That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 6

Hook Up My Space

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Mar 31, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Raven is feeling that her room isn't big enough that's when she gets a vision of Cory asking to move his band to the basement. Raven stops him and asks first - Cory gets mad and gets Hook Up My Space to make Raven's room how he would want it instead of the way she would want it Meanwhile Victor and Eddie decide they need to work out after finding it too hard to lift a box of pillows so they move weights up to Raven's old room to exercise.moreless

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  • This episode was a little different.

    It all starts, out with Raven having a vision about Cory getting the basement for his band.Raven never thinks about that, but then she rushes downstairs to get to her dad. Before Cory can set his presentation, Raven askes and Dad says yes. When they go into the kitchen Raven accidently reveals that she know about Cory's presentation. Raven she tells him its a opprotunity she couldn't pass up. Cory writes a letter to "Hook Up My Space".Raven thinks Chelsea wrote the letter, but finds out Cory did. She doesn't want Cory to be in charge, because she knows he is still mad at her. Cory picks ugly things for her room, so Raven sneaks in with Chelsea. Of course, Raven and Chelsea just make things worst. Then the room is now going to be for Cory, but he secretly designs the basement nice for Raven.hen Raven sees the room, she thinks Cory a whole lot. She also apoligizes.

    Eddie and Victor try to get back into shape. That doesn't work, because they find out that they aren't that strong.moreless
  • It is rotating for me like the part where you know all the characters are like from Extreme Make-over.

    It is rotating for me like the part where you know all the characters are like from Extreme Make-over. Although I loved this episode this episode just rocked it and it seems to be really fun you know and I am just so happy that I have seen this although could have been better, but anyway it is a great show anyway.
  • this episode was good sort of average

    this is the episode when raven gets her new room. she has a vision seeing cory ask his dad for the basement for his band but raven's room is too small with school, work and other essentials so she intrudes on cory and asks her dad first but then cory rings hook up my space a reality tv show who comes and does yuor room but the person who request's it has to design the room whitch is cory who makes a complete disaster of ravens room. if yuo have seen extreme makeover home edition this episode will remind you of it and then cory feels sorry for raven so then he makes her a great roommoreless
  • Correction on something that is mistaked in the trivia

    In the trivia, someone noted that Victor had trouble walking down the stairs and then later had no problem. This is actually quite common. It happens to me allll the time. Muscle pain, which Victor had from working out can cause trouble doing simple taks, such as walking up or down stairs. However, muscle pain can wear off, sometimes quickly. Or to allievite pain, one might take a pain reliever to makes things more simpler. Either Mr. Baxter\'s pain was gone because it wore off or he took medicine. Regarding the episode I loved the spoof on Ty Penningtion, it was so coolmoreless
  • A cool, exiting, neat episode.

    It was okay. Ravens new room was cool and very very colorful! I liked the way they had Cory(Corey)what ever, picked out the horrible cowboy wall paper. Even though it was festive, I would never put it in my house! This was a episode that brings Raven and her brother closer!

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Victor and Eddie and carrying boxes full of Raven's stuff downstairs even though in a previous scene her room was completely empty.

    • When Raven and Chelsea are putting the glue on the wallpaper they put it in one little section and then they stuck it on the wall. There is no way that the wallpaper could stick with only that much glue.

    • At the end of the episode Victor can be seen coming down the stairs to Raven's new room. But the last time we saw him he had trouble walking down the steps and around the kitchen. And when he came down the stairs he seemed to have no problem.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Raven: I got one thing to say to ya' Sly, HOOK ME UP!

    • Raven: My school stuff is mixed in with my work stuff, which is mixed in with my beauty stuff. I think I need a bigger room.
      Chelsea: Or...smaller stuff.

    • Chelsea: Whoa, Rae! Seriously, whoa! They really hooked this space up.
      Raven: Chelsea, they haven't even started yet.
      Chelsea: Oh good. Cause this place is a dump!

    • Raven: (on the phone) Yeah, Chels, it's a tough decision. I can't choose between Passion Peach or Very Poppy Purple. Yeah, it's a very tough decision. I'll call you when I land on something. (She sits on her bed but it's not there so she falls to the floor) Oh, Snap! I've been bedjacked!

    • Raven: Sorry about your presentation, Homie
      Cory: It's cool. I really wanted that room for my band. Wait a second. How did you know about my presentation?
      Raven: Huh? Who said anything about a presentation?
      Cory: You did
      Raven: Huh? When?
      Cory: Just now. You said. "Sorry about your presentation."
      Raven: That wasn't me
      Cory: Ar-Are you tring to confuse me?
      Raven: Is it workin'?
      Cory: You know what? I know exactly what's goin' on here.You knew about my presentation 'cause you had a vision
      Raven: What? No. A vision? Cory please
      Cory: Yeah, yeah. That's it, that's it. And that's how you got to dad first
      Raven: Ok, yeah, mm-hmm, I had a vision. So what?
      Cory: So that's cheating
      Raven: No, it's not cheating. It's a gift. I'd-I'd be cheating myself if I didn't use it
      Cory: Against your own brother?
      Raven: Cory, don't take it personally, ok? It's just that I saw an opportunity, and I took advantage of it. We cool, right?
      Cory: You know what? I have a gift of my own and I intend to use it
      Raven: Huh? Wait a second now, Cory. Wait a second. That wasn't a question. I said, "Are we cool?"
      (Door slams)
      (Raven pretends to be cool with Cory)
      Oh, yeah. We cool.

    • Raven: (singing) Movin' on down to the basement. To that deluxe cell on the lower floor. Movin' on down to the basement. That's what sisters are for. Sing it with me now. That's what sisters are for. Sing it with me now. That's...what...sisters...are...for!! Yes!

    • Chelsea: Rae? Rae! Oh, my gosh. Look at all this stuff
      Eddie: Dang. Man, Rae, are you in here?
      Raven: Over here!
      Chelsea: Oh, I love this game. Marco!
      Raven: Chelsea!
      Chelsea: Oh, no, Rae, you're supposed to say "Polo".

    • Sly(loudspeaker):RAVEN BAXTER...What are you doing here?

      Raven:(Screaming)Shut up(punches Sly in the stomach)

      Sly(Loss of breath):You shut up!

  • NOTES (0)


    • Sly: (To the disguised Raven, who is weeping at the plans for her room) Are you crying?! There's no crying in construction!

      This is most likely a reference to the famous line from A League of Their Own: "There's no crying in baseball!"

    • Hook Up My Space is a parody of ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition", a show in which a family's house, including all rooms, exterior and landscaping, is made over by a team of builders and designers in 7 days while the family goes off on vacation.