That's So Raven

Season 2 Episode 6

Hearts and Minds

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Feb 06, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Hearts and Minds
When Raven has a vision of Cory getting no valentine she tries to give him tips but they don't work, so Eddie teaches him to rap to get a boost of confidence. Meanwhile, Chelsea has to have her new boyfriend approved by Tanya and Victor since her parents are away and Raven tries to mail a giant Valentines card to Devon.moreless

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  • Raven tries to help Cory to get a Valentine after having a vision of him not getting one, but sadly Cory changes for the worst after getting help.....

    Great episode! Love is in the air for this episode as it's gonna be Valentines Day and every one is getting ready for it! Anyways, this episode focuses mainly on Cory who is intrested in a new girl in school called Danille and wants her to be his Valentine. Sadly, Raven had a vision of Cory saying no one ones to be his Valentine so she tries to help him by telling him not to mess up and guess what happened? He messed up!! Ha ha!! That was funny!! But then Cory doesn't want to listen to Raven anymore and called her a love jinx too? That was mean Cory!! So Raven asks Eddie to help him and he did with his rapping skills but sadly Cory changes for the worst and Raven has to help him if not some people may get hurt............You have to watch the episode yourself if you wanna know the ending!! Meanwhile Raven also wants to send Devon a HUGE card of herself to wish him happy Valentines and I was like OMG, I know Raven likes Devon a lot but you are gonna need a smaller card or a bigger mailman since the mailman refused to deliver the card. I mean of course, who would want to deliver a card that huge???? Not me! Devon then comes back earlier to see Raven and let's just say the card kinda has some techincal difficulties in the end.......Ha ha!! But it was sweet as both Devon and Raven hugged each other in the end!! Awwww!!!!!

    Final rating: 8.1 to 8.5

    Final grade: Amoreless
  • Love is in the air.

    It's valentine's day and Raven makes a big valentine's day card for her boyfriend Devon but Raven has a vision that her bro Cory isn't going to have a great valentine's day because he doesn't have a valentine.

    This was a cute episode i mean love was in the air at the end Devon showed up to Raven's house and bought her flowers it was cute mostly 'cause Raven and Devon were together and Imma Raven/Devon shippie so it was sooo cute to see them together as a couple and not a crush the little kiss they did was sexi it was short but sexi.moreless
  • Its Valentines Day!!!!!!

    I really liked this episode. It was funny and cute. It was sweet when Devon came by Raven house in the end. In this episode Cory likes a girl named Danielle and when he trys to talk to her...well he just cant. Raven has a vision that Cory doesnt get any valentines on Valentines Day and try to help. When Raven's tips dont work, Eddie trys to help Cory by making raps for him. Soon All the girls like him and he soon forgets about Danielle and acts bigheaded. In the subplot, Raven trys to find a way to mail a huge Valentines Day card she made for Devon. Also since Chelseas parents are away, she gets a date and asks for approval from Tanya and Victor.moreless
  • I really think they did a good job on this episode!

    I love how Raven was rapping! Cory was a real jerk to Danielle and all the other girls. I am glad they do have some self respect, listin to this rap. Yo Yo, Yeh, Tryin to lye, ha, you make people cry, don\'t be mean, or i will scream done! [sorry if it is cheesy!] :)
  • Raven has a vision that Cory gets no valentine and tries to prevent. Eddie tells him to use his rap. Cory gets a bunch of girls "fall in love" with him. Then he is really conceited and . At the end he gets the valentine he wanted.moreless

    I liked this episode a lot. I've seen it every time it came on. It's a really good episode. I like the part where Raven raps. That is so cool. I think it was good ending when Cory gets the valentine he originally wanted. Cory and Danielle have something common. They both can't stand lumpy hearts.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Raven and Chelsea went back to Raven's house because the mailman didn't accept Raven's card, they left the door open. But when Raven talked to Eddie, the door was closed.

    • After the girls rip up their Valentine cards and throw them at Cory, there are shots of all the ripped up cards on the floor, it looks like the shreds came from a hundred cards rather than from just the ones the girls had.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Cory: (Rapping) Your...feet stink...your...tongue Your breath...smells...bad. Like a...bad smell...Can't touch this.

    • Cory: (Rapping) My name is Cory and this is my story. Two times two equals Four-y, and at night I snorey--
      Eddie: And that is sorry.

    • Raven: (rapping) Made it up on the spot, ha I think not, why you tellin them fibs, lil' bro you need to stop, I'm hotter than summer, you? Ha ya rappin' a bummer and where u get the nerve to tell Rae-dizzle to take a number?!
      My boy think he raps good, but he ain't actin' like he should, talkin' mean towards people won't get you to Hollywood, but listen yo I got a lil proposition, I'm bailin you out on the battle so drop unless you a chicken start kickin', bust it!
      My boy can't rap its obvious that he frontin, his lips just flap, big sis gone keep it comin, learn to improvise cuz all you did was memorize, bring that big ol' head back down to size, and young ladies don't be lettin' Cory put you check, get a grip you gotta have some self respect!

    • Eddie: (rapping) I was thinkin 'bout you baby girl just the other day in history class, thinkin' of you missin' me and I can't think of nuthin' sweet angel, because im love sick, I got hole in my heart and its burning like a wick, i try to focus on learning but then my mind ends up turning, I can't focus gurl cus' my soul is yearning, but any way, I'mma go head and skip to the main part, help keep me on the right path that leads to your heart, done.
      Andrea: (on the phone) Oh Eddie, I loved that, that was so...Oh, hey daddy, Eddie was just... (phone hangs up)

    • Eddie: I thought you were gonna send that.
      Raven: The mailman refused take it.
      Eddie: Maybe you need a smaller card.
      Chelsea: Yeah, or a bigger mailman.

    • Raven: Where is your sense of romance?
      Chelsea: Gee, I don't know Rae, I must have sweated it all out on the way up here!

    • Chelsea: It feels like Curtis and I are soul mates, you know? Just think one day I might be Mrs. Curtis...What the heck is that guy's last name again?
      Raven: Chels, go to my room.

    • Raven's Card: Miss You! Wanna kiss you!

    • Chelsea: Well couldn't you just send him a really long e-mail?

    • Raven: I don't care what they say about you. You're the best!
      Eddie: Well, thank you, Rae. Well who keeps saying these things?

    • Cory: I don't care what they say about you; you the man.
      Eddie: That's so cool of you! Wait? What are they sayin'?

    • Eddie: What happened? Threw the lil homey's game down the drain?
      Raven: It was an accidental game drain, thank you.

    • Raven: Oh, I'm not cool? All right I'm taking you to school.

    • Eddie: Cory, you might have trouble in believing this but I used to have trouble with the ladies myself.
      Cory: That's not hard to believe.

    • Tanya: Be home by nine!
      Victor: Ten!
      Chelsea: You know what? I don't even live here!

    • Cory: You told me to not mess up so I was thinking, 'Don't mess up, don't mess up, don't mess up!' and guess what happened?
      Chelsea: Oh, you messed up! No, that would be too obvious.

    • Chelsea: Ha! Bet you can't top that!
      Tanya: Don't push it, girl!

  • NOTES (3)