That's So Raven

Season 2 Episode 5

Four's a Crowd

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 30, 2004 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Raven still has a crush on Devon Carter, but the pair never get past saying hello wen they talk to each other. When Raven has a vision of kissing Devon with a giant robot and teddy bear behind him Chelsea suggests that Raven should ask him out, then her vision might come true.

Raven asks him out for Friday night and he accepts, but later that day he calls her and tells her that he was meant to take his little sister out to Pizza Palace and he can't go out with her anymore. When Raven finds out Pizza Palace is the place with the robot and the teddy bear Raven tells Devon hat she has a brother, Cory, and they should both take their siblings there together.

When Raven and Cory arrive and Pizza Palace, Raven discovers the robot and teddy bear are part of a music show along with a mechanical pirate. Raven is worried when they go off stage, but she finds out that its played again every 23 minutes. When Devon and his sister, Nadine arrive Raven tries especially hard to be nice to Nadine, but she doesn't want Raven anywhere near her brother. She trips Raven up, hits her with the mallet of a game, making her sit on a piece of pizza and getting Cory stuck in a game machine. But Raven knows what she wants and she sticks it out to wait for the next show to get her kiss.

When the next show hasn't started they find out that they pirate machine is broken so they can't do the show. Raven needs toe show to happen to make her vision come true, so she dresses up as the pirate and performs the act with the robot and bear. When Nadine notices that the pirate is really Raven and Devon asks why she did it, Cory and Nadine tell Devon that it's obvious that Raven really likes him. Devon does to rescue Raven at the end of the ac when she falls off the stage, and her vision comes true when he kisses her.

Meanwhile, Victor and Tanya are looking forward to having the house to themselves when Raven and Cory are out, but Chelsea and Eddie invite themselves over and ruin their plans. They let them stay and watch a movie, but when they want to play a board game, Tanya suggest they leave, Eddie tells her she's a chicken, so Tanya decides she's going to let tem stay for the game to prove she's not. When Tanya's getting a bit carried away with the game Victor pretends he's hurt his back to get Chelsea and Eddie to leave, but when Tanya finds out she makes them come back so she can win the game.