but Sierra interrupts them. Then they go to the museum and Sierra interrupts them again. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Eddie are doing their science project on how sleep can affect you and they end up not sleeping for 48 hours.moreless
    • Be Prepared
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      Raven agrees to help her boss, Donna Cabonna shoot a PSA about emergency preparedness. Raven gets the Boyz 'N Motion to be part of the video, but the trio began to turn against each other and break up. Raven and the others start to panic when the alarm starts to go off.moreless
    • Ye Olde Dating Game
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Raven predicts that a boy she likes will ask her out to the school's renaissance dance, but she has to drop major hints to even get noticed. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Eddie set up for the renaissance dance, with Chelsea as the queen, but she easily lets the power get to her head.moreless
    • Country Cousins (1)
      Country Cousins (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 27
      The double episode finds Raven venturing to the countryside, in an attempt to reconcile her side of the family with her cousins. Unfortunately, Raven's city slicker mentality upsets the natural balance on the farm.
    • Goin' Hollywood
      Season 3 - Episode 31
      Cory wins a chance to be on one of his favorite TV shows, but when it is time to film he has trouble remembering his line. Meanwhile, the star of Cory's favorite TV show, Better Days, gets injured while competing when she goes to a public school and cannot perform for the kissing scene.moreless
    • Country Cousins: Part 2
      Season 3 - Episode 28
      Raven has problems reconnecting with her country cousins. Cory gets angry with Eddie when Eddie refuses to cover for him again.
    • Mind Your Business
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      Raven, Eddie, & Chelsea set up competing businesses at school. Also, Cory buys a hot tub, then can't get Victor out of it.
    • Country Cousins: Part 1
      Season 3 - Episode 27
      Raven tries to reunite with her country cousins. When Eddie babysits, Cory takes advantage and sneaks out to the mall.