That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 19

Escape Claus

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Dec 05, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Money Christmas, everybody!

    This episode was a killer. It's about Raven opening her Christmas present early after having a vision. So she takes advantage of it and wears it to school, where it gets trashed after Chelsea wears it. So Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie go on an adventure to retrieve an exact replacement necklace. Meanwhile, Cory refuses to wear an elf suit with Santa Claus so Tanya and Victor get their money out. This episode was pretty funny to me, the best part being when Cory sang Cha-Chingle Bells! Too hilarious and so in-character! I also liked the ending when Raven sang Silent Night and the Baxters wish us a Merry Christmas. I hope they'll be more holiday episodes as great as this one.

  • Cha-chingle bells, cha-chingle bells, cha-chingle all the way!!

    Escape Claus was a great Christmas episode. I really enjoyed it. I have it on the Disney Channel Holiday DVD. I thought it was hilarious. Raven has a vision that she got a cool necklace for Christmas and she pretends to have a cold so she can open her present. She opens it and wears it to school, but then it falls out the window and a lawn mower runs over it. Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie sneak out of school and get a new necklace, but then they take a picture with Santa and Santa is their teacher. He chases them around the mall then he loses them.
  • I think she makes a good decisicon at the end of this episode.

    This episode is filled with what teen agers actually do in really life. prtend to be sick. try to miss things that are dilling with family but at the end she lightens up as a better descision maker. which is always good for a person's life. but also somebody gives raven a second chance. but somepeople are stuck on who that person is. (just kinding)she also ran away from her classes and went to the instead but for a good reason because she broke the necklace she went to buy it. this episode has a moral in it and i think that everone should learn a couple of things for it.
  • Great Show

    A very good Christmas show. Raven has a vision about the present she is going to get for Christmas and takes it to school. In school she accidently breaks itn and has to get a new one before Christmas. Raven, Chelsey, and Eddie see Mr.Petrechely (Sorry if thats not how you spell it) and they have to run away.
  • A great festive episode that explores the meanings of Christmas.

    I like That's So Raven and they did a good job making this Christmas special episode.

    I like the plot on how Raven realises that the only person's Christmas she has ruined is her own by opening one of her presents early and how Santa rewinds time to stop her.The "Cory" subplot is also entertaining as he scams his parents once again.

    At the end of the episode Raven shows off her singing and piano playing skills as she performs "Silent Night" with her family watching.

    Overall this episode is great during Christmas time and definately gets you in the Christmas mood.
  • that's so raven exscape the santa clause is an christmas episode. raven is still the same old rave nosie, crazy, hyper, full of a lot of thalk, shes still having her visons and she is still draging eddie, chealse, and cory in her wild, wild adventures. ra

    the episode exscape the santa clause is an christmas episode. this episode is about raven having a vision about her waring a braclet she got for chritmas. raven being raven went down stairs and snooped inside her presents and found the braclet. the next day raven wore the braclet to school. when raven went to the girls room and her braclet fell down the drain. she had to ask eddie and chelse for help. the next day raven eddie and chelse skipped school and went to the to get a new braclet but they run into little trouble there teacher.
  • Goof

    Did anyone notice that in Fight at the Opera, some girl stands in for Raven as a kid, who doesn\'t look like Raven as a kid. but in this episode they have pictures of the real Raven as a kid. It just bothered me so I had to say it
  • Well written for a Christmas episode but not too Christianic or even and it is fictitious because we all know we cannot change the past and where would you even find a gift like that well it is just well but I'm telling you right now it is not great!

    Well written for a Christmas episode but not too Christianic or even and it is fictitious because we all know we cannot change the past and where would you even find a gift like that well it is just well but I'm telling you right now it is not great! Escape Clause is good but it is not great!
  • christmas

    Raven has a vision of getting a necklace for Christmas, she decides to wear it to school. It ends up falling out a window and breaking, thus leaving Chelsea, Eddie, and Raven to go to the mall and get a new one. Meanwhile, Cory gets Victor and Tanya to both pay him to wear an elf suit.

  • I loved this episode!! It was great.

    This episode was awesome! I dont know why there is just something about it but I dont know what it is. I liked the whole storyline. I dont know about anyone else but at least for me the first time I saw this episode it made me appreciate what I have and stuff like that not that I didnt before. So I guess for me you can call it a very special episode. Plus I loved Ravens hair in this episode!
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