That's So Raven

Season 3 Episode 19

Hizzouse Party

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jun 06, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Hizzouse Party
Cory tricks Raven into throwing a party while Victor and Tanya are out of town.

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  • One of my favorite episodes of That's So Raven.

    I thought this episode was both exciting and very funny at the same time. Raven can never help but dance to this Crazy in Love-esque song. It's her "jam"! :D The mechanical bull was also classic. I loved when Raven was flown off it and landed onto the other side of the room. The subplot with Victor and Tanya was also pretty funny. Victor names his navigational system Sasha! L.O.L. Although I really don't care for the ending, I think this is another great addition to That's So Raven. And my annoying little sister says this show is dumb. But I ain't buyin' it. This episode is another reason why That's So Raven is one of my favorite shows.moreless
  • This episode was exactly the same in My Wife And Kids specifically the episode "While Out" just go party without your parents!

    This episode was exactly the same in My Wife And Kids specifically the episode "While Out" just go party without your parents! When I watched this episode I find it enjoying and really fun but sooner or later I find this episode not cool because it is a xerox episode well it was funny with all the stupid stuff that the Baxter siblings did the only original was Victor and Tanya Baxter who by the way is no longer in That's So Raven (T'Keyeh Crystal Keymah)moreless
  • party

    Tanya and Victor have a wedding to attend. Leaving the kids behind at home. To Cory, this means PARTY-TIME. But it's just the opposite to Raven. She's tired of being irresponsible, now's her time to be responsible and act like an adult. So she lays the #1 rule down on Cory. NO PARTY. But he already has a plan in case she was to say this. He even has his own folder. Since Raven loves this totally wacky song, Cory uses her own defense against her. He plays the music and makes Raven back up into an expensive lamp given to Tanya as a wedding gift, to make it look like an accident. He pulls it off, and Raven actually lets him throw his little party. Because since the lamp is expensive, they do need money. They eventually raise money but soon trouble starts. Because Raven's pastor at her church is stopping by early to drop off her Fashion Acceptance. But luckily he comes at the wrong time of day. He comes and catches Raven and everyone else in the act of having a party while the parents are gone. He gets ready to leave, with the letter, when Cory confesses that it was all his fault.moreless
  • the shows so funny

    this episode was very funny.raven starts dancing every time she hears her song.she accidently breaks a lamp by dancing.they throw a party while the parents are away.this episode was so funny.they order a machanical was also a silly episode.this was one of my favorite episodes of all times.i could watch it again.

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    • Raven: This party's totally out of control!!

    • Raven: (trying to get the guests to leave) So if you would just exit the rear and get the... (opens the door and sees Reverend) ...HELLO!
      (shuts door)

    • GPS: It appears that I've made an error. My bad, Victor.
      Mr. Baxter: It's okay. I mean there's no way you were going to know that the road was closed...
      Mrs. Baxter: Will you stop talking to that thing?! You realize that we're never going to make it to the wedding now. (to the GPS) You are one big waste of money!
      Mr. Baxter: Tanya, please don't talk to Sasha that way.
      Mrs. Baxter: You named her?!
      Mr. Baxter: No, no. See, Sasha stands for uh, Safe...Arrival...System...Helping...Americans.
      Mrs. Baxter: Victor, you just made that up. I cannot believe you are in love with a stupid gadget!
      Mr. Baxter: I am not! (softly) And don't call Sasha stupid.

    • Raven: (wielding a hammer) Cory, can I borrow some money?
      Cory: (nervously) Put the hammer down and we can talk about it!

    • Raven: (while dancing) Whoo! That's my jam!

    • Cory: (handing Chelsea money) Here's twenty bucks for snacks and twenty bucks for decorations.
      Chelsea: Right, snacks and decorations. Man, I'm never going to know which is which.

    • Reverend: You know, that music is awfully loud.
      Raven: Oh, you know what? That's actually coming from next-door! Hugh party animals.
      Reverend: Grandma Butterfield? Why, she just had a hip replaced.
      Raven: Well, then she must be hip-hoppin'!

    • Chelsea: Cory, did you order a mechanical...
      Cory: Yes! Now we can get this party started.
      Raven: A mechanical what? Cory! A mechanical what, Cory?!
      (Later, Eddie is riding a mechanical bull in the living room)
      Raven: Cory, a mechanical bull? What were you thinking?!
      Cory: I was thinking $2 a ride.

    • Cory: Mr. Reverend, wait...
      Raven: Cory, not now!
      Cory: This is all my fault.
      Raven: Continue.

    • Matthew: Hey everybody, into the pool!
      Raven: Wait a second, WE DON'T HAVE A POOL!!

    • Raven: (about Cory doing chores) This is not like you.
      Cory: Raven, a person can change.
      Raven: A person, yes. You, I don't know so much about.

    • Matthew: Hey Raven, just put twelve kids in your bathtub. Man, that's a new record!
      Reverend: Matthew?!
      Matthew: Dad?
      Eddie: Party over!

    • Mr. Baxter: We could have a little vacation without the kids...
      Mrs. Baxter: Ooh, mama like!

    • Raven: Eddie this party is way out of hand.
      Eddie: Yeah, and it's about to be way off the hook.

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