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    Lets suppose they had a series where it followed raven eddie and chelsea through the college years! Post your ideas for it here!

    Episode 1: Movin' In

    Raven and Chelsea move in to their new dorm room and start rush to join sigma sigma sigma, the coolest sorority at school. But she has a vision that chelsea doesn't make it. She starts pimpin' chelsea out so they will like her but chelsea just wants to be hrself so she meets so veggitarians and tells raven that sorority life isn't her thing. Raven respects her, and she gets into the sorority.Eddie meets his new room mate Willie, who is incredibley weird. He tries to get a new room mate. Tanya helps them move in since she is back from England and Cory and Victor are in DC.

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    This is an awesome idea, but I doubt they'd make another spin-off, they already have one.

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    yeah and that one failed miserably. They should have just made a movie...
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    Jesusfreak1098 wrote:
    yeah and that one failed miserably. They should have just made a movie...

    Yeah, a movie would have been better.

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    Originally, Raven was going to have a spin-off on ABC called "Raven, Too!" And was to be about Raven, Chelsea and Eddie in College. So here are some of my ideas:

    Show name: Raven, Too!

    Main characters: Raven Baxter

    Chelsea Daniels


    Donna Cabonna


    A new character named Peter, who is first friends with Chelsea and Raven, but later hooks up with Chelsea

    Recurring: Eddie Thomas

    Tonya Baxter

    First Episode: "Pilot" (Takes place before "That's So in the House")

    Raven is packing up for college, and Eddie and Chelsea are helping her. Everyone is upset because Eddie is attending a different college than Chelsea and Raven. While they pack, Raven comes across the dopey costumes and props she has used in the past for disguises. They laugh and cry, and laugh some more. The episode ends with Raven and Chelsea coming down the stairs with their luggage. the step out the house and Raven takes a last look in the home and shuts off the lights and closes the door. The credits roll as Eddie drives Chelsea and Raven to College.

    Second Episode: (its a filler episode, I'm including That's So in the House as part of the season. More coming soon!)

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    Sounds like a good spin-off...
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    I wish they did make this...// far better than that White House Crap w/ Cory and his dad.

    I mean it was just plain dull and stupid -- had nothin to do with Thats So Raven, it should have been a NEW SERIES rather than a Raven spin-off -- But anyways I think it ended, FLOPPED which is great!
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    I know this series is not gonna happen and the thread's kinda dead, but I wanna post an ep. or 2 idea, based on the above eps... so here it goes...

    EP 01: "Pilot"
    EP 02: "Movin In" (Edie turns up, got late acceptance...idk)
    EP 03: "Icki Kimi Nicki!"
    *(The main characters could be in an art program at the University, encompassing creative and performing arts... so Raven (fashion) Chelsea (Art or Art Therapy-b/c parents were shrinks) and Edie (music) can attend... plus recurring nemesis Nicki (acting)

    -Main Plot: Raven has a vision that famous designer, Icki, will be coming to the University back-to-school fashion show. Raven is dieing to be a desinger, but designer spots are designated to upperclassmen. The head designer Kimi doesn't allow freshman designers to showcase any pieces, which causes her and Raven to bump heads. To makes matters worse Raven learns that Kimi is the older sister of once middle school rival Nicki (Kirsten Storms) who also attends their University and still holds a grudge against Raven. ---Raven disguises Chelsea as the famous desinger, and Edie and Willie as her entourage and selects Raven's pieces to wear them. It works at first, but Nicki smells something fishy and could ruin the whole scheme.

    Ep 04: "The Devil Wears Pink"
    -Main Plot: Raven discovers that once crush Tyler now graces the halls of her University, but trouble arises when Nicki sets her sight on Tyler. Now Raven must battle the "evil" Nicki for the affection of the one she let get away.
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    Tanya's back!

    Tanya visits raven in college and feels neglected because raven is to busy to hang out with her. Chelsea tries to promote recycling around campus, but finds out the guy she likes litters constantly. Eddie has a crush on his professor, making it harder for him to concentrate on his class work. Tanya finally confronts raven and forces her to spend time with her. Raven had no idea what she had been doing and decides to take her to a fashion show she's been preparing for. CHelsea gives the guy an ultimatum to get him to stop littering, which he tries unsuccesfully to stop the habit. Eddie is forced to get tutoring, but his tutor ends up being hot too! He ends up transferring to a different class.
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    "That's So Raven Now"

    Episode One- Never Been Better
    Chelsea and Raven realize college life is going to be harder than they thought when they get separated and have to live in different dorms. Raven is roomed with a goth girl who believes that shopping is evil and throws out anything of Raven's that would be considered "cute", which is almost everything except a sweater her grandma gave her. Chelsea is roomed with a prep who uses at least two cans of hairspray to get her hair "just right". The two then must go to the "roommate board", a group of students that approve-or reject-all roommate appeals. The only way they can get the approval is if Chelsea goes on a date with the cute, but rude, leader. Raven has a vision of him eating with poor table manners and criticizing Chelsea for ordering a salad. Rather than warning Chelsea, she follows along and tries to keep things under control. Raven tries everything she can to make it work, but in the end they are unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Eddie finds out that his basketball abilities have made him even more popular in college than they did in high school and he begin to date a very pretty cheerleader. Turns out, she is the fraternal sister of the roommate board. She convinces her brother to allow Raven and Chelsea to room together and the gang is finally back together.

    Episode Two- Doesn't Have to be This Way
    Raven gets a phone call from Victor saying that he and Cory will be coming to see Raven during "Family Week" at the college. This excites Raven and she begins to tidy up her dorm and make sure her grades are good, to show Victor that she is handling college just fine. When a strict professor, grades Raven's essay unfairly, her grade severely declines. She has a vision of Victor telling her that he is not proud of who she's become and that he thinks she should come home. She then gets one of Chelsea's new friends, Carl, to help her change her grade. But the computer is so encrypted, not even he can hack into it. Then, Raven being Raven, decides to dress up as a man who needs to work on the teacher's computer. While her teacher leaves to make a phone call, Raven sees that the grades are still loaded on the computer and decides to change them and give herself the grade she deserves. She gets a report and it says that she is making all A's and Victor takes her out to dinner to celebrate. But the professor is at the resturant that they are eating at. Raven doesn't say anything about her professor, until Professor approaches her. She tells her that she is sorry for grading her paper so sternly and that she will change her "B" to an "A". Victor tells her that he cannot believe that she changed her grade, he is not proud of who she's become, and that he thinks she should come home. But before he can finish his thought, Raven apologizes and says that she doesn't want to leave college and she feels as though she can handle it but she didn't want him to be disappointed and make her leave. He then gets the chance to finish his thought and says, "I think you should come home because your mom is returning home in two weeks. It would mean the world for you to be there." Meanwhile, Cory sees how popular Eddie has become in college and asks him to coach him in basketball. But in the end, Eddie is too hard of a coach and Cory can't take it. So Eddie's new cheerleader girlfriend, Gabrielle, helps Cory with his basketball skills and it cause Eddie to be jealous. Also, Carl, a dorky computer-nerd, tries to ask Chelsea out and she tries to figure out how to avoid him. She does everything, make excuses, run away, and even hide behind a tree. In the end, Chelsea sets Carl up with Mandy, a girl who is interested in all the same things Carl is and he forgets her.

    That was long, but I think I gave pretty good descriptions...?
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    That So Raven Season five:

    Episode one: Raven don't let your daddy go off and be chef for the presidnet: Raven gets her dad a job working for the presidnet but, once he and corey are gone she starts to miss him.

    episode two: This Big House: Raven now has the housee to herself and after a robbery at her hosue she decides to have Chlease and Eddie move in.

    episode three: here comes evon: Raven tries to make teh house perfect for devon.

    epsiode four: Raven gets lucky: Raven has a vision she is getting married. also, she is thrown in jail for cheating when she keeps winning the lotto tickets.

    episode five: Raven in Jail: Raven is in jail but she helps the police on a case of a missing boy.

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    That's So Raven - The College Years!

    The series's new characters

    Drew McNamara - A character who's namesake is named after, Sean McNamara who co owned Brookwell McNamara before it died, and was the company who produced; That's So Raven. He's a lifeguard at the San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharfe Lifeboat station, and saved Raven from drowning in the Pacific near Golden Gate Bridge. He's a reacurring character, aswell as a Sophomore at the College, and Ravens bunkmate; soon to be Boyfriend.

    Ella Brookfield - Child friend of Chelsea's who she thought she'd never see again, and never even knew she knew her. She's now much older, and is the Dorm Mother at the Dorm where Raven, Eddie, Drew, and Chelsea are staying. She's nice, but she doesn't take any messing, unless it involves her, and is it doesn't hurt anyone.

    Chase Rogers - Basketball Player at the College Raven's attending, he's big muscular, and has a big crush on Raven, but Raven prefers Drew; however; another girl likes Drew, so she's torn between Chase and Drew!

    Mr. Takashi Aizawa - The Japanese Principal at the College, he's a strong believer in mythology, and is supposedly a descendant of a tribe of warriors who brought down Tokugawa in the Feudal era. He's a very enigmatic type of guy, but everyone seems to love him. (It's something different, right?)

    Billy Bob Bipkins - He's a hick, aswell as a nerd, and usually is the one to snitch on anyone who tries anything, he's an enemy in the series, and Raven doesn't like him, but he has the hots for her.

    More characters coming soon...

    That's So Movin' On and Out! (Alternate Title: Raven Remembers)

    Raven wakes up bright and early and remembers that today is her final day at home, and that means that her and her family are going to have a huge dinner party tonight. She runs down stairs really excited and shouts out, "Good morning, Cory and Dad, are you ready for the greatest night of your lives?" But they don't respond, instead they look glum, and hand Raven a letter that's addressed from the White House, it reads; "Dear Mr. Baxter, you've been accepted as the presidential chef at the White House; Washington. We expect you here in Washington as soon as possible. Signed, the President of the United States; Richard Martinez." Raven is shocked and disappointed when Cory and Dad say, "Raven, we can't come to dinner tonight..." She replies, "It's fine, I don't mind, because... we can have the dinner right now. I mean... it's not like plane to Washington is leaving anytime soon, right?" Dad replies, "Well... it leaves in 1 hour..." Raven looks even more disappointed and says, "Oh... alright..." Dad says, "We're sorry Rae, but we-" She interrupts him mid-speech and says, "It's fine... It's fine..." She then runs into her dads arms and cries and says, "I'm gonna miss you dad" Cory then says, "Hey, what about me?" Raven says, "Of course... I'm gonna miss you... Even if you are a pain in the butt... nearly always," and hugs him too. They both wave goodbye to Rae as they depart to the airport in the car, leaving Raven alone at the house. Raven looks around the now empty rooms of her house, and has flashbacks as she enters each individual room; however; during this she has a vision of her friends in the house having a party, and this gives her an idea. She's gonna throw the greatest leaving party ever! Time moves on a little bit, and Raven is on the phone to Chelsea and Eddie who're also getting ready for college, as-well as buffering up the car that Chelsea surprisingly won on a radio quiz show. Raven doesn't believe it when she hears, but then she has a flashback of the Radio episode, and when Chelsea guessed exactly how many ping pong balls were in the bucket, but she laughs and says, "Coincidence..." Raven then asks Eddie and Chelsea if they'd like to help her host a final night at the house party, and they both accept. Raven jumps for joy and then they say goodbye, and she puts down the phone. Raven feels a little sleepy, and decides that she'll take just a little nap, but then the clock moves from "7am" to "3pm" She gets woken up by the telephone ringing, and Chelsea saying, "Oh hi Rae, have you got tonight's party set up?" Raven screams and goes, "OH NO!" Chelsea replies with, "Oh no what? It wasn't like I was yelling at you or something." Raven replies and says, "No no, it's nothing, just stubbed my toe on something" Chelsea says, "Yeah, I once did that while running, because you see I tripped over this pebble, and..." Raven interrupts mid-speech and says, "Yes, yes Chelsea, I'd love to hear your story, but I've got to go because-" She picks up some paper and starts crinkling it -"there's some disturbance on the line. Oh my gonna have to go Chels, love ya, bye!" Raven puts down the phone, and Chelsea says, "Even I know that trick, and it's so old... Pfft... Paper Crinkling... Something must be up. I better tell Eddie" Raven thinks she's off the hook; however; she hears on TV that the traffic downtown is ridiculous due to a sale at the mall, and that huge crowds are to expected, and this causes problems for Raven when she's attempting to shop for stuff for the party. She eventually gets everything she needs, but it takes what seems like hours, waiting in queue's, and getting chased by a security officer for accidentally bumping someone in a vital part of their body whilst waiting in line. She rushes home, but she gets distracted whilst walking on Golden Gate Bridge when she sees a bird flying around, and accidentally drops the bag of stuff into the ocean. She stumbles into a nearby diving suit store, and puts on a suit and tries to retrieve the bag, but instead she nearly drowns, but is saved by an attractive life boat guy called, Drew who becomes a recurring character later on in the series, as-well as one of Raven's upcoming boyfriends. He saves her and takes her back to shore, and she tells him where she lives, and she gets back to the house where Chelsea and Eddie are waiting holding two bags full of stuff. Raven who's wearing a diving suit and covered in sludge, mud, water, and a bit of seaweed. Eddie and Chelsea ask, "Raven, why do you look like you've been to the bottom of the ocean?" And the lifeguard guy replies, "Because she has, she plummeted down several hundred feet, and we had to save her using some sort of crane device that we have. Raven looks at him and says, "Hey! I'm not fat!" He replies, "Just kidding, she didn't plummet at all. hehe" Raven looks into his eyes and blushes a little, and so does he, and Chelsea and Eddie break the moment and say, "So Raven, where's the stuff?" Raven's honest and says, "I dropped it into the Pacific Ocean whilst looking at a bird... It just reminded me of... How free I feel... Now that I'm going to be in College, and that I'm older and wiser... I'm sorry guys," Chelsea and Eddie hug Raven and say, "It's okay Raven, and that's why we bought EXACTLY the same stuff ourselves!" They show the bag, and it has everything that Raven bought, and she says, "Thanks guys! You're the best," and gives them both a big hug. Drew asks, "So... what's these for?" And Raven, Eddie, Chelsea say, "PARTY!" Drew says, "Am I invited?" They shout "Yes" The next scene is a musical number of the "That's So Raven tune" while they're all dancing and having fun, and once that's over, and everyone's gone... Raven takes a look at the place again in the darkness, and goes to bed. The scene the next morning is of Raven, Eddie and Chelsea discussing who's gonna be sitting in the front seat, and stuff, and they let Raven get in the front seat. She puts on her sunshades and says, "Guys, we're gonna turn that college upside down! Then the credits roll as Chelsea, Eddie, and Raven are going to College, but in the middle the car stops and Eddie says, "Chelsea, you forgot to put gas in it!" Chelsea says, "Oops!" Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie get out and start pushing the car to a gas station in the distance before the scene fades and says, "That's So Raven... The next chapter begins"

    If anyone likes this, I'll write more.

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