That's So Raven

Season 3 Episode 31

Goin' Hollywood

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Nov 04, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Cory wins a chance to be on one of his favorite TV shows, but when it is time to film he has trouble remembering his line. Meanwhile, the star of Cory's favorite TV show, Better Days, gets injured while competing when she goes to a public school and cannot perform for the kissing scene.moreless

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  • I seem to be the only person who likes this episode.

    I think this episode served as a great backdoor pilot. It was about a girl named Ally Parker who meets Cory after he wins a contest to be on a Better Days episode. After hearing about his regular life, Ally really wants to be like him. But the director is outraged when Ally is going to public school. So while there, Ally faces some competition with a mean girl. As she agrees to enter the dance contest aganist her, Ally injures herself. Meanwhile, before taping, Raven shows some of her unexpected talent (hilarious!). On the episode's kiss scene, Ally is facing trouble when trying to kiss the boy. At the end, Ally's cousin was used as a stunt double for Ally. We also see Cory being rewarded by Ally for his one word, delivery! I thought this episode was hilarious and served as a great backdoor pilot for Better Days. But that show just had to be replaced by retarded Hannah Montana. Otherwise, great episode!

    FINAL GRADE: B+moreless
  • I thought I was watching... THAT'S SO RAVEN!

    This is my real 7th I got mixed up on my last 6th so this is my real 7th review!

    WARNING : might contain some spoilers in this review so if you haven't watch this episode don't read this review .

    I mostly agree with the other people, this epsiode mostly had nothing with " That's So Raven" . Like I said I thought i was watching that's So Raven. Well the Real mainplot of this episode is about Raven having a vision that cory winning to be a star of the Popular TV show "Better Days" and her vision came true, cory won and they went to hollywood which soon to be find out that Cory is a delieverly boy that has only one word to his lines: "Delieverly!" . Yep that's plot and It only happened in the begining the rest of the plot(The whole middle and the whole end of the episode) is about Ally(Alyson Stoner)and her cousin going to a public school, I was so shock every time I watch this it felt like I was watching a different. also I was dissapointed that Eddie and Chelsea only appear at the begining and Chelsea only screamed she the funniest character on this show and she just screamed?!, So dissapointing. It could be better If plot was that Cory was a cast of the show and explore the rest of Hollywood and became famous.

    Overall: the episode had nothing to do with that's so raven so I'll give a 5.0 .moreless
  • Almost absolutely nothing to do with That's So Raven.

    In this episode, The main plot is about the star of Cory's favorite tv show, going to public school for the first time. In the subplot, Cory wins an contest that lands him a small part in a episode on his favorite tv show. When the go to film the episode, Cory has trouble remembering his line. (Yes I said )line"). This episode has almost nothing to do with That's So Raven. If this episode had it's own show, I would give it a higher rating because it was interesting. Eddie and Chelsea were only in the very beginining, I don't think Tanya was even in this episode and Raven, Victor, and Cory were only in a little bit of this episode.moreless
  • Cory meets Ally Parker when he win a contest and Ally just wants to be a normal kid.

    I know most people didn't like this episode but I thought it was good. It had Alyson Stoner and Allie Grant from Suite Life of Zack and Cody in it and this episode goes back a pretty long way for me. It's actually another thing that makes me miss what was on Disney Channel in the 05-06 year.

    Anyway, this episode was good. The song Ally and Crissy were dancing to was catchy and good, Arvin Barrington was funny, the chemistry between Ally and Carly was pretty phenominal and I thought it was funny while they were filming when Cory forgot his line, "Delivery." LOL.

    I wish this were the new show that was accepted instead of Hannah Montana (don't take that personally because I really think that show is funny). Two Suite Life recurring stars in their own show. This would've made a great show, IMO. But still a fantastic episode, even though most people don't like it. I give it a perfect score.moreless
  • Wow this episode barely had anything to do with That's So Raven.

    Goin Hollywood is an episode of That's So Raven that has barely anything to do with the characters from the show. All these guest stars like Alyson Stoner (The Suite Life, Cheaper by the Dozen), Allie Grant (The Suite Life), and Skyler Samuels (The Suite Life, Drake and Josh) had like their own part of the episode. Cory was hardly in it even though he's in the summary of the episode. Eddie and Chelsea were only in the first minute or so in the beginning and all Chelsea did was scream. She was my favorite character and I was mad that she was only like a minute and she didn't even talk.moreless

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