That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 12

Fur Better or Worse

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Aug 05, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Fur Better or Worse
Raven shows her designer boss, Donna Cabonna her sketches for their new fall line. Donna likes her designs, but would be better with a little fur on them. So Raven tells her best friend, Chelsea, about the good news. Chelsea along with her Friendly Earth Society club members protest about the use of furs in clothing. Meanwhile, Stanley creates and sells a gadget to Eddie that uses pick up lines to attract women.moreless

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  • One of the few episodes where we don't see Chelsea acting like an air-head.

    Where to start? Raven finally gets one of her designs come true, which was what she wants. But when she tells Chelsea that Donna is using Chinchilla fur, Chelsea disapproves and protests against the idea - which Raven and Chelsea get into a small argument. But then at the end after they realized they'll never agree on this idea about the fur, Raven decides not to do the design as she doesn't want to lose Chelsea. But at the same time, I think Chelsea is kind of overreacting about the fur thing for a sweater. I understand she loves animals, but it's just one Chinchilla. It's not really the end of them! But however, I must say that this episode is very touching because of the ending.moreless
  • Come On!! Its a freaking chinchilla coat Chele. Deal with it!

    Why the heck is it all about Chelsea loving the animals. Its one animal. I mean, its not the end of chinchellas. And Chele has to ruin Raven's dream just because she loves animals. Lame Plot! d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d. Sorry. Needed to fill in 101 words. I hate that.moreless
  • This episode is the ultimate test of friendship between Raven and Chelsea.

    This episode was very touching. The friendship between Raven and Chelsea is definately tested in this episode. Their storyline wasn't as funny as the subplot inwhich Eddie and Cory use a device from Stanley to catch girls, even though the device goes horribly wrong in so many ways. There are appearances of Donna Cobona and Tifanny once again. This episode also has another crazy Raven disguise.

    It is also extremely heart warming when Raven gives up the design just to keep her best friend.

    Overall, very touching episode.moreless
  • Chelsea is just so painful to me. Her attitude I'm sorry but I am not liking it!

    Chelsea is just so painful to me. Her attitude I'm sorry but I am not liking it! This episode is really nerve-wracking because she chose an exaggeration I mean Raven have done something wrong! I mean wazzup with fur that's the purpose of the animals uhhh!! Chelsea's nuts I am sorry but I can't help it!!!
  • When Raven shows her boss, Donna Cabonna, a new design of hers, Donna likes it, but thinks it would be better with a real fur collar. Chelsea, of course, protests against this with her Earth club.moreless

    This episode shows the ultimate test of friendship between Raven and Chelsea-- two things that mean a lot to both of them and neither side will compromise. Rae doesn't know how to tell Donna that she doesn;t want real fur on her design's collar and she can't get Chels to stop protesting. Raven disguises herself in this episode as Piney, the official "mascot" or something of Chelsea's Earth Club. Also, Stanley goes in for a double this time when he scams both Cory and Eddie with his new pick-up line device for getting the ladies. All in all, this episode is very special and shows the strong bond of friendship between Rae and Chels, that you can really see at the end.moreless
Fred Meyers

Fred Meyers


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Bobbe' J. Thompson


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Anne-Marie Johnson

Donna Cabonna

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Raven dresses up as "Piney," you can tell in one of the scenes her nails are painted, therefore they should have know it was an impersonator.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Donna Cabonna: Tiffany, were you eavesdropping?
      Tiffany: Mostly dropping.

    • Donna: Raven! What were you doing up in those vents?!
      Raven: Uh, Well, I heard you needed a new design for your fall line, so I said, 'Why not drop on in?'
      Tiffany: 'Drop in'? More like 'Crash in'
      Raven: I wouldn't have to crash in if you weren't hate-in.

    • Chelsea: Piney salute! From the ocean and the seas, to the forest and the trees. From the rivers great and small, to the moutaintops so tall. From all creatures great and slimy, we salute our founder Piney.

    • Raven: Maybe I can have my name next to yours.
      Donna: No
      Raven: In tiny little letters?
      Donna: No
      Raven: On the washing machine tag? We'll talk about it later.

    • (Raven, in disguise, has managed to halt the protest against using real fur on clothing)
      Chelsea:: (ticked) Rae! I can't believe you did this!
      Raven: (also ticked) I can't believe you care more about some fur thing than you do about me!
      Chelsea: Rae, listen! You are super-talented! You'll get another shot like this, but the chinchillas won't!
      Raven: (fuming) We're never gonna agree on this, are we?
      Chelsea: I guess not. (Raven starts to walk away, fuming) Wait a minute: what does this mean? We can't be friends anymore?

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