That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 19

Escape Claus

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Dec 05, 2003 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

When Raven has a vision of getting a necklace for Christmas she opens it early and decides to wear it to school. It ends up falling out a window and breaking, thus leaving Chelsea, Eddie, and Raven to go to the mall and get a new one. Meanwhile, Cory gets Victor and Tanya to both pay him to wear an elf suit.moreless

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  • help...

    how to watch the videos frum here....?please help..
  • Money Christmas, everybody!

    This episode was a killer. It's about Raven opening her Christmas present early after having a vision. So she takes advantage of it and wears it to school, where it gets trashed after Chelsea wears it. So Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie go on an adventure to retrieve an exact replacement necklace. Meanwhile, Cory refuses to wear an elf suit with Santa Claus so Tanya and Victor get their money out. This episode was pretty funny to me, the best part being when Cory sang Cha-Chingle Bells! Too hilarious and so in-character! I also liked the ending when Raven sang Silent Night and the Baxters wish us a Merry Christmas. I hope they'll be more holiday episodes as great as this one.

    FINAL GRADE: B+moreless
  • Cha-chingle bells, cha-chingle bells, cha-chingle all the way!!

    Escape Claus was a great Christmas episode. I really enjoyed it. I have it on the Disney Channel Holiday DVD. I thought it was hilarious. Raven has a vision that she got a cool necklace for Christmas and she pretends to have a cold so she can open her present. She opens it and wears it to school, but then it falls out the window and a lawn mower runs over it. Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie sneak out of school and get a new necklace, but then they take a picture with Santa and Santa is their teacher. He chases them around the mall then he loses them.moreless
  • I think she makes a good decisicon at the end of this episode.

    This episode is filled with what teen agers actually do in really life. prtend to be sick. try to miss things that are dilling with family but at the end she lightens up as a better descision maker. which is always good for a person's life. but also somebody gives raven a second chance. but somepeople are stuck on who that person is. (just kinding)she also ran away from her classes and went to the instead but for a good reason because she broke the necklace she went to buy it. this episode has a moral in it and i think that everone should learn a couple of things for it.moreless
  • Great Show

    A very good Christmas show. Raven has a vision about the present she is going to get for Christmas and takes it to school. In school she accidently breaks itn and has to get a new one before Christmas. Raven, Chelsey, and Eddie see Mr.Petrechely (Sorry if thats not how you spell it) and they have to run away.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Chelsea tells Raven they have exactly 23 minutes to get the necklace, but when they are at the mall Raven says that they have 22 minutes.

    • When Raven is talking to Santa, she mentions that because she opened her present early, she didn't have a chance to hang the angel on the tree with her mom, but at the very start of the episode, you can clearly see the angel on the Baxter tree long before she opens the necklace

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Raven: Synchronize watches.
      (all set their watches)
      Raven: Hey, that's a nice band, Chelsea.
      Chelsea: Thanks, I just got it.
      Raven: What other colors do they have?
      Eddie: Oh, can we not do this now!

    • Raven: (dressed as Santa Claus) Get your paws off the Claus, MAN!

    • Raven: Isn't it beautiful?!
      Eddie: It's jewelry. I'm a guy. Which adds up to 'I don't care!'.

    • Cory: Hey not so fast, I'm a walking wedgie!

    • Raven: (about Mr. Petrichilli) That guy freaks me out. It's like he can see right through you.
      Eddie: Yeah. I call him "The Mid-Terminator". Well... just, never to his face.

    • Chelsea: (to Eddie) You know, this is kind of our fault. I just had to try on the necklace...and you know, you through out the window.
      Eddie: Yeah, but can't we just be really, really sorry?
      Chelsea: Eddie, we have to help her.
      (They're both about to get Raven, but she comes and opens the door first)
      Raven: You know, usually you guys are a lot faster.

    • (After Raven's necklace gets thrown out the window)
      Eddie: I see it!
      Raven: Where?
      Eddie: Right there! See where the guy is mowing the lawn? (the lawn mower runs over the necklace) Oh. And there... And there... And all over there!

    • Mr. Pretracelli: All right, all right, all right. One last thing. I'm sure you'll be disappointed to know that I won't be here tomorrow. (Mr. Petracelli and the class sarcastically groans) But, Ms. Simmons will substituting. You know, the one who plays movies because she doesn't care about you're education. (Mr. Petracelli and the class shouts Yay!) Now remember, even though I'm gone tomorrow, I will be watching. (Mr. Petracelli and the class goes ooh)

    • Cory: (singing) Deck the halls with balls of holy, fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la!
      Victor: Wow, Cory, that was really good.
      Raven: Tis the season to be jolly, fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, luuuh, la-
      (Cory covers Raven's mouth)
      Cory: Excuse me, I work alone.

    • Mr. Petrachelli: Uh, Ms. Petterson, pick up your trash. (seeing Eddie sagging) Mr. Thomas, pick up your pants!

    • Raven: (on the phone) Are you sure you don't have it stock? Well, check again! And again, and again! (to Eddie and Chelsea after the person hangs up) They're checking.

    • Victor: (to Tanya while holding a gift) You are going to love it. The perfect gift for the perfect size eight.
      Tanya: Size six!
      Victor: Your sister is going to love it.

    • Eddie: I just don't get it. Why is Petrachelli dressed like Santa?
      Chelsea: Well, you know guys, it is Christmas, and I think Christmas really brings out the best in all of us, even, dare I say... Mr. Petrachelli.
      Mr. Petrachelli: FREEZE, MALL RATS! (Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea run away) HO, HO, HOLD IT!

    • Cory: (Wearing the old elf costume) This thing is too tight! Now I know why those people yodel.
      Tanya: I think it's adorable.
      Victor: At least your mother didn't make you wear the matching stockings.
      Tanya: I almost forgot. I left them in the kitchen. Thanks honey.
      (Cory gives Victor an uncomfortable look)
      Victor: Okay... how 'bout five bucks?
      Cory: Sure, if it's five bucks a leg.

    • Tanya: We do this every year. We have hot chocolate, we go shopping, I pick out something I like, you tell your father to get it for me, he gets the wrong thing, I have to return it, I pout a little, and I spend a little more than he ever would have. It's tradition.

    • Chelsea: Did you get the necklace?
      Raven: (in a serious tone) Yes. And with still enough time to get to school. (in a happy tone) Oh look, a shoe sale!

    • Cory: (after getting $20 from Tanya and Victor) Twenty bucks in twenty seconds. (singing) Ka-chingle bells, ka-chingle bells, ka-chingle all the way!

  • NOTES (1)